Infolinks Added InTag & Inframe Ad Options for Monetization

Infolinks which is one of those few Blog monetization program that I used at the initial days of my Blogging and still one of my top recommended ad network for Bloggers. We also featured infolinks earlier as one of the Adsense alternative and one of the top In-text advertisement program. Specially when it comes to In-text advertising, Infolinks is one of the best pick. I had some great luck with Infolinks in the past and being a Premium Infolink publisher could be one of the reason. Later on I changed my monetization technique to different model and integrated Viglinks on many of my niche targeted blog, but for a generic Adsense monetized Blog, infolinks could be a good addition along with Adsense.

Infolinks New Site Redesign and New Advrtisement Types:

In recent change, Infolinks team have completely revamped the Infolinks Website with new look and they have added two new Ad types. If you remember from my infolinks review, they started with only In-text advertising and later on added related tags and ads by search feature.  With their recent site wide and technology change (IN3), Infolinks added two new Ad types: InTag ads and InFrame ads. 

InTag ads:

INtag Ads by infolinks

Infolinks Intag ads is a combination of tag cloud and related tags. So if you are using related tags for infolinks, you can activate intag ads by logging into your Infolinks dashboard. As soon as you will login to your Infolinks account, at the bottom you will see all ad types and status of these ads. You can quickly activate or deactivate the ad types you want to use and one which you don’t want to use.

It’s important to note that if you currently use Tag Cloud, InTag will appear as a double line of keywords and if you currently use Related Tags, these units will appear as a single line of keywords.”

For ex: I recommend not to use Ads by search option when you are using Adsense ads, as it may decrease the over all CTR of your Adsense ad units.

Infolinks InFrame Ads:

Infolinks InFrame ads

Now, this Infolinks ad type is particularly for those Bloggers, whose site is viewed in big screen most of the time. You might need to dive into your Google analytics account to see the screen size resolution of your readers and if a large chunk of readers are using big screen monitors to read your blog, it’s time to leverage the power of infolinks latest addition InFrame ads on your Blog.  This is basically skyscraper banner ads which displays itself after margin of your site, when your site is opened in any big screen size. Infolinks InFrame ad is currently in beta, but this ad unit type look promising.

With the direction Infolinks is going, I will not be surprised if they start offering more ad units and in more sizes. The only issue with current Infolinks publisher is low eCPM but compare to other close competitive, Infolinks still pays out better. Most importantly, for budding Bloggers who look for Blog advertising program with minimal checkout threshold ($50), Infolinks is a good pick as you can check out via Paypal, Wire transfer, Payoneer and eCheck.

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Do let me know your over all experience with Infolinks and have you tried their new ad units (Inframe ads and InTag ads) ? How’s performance so far?

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COMMENTs ( 13 )

  1. says

    I have a adsense account this is working well but I cant add infolinks link in my website. Do I need first deactivated all adsense ad from my site and then activate infolinks? And then reactivate the adsense ad or other? Please tell me as soon as possible.
    Thank u

  2. says

    anybody knows if adsense and InTag are compatible? ads position is very relevant, if you put your adsense at the top then infolinks, it is more likely your adsense income is bigger than infolinks. people focus on headings

  3. says

    i am approved infolinks and i have one question to u…..i am also adsense holder is google accept insearch option because it is a popupbox…….

    I am trying this but cant added on my blog how to add insearch on my blog…

  4. lokesh says

    I have activated the inframe ads on my website but they never show up.Why is it so?Can anybody help me…??

  5. Bernice says

    Hash I have had infolinks for about a month now, at first it was making good money, as much as I made from my google. I do make good money from adsense so when I saw that infolinks was as strong I was very happy. I do not know if I was too close to the 1000 mark for October but all of a sudden my earnings went from a $50 average to $5 and Adsense is still working well. I have informed infolinks about the decline and they have told me to include a tag in my website, which I have done from the get go and to no avail. I was very happy before but now I am utterly disappointed.

    • Pamela says

      Hi Bernice, this is Pamela from Infolinks. As with every market, fluctuations happen in advertising as well. Unfortunately it seems that this is the situation here. Don’t give up. Keep trying to optimize your website. Infolinks is a great complement to AdSense. Good luck!

  6. Pamela says

    Hi Harsh, this is Pamela from Infolinks. Thanks for writing up a review of the brand new Infolinks. We’re pretty excited about all that’s been going on here, and it’s been a lot! I wanted to comment that InSearch does not affect the CTR of AdSense. Infolinks and AdSense are 100% compatible, meaning that Infolinks does not affect AdSense or AdSense earnings. Thanks again and happy blogging :)

    • says

      Hi Pamela
      Thanks for dropping by and giving a clarification on CTR… :)
      Also, I wanted to know about your Affiliate program. Are you guys planning to integrate the proper affilate dashboard for existing affiliates?

      • Pamela says

        Hey Harsh, great question. This is something that we’re looking into for the future but we don’t have any plans for it right now. I’ll let our Development team know that we’ve had requests for it. :)

    • Bharat Sharma says

      That’s great. Adsense is the best but the problem is getting approved by them is very difficult, that’s why we all look for alternatives

  7. stargaterich says

    Thanks for the great post on Adsense alternative. It is not wise to put all eggs in one basket so to speak. Thus it is to the publisher benefit to use variety of different monetizing programs. Google is well known to put the axe on those found violating even the slightest rules, quite often without any advance warning. I am going to consider and apply Infolink affiliate programme.