How To Improve The Quality of Your Comments on Other Blogs

Comment plays an important role for a Blogger to appreciate his working and also a platform for open discussion on the Topic or post they are Commenting. As a reader, you probably like reading the comments that are left on blogs and perhaps you even leave comments on posts that you enjoy. When every blogger get notification that new comments arrived to moderate He gets excited to read them. Comments are important for many reasons for Bloggers and the blog readers, some of them are:

  • Appreciate Post writer for his work
  • Open discussion Platform
  • Ask your Queries and Many more…

Quality of comments

But on most of the blogs it has been found that people post their comments just meant for Link building Strategy and Appreciate Post writer for his work. Some of the popular comments are:

  • Awesome post!
  • Nice to share! Thanks
  • Very good info. Thanks!!
  • Hey interesting post @ Post writer.
  • What a detailed Explanation Nice post…
  • Hi Post writer, First of all, great post! Keep it up!
  • Nice post… It saved much time

My main motive of writing this article is Please wake up and let’s take the blogging in to the serious discussion and Comments are meant for Enhancing Knowledge and put comments in the question form and rise up to leave to post Comments like given above. Here are some tips to improve your comments Quality:

  • Read Article Properly: Before posting a comment. You just need to know whatever is written in the whole article. So read the article properly from start to end.
  • Catch mistakes (If any): If you find some mistake in article than let it knows to the blogger it will also help blogger and you also get noticed.
  • Proper Knowledge provider: If you think knowledge provide by the blogger is incomplete or you just to add some materials to bloggers Knowledge than you are free to write about it.

More over if as a blog admin you accept such comments, this discourage quality commentator to comment and encourage more such comments. You can start rejecting such comments and accept only meaningful useful comments.

Read: How Bloggers should moderate blog comments 

I consider by following these tips Blogging field can be improved. How many of you as an admin see above mentioned comments? Do you accept those comments or you trash them?


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COMMENTs ( 19 )

  1. says

    Nice article. I am also consider about spam comments in my blog. My blog get comments like nice post, great, i will share and good like comments. This post is eye opener for me.


  2. Deepak Kr. Das says

    Excluding spammers, every other person who comes across a good post wants to post a genuine comment on it. Because it is the natural behavior of human beings to love to engage in a conversation. That is why the facebook is so popular.But when it comes to comment on blogs, most new visitors hesitate to initialize a real conversation and that is why they end up with tipical “nice article” type comments. I think if the person doesn’t include any link into his comment, it is pretty okay to post one liners.

  3. Jaimie Skultety says

    Sorry, Dheeraj, but in response to your bullet point: “Catch mistakes (If any): If you find some mistake in article than let it knows to the blogger it will also help blogger and you also get noticed.”

    As a Virtual Assistant, I would be remiss if I didn’t point out several mistakes in your sentence. It should read: “If you find mistakes in the article, let it be known to the blogger. It will help the blogger and you will also get noticed.”

  4. Nihar says

    Nice post.

    Always read the comments before approving. reject comments which are just for backlink and is not adding value to your existing post.

  5. Rahul says

    The more one comments on other blogs and other websites, the better his websites link building and gets and even the website catches some popularity.

  6. Tho Huynh says

    Comment is a great marketing tool for your blog, but it can turn out to be bad if you don’t think carefully before leaving your comment. :)

  7. HackTik says

    Quite true. Quality of comments is not depedent upon quality of the content at all. If the quality of the content is not at all good, then you have a better chance of giving quality comment just by indicating the obvious mistakes and/or non-understandable items. In fact, many times it is seen, when the quality of content is very poor, then one gets to read some highly insighting and quality comments which provides far better information than the content itself.

  8. Loveish Kalsi says

    I agree with Swamykant. If you want quality comments in quantity then your blog should have a community like Shoutmeloud or Problogger. If you don’t have a community no matter how well written your content is, it will not get good comments.

  9. ashish says

    Certainly initialy people may begin up by appreciating your work by just saying one line “Nice Work ” and once he actually has some query he can crawl back.. You might be aware of few days back somebody was unable to read gadgets price that was highlighted in blue and he placed a comment that please share the price .. Now this may be counted as negligence while reading or being over curious for asking queries..!!
    Even if such comments are accepted that should not matter… WIth Commenting they are definitely getting inbounds to their site so they are happily doing that..

  10. Dheeraj says

    @ Mohit . You are very right If you really want quality comment then Quality of content matters a lot. But my target of writing this article is to point those Visitors who just through Comments without knowing anything about post.

    @Swamykant. Sorry, But this time you are wrong. If you want Quality comments it does not means you should be bloggers at the Top.

  11. Sahil Bj says

    commenting is an asset for blogging career, things you get from it are link building, convo with new bloggers, sharing of views, and most important huge traffic, so keep commenting

  12. Swamykant says

    Hi Dheeraj

    I agree with all the points mentioned by you. I see these comments each and every day.

    But the quality of comments also depends upon the contents. A thanks word gives more happiness to the blogger when he has provided some news on time. For quality comments, a blog needs to have a very big tech or geek community around like Shoutmeloud and problogger.

    What do you think ??

  13. Irfan Siddiqui says

    Awesome people here have not written any one line comment. Good that you’re waking people up to comment on others blog in a serious note.

    And yeah its write Writer will appreciate it if you note and discuss on what he/she have written in their article.

  14. Ifham khan says

    I have got lots of dull comments on my blog can please tell me how to avoid it, or recommend any widget for controlling such types of comments. I am in

  15. Thiru says

    Hmmm.. Nice view on commenting. if we can find anything controversial about blog post, we must post it on comment section without any shake. It would make us to get more view on those topic.

  16. Mani Viswanathan @ DailyBlogging says

    I have received such low quality comments on my blog & straight away sent it to the spam queue. So using Akismet + some other spam plugin is essential.

  17. Suresh Khanal@Bivori says

    Hi Dheeraj,

    Its really irrrrritating while fishing out in the comments page, isn’t it? I have enabled GASP and turn on Akismet too, and thus blocked almost all of the automated commenting bots. Still there are BIG Headed human bots to creep inside and in moderation queue just waiting for a nice KICK! Uhh!

    If anybody is serious on blogging and really wish to build up his/her career here, sincerity is a must. I agree with your argument.

  18. hamarasathi says

    Your post was very detailed explanation of comment quality, but please add some lines about auto commentators and how to avoid them? because they are harmful for any blog, also degrade quality of serious comments.