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[InfoGraphic] 12 Must have WordPress plugins

[InfoGraphic] 12 Must have WordPress plugins

Some time back I shared 30 must have WordPress plugins that we use on WordPress but that is personalized list and not a universal list. Here is a cool infographic showing 12 Must have WordPress plugins for any WP blog.

List includes almost all popular plugins that every WordPress blog should have.

Must have WordPress plugin

Credit for this useful infogrpahic goes to WpJedi.Here are the popular plugins which are mentioned in the infographic

Personally I’m not using many of them like for SEO, I use Thesis built in SEO options, I use default commenting system, I prefer using custom code for social bookmarking icons. Though the list mentioned above is very useful and you can pick one plugins from each category and keep your blog safe, secure and feature rich.

Enjoy the infographic and do let us know how many of these plugins are you using on your blog.

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  • Bhaveek

    Harsh, i recently had some issue with comment luv plugin, do you have any alternative to it.

  • Sreejesh @techgyo

    livefyre is also one of the most used comment system for WordPress. I think you must check that out

  • sameer

    One more plugin which I can add is Exploit Scanner .
    It is helpful if you are using free wordpress themes. It scans the theme for any exploits.

  • Govind Narayan

    Thank you for sharing this plugin information.I have use few of those plugins of which totalcache and supercache is not working on my website due to some error

  • Ashok

    Thanks harsh…you gave an enough details of important plugins….
    let me know how to use the insights plugin?

  • Irfan

    For the first time i’m seeing any infograph post in SML. :P

    Anyways it was cool post.
    Many of its plugin are popular enough.

  • Shashank

    I have read hundreds of articles on Must-Have plugins but this infographic is so much easier to follow and implement the steps.


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