IndiaGetOnline: Google & Hostgator Initiative to Promote Local Business Online in India

How often do we talk about ways to promote online business offline as an extra incentive. But have you ever thought how good it will be for an offline business to have an online presence too? You will be featuring your service/product/Manufacturer/Restaurateurs’ in front of unlimited people around the globe. Your business will expand from one small town to globally with just one Website.

India, which is said to be land of opportunities and we have seen tremendous growth in online business in last couple of years but still it’s way behind the place it should be. In India, there are 8 million people with small and medium business.

In order to give a boost to such local and offline small businesses, Google, Hostgator India, ICICI and FISME has come up with an initiative to offer you an online Website + Domain + Email absolutely free for 1 year to boost your business online. This initiative is coined as IndiaGetOnline and name itself shows the enthusiasm of brining more Indians small & medium businesses online.

What is IndiaGetOnline?

As mentioned above, it’s an initiative by Google to provide free .in domain to small business owners and free hosting in partnership with Hostgator India. Any small business owner can apply for this free domain + hosting + free Email account and use site builder to built his website. A PAN card is mandatory to avail this service. Here is launch video of IndiaGetOnline to get more information.

How to create free Website using India Get Online?

To get started, go to this page and select your domain name. In case if you not sure, what domain name you should be selecting, read:


Also remember, you will be getting only .in domain for free and not any other TLD’s. Click on check to see domain availability and  Once you selected the domain name, click on next.

Next is registration form where you need to add your company details like category, name and most important PAN card.


Once you fill out all the field and enter CAPTCHA, click on next and you will be done signing up. You will get an Email with your domain name, login name and password. Use this link to login to your control panel.

Once you are logged in, first screen will look like this, which will give you URL where you can preview your site.


Click on edit Website to start editing your Website. This step is easy and you just need little bit of creativity and imagination. There are already pre defined template and you can select any of them based on category.


Once you have selected the template, click on create site to edit the content and make it professional and add valuable information related to your business. Once you are done, hit on publish button and site will go you can create Email account, submit your site to Google and also sign up Google analytic and integrate it with your site. I suggest you to do all the three steps as getting an Email address like [email protected] will add professional touch. By submitting your site to Google, you will be getting more traffic to your site from search engines and analytic will help you to analyze how much traffic your site is getting and many important details like what Keyword is sending you traffic and other important details.  Do remember total storage of your site is 5.0 GB.

Key points regarding this free service:

  • Free domain and hosting is valid for 1 year only.
  • After 1 year, you can renew domain and hosting by paying a price.
  • Storage of your site is 5.0 GB
  • For any inquiry or support regarding India Get Online you can call at 1800-266-3000
  • Free Adwords Credit worth 2500

Here is an introductory video about this free Website service:

How you can contribute to this Initiative to bring India online?

Now this is indeed a great initiative by Google, ICICI, HG India and other partners to bring more Indian business online. But at the same time, it’s our role to help those small businesses to go online. Obviously, everyone won’t be that tech savvy to edit and publish the site. You can help anyone around you who is running a small business like your Dad, your neighbor, relative. You can tell them about the service or be a nice guy and create a site for their business. For any tech savvy guy, it will not take more than 1-2 hours to make site live. Isn’t this a great deal?

Well, if you are completely out of money, I would say it’s a great deal as you don’t need to do much, apart from signing up, selecting your template and adding/editing information. Also most of the small business needs just couple of pages of static site. Though, they have not made it clear how much the renewal cost will be. But as they mentioned it will be discounted price and usually .in domain renewal cost is $10-$15 for a year and hosting should cost around 2-3K. Anyways, above renewal price is just a speculation by me. In case, if you your online site is not helping your business in any ways, you can always choose not to continue and you need not need to pay anything. If you are looking for a serious website for your business, I would rather suggest you to create your own Website in WordPress, as it offers more flexibility and instead of going for .in domain, it’s always good to go for .com or .org domains.

Anyways, In the end, it’s a win-win situation for all the SMB’s and if you don’t have a website for your business, it’s a good place to start for free. Do let us know, if you are planning to help anyone around you by creating a free Website for them using GetIndiaOnline?

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COMMENTs ( 29 )

  1. Rajkumar says

    I am trying to register for it but it is asking for my bussiness information. Can’t I get it for my personal website. Is it compulsory that I should have a bussiness. Please reply as soon as possible.

  2. Pankaj says

    Initially while designing the website, there website work completely fine on mobile.
    Later on when I designed the website completely, they disabled the website on mobile and said you have to pay around 2000 rupees.
    And, it seems like there support people are like 12 class pass. No technical knowledge.
    I told to connect with technical people. But at the end, the people on support customer care seems to be like having Zero technical knowledge.

    I would suggest do not go for there solution, because once you invest your time in developing website and then at the end you will get some issue, then it will not be resolved.

