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Infolinks WordPress Plugin to Quickly add In-text Ads

Infolinks WordPress Plugin to Quickly add In-text Ads

Infolinks and Buysellads are two Ad network, that I have been using from long time, apart from Adsense. Infolinks team released Infolinks WordPress Plugin for Publishers who are blogging on WordPress platform.

Some time back I told you about Buy sell-ads WordPress plugin to quickly integrate Buy sell ads advertisement into your blog. Infolinks is another advertising network which I use on few of my blogs and satisfied with the revenue it’s generating. Infolinks adds almost 250$ into my monthly advertising revenue and I suggest this for other bloggers.

Infolinks just released WordPress plugin using this you can quickly integrate their ads into your blog.  Though if you are using Thesis WordPress theme, you can add codes into it’s footer script.

Infolinks WordPress Plugin

This plugin is simple to use and all you need to do is:

  • Download Infolinks WordPress plugin
  • Install and activate it
  • Settings > Infolinks In Text Ads
  • Login to Infolinks account
  • Copy PID and Website ID to plugin Settings

That’s it and in no time Infolinks will start showing their ads on your blog. People who are worried about Infolinks with Adsense or Infolinks impact on SEO, just to let you know: Infolinks works great with Adsense and there is no negative impact of SEO after using Infolinks, as it’s javascript.

Also Infolinks, lowered down their minimum Payout to $50 from earlier $100. Do let us know what do you think about infolinks? are you using it on your blog?

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