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  • It’s really amazing that we can record what our visitors do on our site. Thanks for sharing this awesome guide. 🙂

  • Harash Bro,

    Believe me, This is really helpful for me. At first I though this is something like Google Analytic but this is a tool which records complete video of visitors It is very useful as we are monitoring our websites screen

  • Its a really nice tips, thanks. But which tools is the best. Currently I’m using SumoMe on my blog.

    • Inspectlet and SumoMe both are good ,have good features but it’s depend on you from which you’re satisfied.

  • Well, it’s really like looking over the shoulder. As I see in your video, it is recording the whole browser, the other tabs as well, won’t it raise any privacy issue of users?

  • Sometimes I get less traffic but good user engagements due to HQ content. You have explained so well about this tool, will surely buy it. Thanks for sharing such a HQ content

  • Hey Harsh,
    I am in the search of this tool from very long. I wanted to analyze the readers behavior on my blog. Thanks for showing me working of this amazing tool bro.


  • Wow, I really searching for this type of tool, how interesting that I can track “How an user interact with my site”.

    Thanks Harsh

  • It Seems to be a good tool for checking the behaviour of our site visitors, just now I put the provided code by inspectlet in my blog head let see further how it help me.

    Thanks harsh for sharing the kind tool with us… Keep Sharing :))

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