  3. Harshul says


    You don’t have permission to access /gibo/ on this server.

    Apache/2.2.15 Server at Port 443

  4. Siddarth says

    Hello , I Already Own A Website Made From Weebly …. Then Can I Connect My Website To The Domain That I Got From This Scheme ? Plz Tell Me

  5. Ankit Jain says

    Hello Sir
    I am not able to create my website because whenever i m trying to click “Create My Free Website Now” then a page is opening showing 403 forbidden

    You don’t have permission to access /gibo/ on this server.

    Apache/2.2.15 Server at Port 443
    What to do

  6. waseem says


    I have edited website using hostgator, but i dint found few options, So i have created my own website using CSS code. can i publish that website by linking

  7. Nizam Khan says

    Well, this is a great initiative by Google and other big brands. Well, it’s good choice for those who who don’t have resources to get their websites online , however it’s not a good choice for those who wants to start professional websites. Thanks for sharing and tweeted :)

  8. Karan says

    I am below 18 and it asks PAN card no which i don’t have,can i use
    my fathers PAN card no.?Will it cost anything or create problem?

  9. monish says

    I just renewed my indiageonline account for 1 year at below price ..

    .in domain renewal cost : Rs 99 / month = Rs. 1199
    Web Hosting: = Rs 230 / month = Rs. 2761
    12.36% Service Tax = Rs. 451.88

    Total Amount = Rs.4107.88

  10. Vipin says

    It lacks many features like there is no ftp , single database. As it says its free so enjoy as the way it is.

  11. Saurabh says

    I don’t think I can transfer my domain if not satisfied … I’ll be bound to be the part of Google so I don’t think its a good option.

  12. Pawan Kumar says

    I just want to know how do i use those adwords and also let me know about how to use the free email service….

    Replier will be heartly thankful


  13. Sumanth says

    Harsh i have registerd a domain and filled all the details but i didnt get any welcome mail.. how can i get ..i have even checked my spam box it was not there…i tried logging in but it is asking the paswd in welcome mail which i didnt get till now/..i have registered 3 days back..any way to get the mail??

    • sheeba khan says

      i agree with Sumanth…as i also registered a domain and filled that form with all the information but didnt get any password/ID…still waiting for that…i cant able to login as i dont hv password/ID….Please tell me how can i get ….???

    • Nisha says

      Dear Sumanth,
      You talk to support of indiagetonline( the number is provided on the indiagetonline website). Then a verification call will come after that they will send u mail in which u will get the password etc. details


      • Rachana says

        Dear Nisha,
        Same as Sumanth & Sheeba i did not get welcome mail after I filled the form & even i tried to call suport systme of indiagetonline but it says number not valid. Can you please advise any other way to get passwort/Id.

      • Amit says

        what information they will ask in verification call and am also facing same problem and tell me one thing that can i use this site for posting my personal tech tutorials like some reviews and tricks tutorial etc.

  14. Vijayraj Reddy says

    this is good move by Google and Hostgator…. Many small business should take advantage of this to bring their business online…

  15. jayaar says

    sure, a most welcome step by Google. As mentioned, a great help for non techies and with this introduction it may pave way for the upcoming of many techies from the remote areas.
    Good introduction by Google and great presentation by Mr. Harsh Agrawal.
    Thanks and regards………

  16. Kunal Sharma says

    Great move my HG and Google. Just the problem would be renewal but I am sure they will have cheaper and easy mode of payment.
    Hardly of any use for bloggers who already has hosting.
    But to promote businesses in India it can help a lot.

    • says

      @Kunal I agree and that’s the thing I was discussing on our Fb group:
      First what they are offering is .in domain + Site builder hosting (5Gb) + free Email:
      Now lets count the cost:
      .in domain: $2.51 (Inhouse 1.81)/year
      Hosting: 1000-1500 MAx … In house almost nothing…
      Google apps: Already free

      Now see next year cost:

      .In renewal cost: 10-15$
      Hosting: They must be charging : 1500-2500/year
      Benefit to companies: Free Branding, More Customers to Google and Hostgator and more money next year!!
      Also Google is offering free Adwords worth 2500 and that’s a good initiative to promote your business.

      Though it’s actually a good initiative, but if you have enough resource, I would not suggest to go for this one…but for people in rural area with no tech help, this is a good deal!!

      • Kunal Sharma says

        Yes, after commenting here I read your this comment on Blogger’s lounge. You are true. For you they might be investing but in future they will earn handy from India. Once the business websites are online hardly anyone would want it to be deleted and they will end up renewing. So Google is going to have good business with HostGator in India.

  17. Parth says

    Hey harsh, is the hosting provided by hostgator include templates…i mean in this free scheme can i not install wordpress on my website?

  18. suraj says

    This Service going to help small businessman to start a free website. Hostgator also going to help for 1 year if any technical problems occurs. Nice step by google.