How to Increase Organic Traffic using Google Analytics

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How to Increase Organic Traffic using Google Analytics

When we set up our blog, we often asked to set up any traffic analytic for our blog and most of newbie bloggers doesn’t know why it’s so important to set up an analytic like Google analytic on their blog. In this post, I’m going to share how you can increase organic traffic using Google analytic stats.Google analytics

Very hardly, there might be someone who doesn’t want to increase traffic to their website or blog. Out of experience, I have learnt about a way to increase organic traffic using Google Analytics. Google Analytics is a free tool provided by Google that gives you information about the visitors to your blog. This includes the new visitors, the time they spend on your blog, number of pages they visit as well as the source from where they access your blog or website. It cost nothing to sign up for this tool but you just need to have a Google account which is free too.

Online ventures doesn’t just get successful by giving them the final shape, but it comes with many challenges with gaining traffic to your blog the most difficult one to achieve. I don’t want to be among the ones who just keep thinking about the ways to derive traffic but instead do some practical work. Hence, I am going to show you a very effective and simple trick that will surely bring a difference to your traffic. It sounds wonderful? Well let’s continue then.

Before we move ahead, lets discus why you need to optimize your old content for traffic. I know, many of you hate SEO, but SEO is nothing but a practice that every blogger should follow to make their blog more search engine friendly. There is no rocket science, but just to give search engine a perfect optimized post, so that your ranking will be better. Before, we move ahead I suggest you to read this post:

Now, think this way, there is a keyword “A” and it drives like 100,000 searches every month and you written a post on the similar topic, but you not getting enough traffic, and the reason is you have not optimized your content enough for search engine. So in, this post we will discus how to find keywords for old posts and then optimize them to drive more traffic. If you look into your analytic, you will realize you are getting traffic for most of your posts but with long tail keyword, though it’s good but with little bit of optimization, you can improve traffic and more over you will get more targeted traffic.

How to Collect Data Using Google Analytics

analytics statistics

Google Analytics is very simple to use and provides some amazing statistics. First of all we are going to discover the pages that score the most traffic on your blog or website. I think you already would have got the idea of this whole article i.e. we need to find out which pages are high scoring and how to improve them more in gaining traffic. This might seems a little impossible but with accurate use of the data can make it possible. So let’s discover my personal little secret to improve search engine marketing.

Sign in to your Google Analytics account and click ‘view report’ of the blog or website that you want to use for this experiment. In the left tab, you will see ‘Content Tab’ that you have to access. By default, Analytics bring you the data of last 30 days which you can change easily by clicking on the dates and changing the range of dates. In front you, you will see ‘Top Content’ at the bottom of the screen having the pages that got the most traffic in your selected date’s range. Click ‘View Full Report’ to access all of the pages that got the most traffic.

To find out which pages these are in case you don’t recognize them by their permalink, you can click on the arrow on the left of those links. However, the real trick here is to click on the link to access the details of traffic to that page. Hence, click on the first underlined link on your top content performance report which will take to you a new screen. This page is the Individual Page Content Detail Report that will give you information about that particular web page. What we are concerned here with are the source where the traffic is coming from i.e. Social Networks, Search Engines, Direct, Referrals etc.

Increase Organic Traffic using Google Analytics

Now, click on ‘Entrance Sources’ to discover where the majority of traffic is coming from. This is a crucial step for it will tell us what we have to do with that page to bring in more traffic. If you got the most of the traffic from Stumble Upon, well then you need to share it again with your followers to start the spree. Whereas the organic traffic is from Search Engines so let’s get down to that. Let’s suppose your page gets the most of the traffic from Google (Search Engines).

Now hit back on your browser and beneath ‘Entrance Sources’, you will see ‘Entrance Keywords’ that you need to click on now. I would like you readers to focus on this point for this is the crucial one to achieve our goal. If you have your page in front of you with the keywords listed, this is where all of your answers are as well as the real money. This report brings you a complete list of all the exact phrases and keywords that people uses to search for and thus end up on your page. This is the Data that we need to hit the jackpot.

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What to Do With This Analytic data?


It won’t be wrong to say that this data is worth more than gold and that too because you unlocked the mystery of getting traffic towards your blog. But, I will stress one the point of having skills or software here in order to predict which keyword or phrase is the HOT one. The best of the best software is you yourself for HUMANS search for those keywords and you can easily predict which keywords you will be searching for, if you were in their place. However we do have some software for these keywords predictability.

Having this list of keywords, I can go to that particular page, edit it for better optimization, add these keywords to the content of the page and rebuild it in a way that it doesn’t look like stuffed with all those keywords. A little deeper research on those keywords to enhance the content and improve your keyword saturation can bring you easily to the number 1 spot on those popular search terms. On another note, you can also pick the single and popular keywords and use them as tags on your blog and even index them using your ‘robots.txt’ file. Tags actually build additional pages on your blog and getting them indexed on search engines can help you optimize your blog for the keyword you are trying to target. You can read this post on learning better seo optimization:

I am sure you enjoyed this tip and will try to test it on your blogs. Please do tell me about your experience if you already have tried it or if you try it now, below in the comments. Also, what other methods do you use to find data from Google analytic to increase organic traffic?

This is a guest post by Salman who blogs at Demortalz. If you would like to write for ShoutMeLoud, check our guest posting guidelines.

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    1. gaurav says

      Actually i can’t find it suitable for analytics latest version.Please update it accordingly so that newbie bloggers like me can also benefit from it.

    2. Fabrizio says

      Smart tutorial Salman, thanks. Google Analytics gives webmasters more and more data to create the best options for increasing traffic as you’ve demonstrated in your post.

    3. Tushar says

      i am a big fan and regular user of Analytics but did not know that the data from it can be channeled and used for gar more important things. thanks

    4. Andy says

      organic traffic matters a lot. Analytics is the best way to analyze it and with this analysis we can boost the organic traffic. Thanks for the post.

      • Jessica says

        My site gets 50% of traffic from organic.

        I didn’t realize the importance of keywords when I just started.

    5. Trung Nguyen says

      Nice SEO tutorial, Salman. This is a great guide for those who want to use Googla analytics to increase traffic for their site.

    6. Androidage says

      I’ve been using various on-page optimization tips to improve my organic traffic and now am fine with the traffic by search engines of almost my 80% of visits come from major search engines.

      This is a new way not only to improve organic traffic, but it’s a best way to find the healthy keywords and this will lead writing according to readers taste.

      Thanking you.

    7. Vijay says

      This is really important tip I missed from my list..
      I agree with you. We get traffic from some older posts say 2-3 years old as Google give more weightage to article age as well, and optimizing it for the the keyword now make sense.

    8. Perminder Singh says

      mostly new bloggers like me are using Google analytic for just checking stats of traffic, this is very helpful article to better understand analytic ….thanks for sharing……….

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