Indian Professional Bloggers – Gems of India [Infographic]

Professional blogging is not so common job-profile in India, and there are only few bloggers from India who are doing it professionally. In past 2 years, number of bloggers from India has grown up by a great extent, and a big pool of Indian young guns are realising the power of blogging for their passive income. I have compiled a list of Indian professional bloggers that you should know and follow.

Interesting facts: most of the Indian pro-bloggers started in between 2007-2009, and most common niche is Technology niche. Another interesting thing to notice is, most of these pro-bloggers main source of income is Google AdSense.

20 Indian Pro-bloggers that you should know about:

First of all kudos to all these Indian bloggers who made into this list, and for taking the risk to ditch their daily-job, and start something of their own. IMO, it’s not easy to leave a comfortable office job, and dive into the world of blogging, which is full of uncertainty. These Indian bloggers are not only the gem of the country, but a source of inspiration for all future bloggers from the Indian territory.

While compiling this list, I have listed only those Indian bloggers, who are relying on their blog for bread and butter, and don’t have any other full-time job. In short, I have not included any part-time blogger.  Special thanks to Abha Jain for designing this infographic. This list consists of 20 Indian bloggers, and divided into two parts. If you are re-publishing this infographic on your blog, ensure that you publish both the infographics to make your blog post complete.

Indian Pro Bloggers PartI

Professional Blogges India PartII

Here are the people who made into the list of Indian Pro-Bloggers:

  • Amit Agrawal – Agra
  • Harsh Agrawal – New Delhi
  • Clinton Jeff – New Delhi
  • Bharat Nagpal – New Delhi
  • Abhishek Bhatnagar – New Delhi
  • Abhijeet Mukharjee – New Delhi
  • Rohit Khurana – New Delhi
  • Anshul Tiwari – New Delhi
  • Raju PP – Bangalore
  • Tarun PK- Mumbai
  • Arun Prabhudesai – Pune
  • Srinivas Tamada – Chennai
  • Pradeep Kumar – Chennai
  • Ashish Sinha – Bangalore
  • Tony John –  Kochi
  • Manish Chauhan- Pune
  • Jaspal Singh – Jaipur
  • Amit Bhawani – Hyderabad
  • Ashish Mohta – Kolkata
  • Jane Sheeba – Chennai

I have also created a Twitter list of all the above bloggers, and you can connect with them on Twitter @Indian Pro blogger Twitter list and circle them on Google plus here.

Note: These are the 20 professional bloggers from the India, and there are few more. I could find information related to these 2o bloggers, and if you know about more Professional bloggers from the country, kindly mail me at [email protected].

If you are a blogger from India, do join Indian bloggers meet up group to connect and meet other bloggers in your city. Feel free to share this infographic with your friends and let them know about Pioneers of Indian blogosphere.

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Harsh Agrawal is a blog scientist and a passionate blogger. He is blogging since 2008 & writes about Blogging, SEO, Make money online & tech. His blog, ShoutMeLoud receives 1 million Pageviews/month and have over 700K subscribers.


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    • says

      Yess Ankur….There are lot of new comers who are successful starting in the 2014 -15 season. If you’re looking at Blogs about Blogging you may find a few (I Don’t count myself to be successful yet – mY targets are a lot higher).

      You can look for Neha Mathur and Whiskaffair in the food blog category. There are many such silent player who may not declare how much they made from their Blog or how many visitor they have, but are highly succesfull in their niche.

  1. says

    Much obliged for sharing and this is fascinating. So I saw that a large portion of the expert bloggers corner to some degree same i.e tech, biz and website

    Coincidentally, I’m from Malaysia and some genius bloggers that I know from Malaysia are way of life, individual, amusement and mother bloggers.

  2. says

    You’ve compiled a great list. All these are a great inspiration.If you’re updating this list regularly, I’ve one more name that can be added to this list i.e : Prof. Shamnad Basheer founder of

    He was a proffessor in calcutta teaching Law. He quit his job and came to full time blogging and created the most respected Indian Intellectual Property Rights blog. His Blog is taken as the most trusted info center for all IPR related information. Do check out.

    I’ve the info from my sources, you can check out independently.

    • says

      Thanks for the info, and I checked his blog. It looks very informative, but I couldn’t find much detail about his blogging journey on his about page. The thing is, this list will always be incomplete, because now we will see a new professional-blogger coming from every part of the country. Blogging is becoming main-stream, and many people are leaving their existing job, for making a living out of their blog. It’s good to see another pro-blogger, and I’m sure in next 2-3 years, another list will have 40-50 or more professional bloggers from the country.

  3. Rohit Singh says

    Really nice collection it amazing how many bloggers have adsense as primary source of income unlike overseas bloggers who doesnt even use adsense on their blogs They focus on other different methods to monetize their blogs because smart bloggers know the calculations

  4. Sanusi says

    I really like this blog so much because of inspiration blog post. it keep me going when ever read this kind of post. keep it up Harsh Agrawal. i will be there one day

  5. Shahnawaz Sadique says

    This is the most updated info-graphic and information on Indian blogger on internet.. Great work Abha Kudooos !!!!!

  6. Konen L says

    Interesting infographic! But I am just wondering why most of their source income is Adsense only. Is it hard for these pro bloggers to get sponsored ads? And what will happen if Google Adsense suddenly stops displaying/bans ads on their sites? Many sites which have low Alexa ranking but owned by Indian media giants like TimesOfIndia, NDTV are earning a lot more than these blogs. For example: Tehelka, Firspost Tech, Deccan Chronicle are some of the sites which have lower traffic ranking than these popular Indian blogs, but they do earn a lot and have many editors and employees to maintain theirs sites. My point is ‘how do they monetize their sites’apart from using Adsense?

  7. weblogcode says

    that was amazing to see many bloggers doing great job with websites and earning handsome money from internet.

  8. Madan ojha says

    Harsh,very good list,i’m happy to see some of my fevourite bloggers in this list,my fvrt bloggers are Amit agarwal,offcourse You are also my fevrt,and Jane sheeba….

  9. says

    This is very inspiring, i mean, just seeing these great bloggers makes me want to go extra miles, i really love infographic, and it explained much about everything i need to know about this bloggers. Thanks.

  10. Ajay Kumar Jain says


    I think the code you provided at the end of this post is not correct. In the a href tag you have given url of the image and in the img src you have given link of html page.

    I believe it should have been reverse. Please check and correct me if I am wrong.

    Best wishes.

  11. says

    Thanks for sharing and this is interesting. So I noticed that most of the pro bloggers niche somewhat same i.e tech, biz and blog

    By the way, I’m from Malaysia and many pro-bloggers that I know from Malaysia are lifestyle, personal, entertainment and mom bloggers.

  12. Krishna Moorthy.D says

    Tony John ,owner of Techulator, and he is from my place ,Cochin,,,.?

    can’t Believe thank you Harsh for writing a post like this…

  13. Rajeesh Nair says

    It was high time that an Indian makes such a top list of Indian bloggers after expert foreign bloggers failed to do so drastically with not so well researched information.

    Looking forward to get connected with these bloggers and I will try my best to get into the list next year..

    Thanks Harsh for creating this. :)

  14. Amit says

    Thanks for this really full of inspiration blog post. I daily ready your blog and i really like it very much.