Increase Infolinks Earning With Related Tags Feature

Infolinks is the most popular in-text advertising program and widely using by large as well as small publishers. Infolinks is famous for its high CTR and good CPM. Infolinks left Kontera behind and now it is the number 1 inline ad network


Infolinks have added one more feature for its publishers and given them the chance to make extra revenue. Infolinks has launched a new exciting feature named Related Tags. According to Infolinks, Related tag feature will increase the revenue up to 30 percent. Infolinks has launched it after a complete beta testing on selective publishers such as .

What is Infolinks Related tag feature?

Definitely you might have seen Google Adsense Link Units. So the appearance of Infolink Related tag Unit is just like Adsense Link Unit and its color is Blue. The only difference is when someone hover the mouse on tag links, the infolinks ads are appeared just like infolinks inline ads .

In-fact infolinks related tag software create automatic links for those keywords of page content relevant to Infolinks advertises .

These tags appeared as real links and chances to click on these links by visitors are increased and thus the revenue may increase up to 30 % or more .

How to Use this Feature

It is very simple to add Infolinks Related tags in your webpage. If you are using Infolinks now then you can directly add this single code in your webpage. You have to add this code where you want to appear the related tags. Related tag unit can adjust its width automatically according to space. You can add this in sidebar, above the article or below the article .

Add the following code in page html

<input type=”hidden” name=”IL_RELATED_TAGS” value=”1″/>

In my opinion You must try Infolinks related Tag feature once because it does not take any time in customization or configuration.

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COMMENTs ( 26 )

  1. says

    After doing this trick still my earnings are very low because all my websites traffic was coming from India and may be infolinks is not a good way to monetize your site in India

  2. Harsh Agrawal says

    Hey Harsh i hope you will be fine i am using infolinks my website is new and has only 50 to 60 visits a day and in a month of starting my website i earned only 37 cents after a month from infolinks What does it means it means thatmy site is new and still it need traffic what you think how much traffic needed a day to creat 1 Dollar from infolinks in a day how much traffic needed a day ??
    Reply must

    • says

      ya, it’s easy, just install infolinks plugin in your wordpress.
      After that open your infolinks acccounts and change display settings, (They are listed in the left side of website).

  3. john says

    i have been using info-links for one month now and no earning. can’t even make a dollar. Is it when i die, that money start coming or what. i have tried my best and nothing seems to work. worked on content, tried to get back links to my site but the Alexa rank is good and nothing to show for it. Am giving up now.

  4. Kimi says

    I have used Infolinks related tags, and it did really increase my earning.

    However it looks uncompatible with safari browser, the tags float to the right on safari, so it looks ugly.

    So i removed it- i have checked in other blogs as well, they do have same problems with safari.

    Hope it will be fixed soon though.

  5. Sarah says

    Hi, it’s Sarah from Infolinks. We appreciate you writing about us and our Related Tags feature. It really is a great way to increase your Infolinks revenues and it’s perfectly acceptable to use alongside Adsense. As far as earnings go, we guarantee the highest revenue share in the industry. The amount you earn however depends on a number of factors including geographical area, niche and quality of traffic. The more high quality traffic you have the more you earn, but we do monetize all blogs whether big or small. For those of you who have not gone through our optimization process I suggest you do so as our support team will go over your account and make sure it’s set for optimal earnings. If any of your readers would like more information I encourage them to contact us.

  6. Kunal says

    Infolink introduced this feature long back so I would consider this post as too late. Anyway, Infolink may be the no.1 inline ad service provider but revenue generated by infolink is really very less.
    SML made only 20$ last month despite having one of the highest traffic. So think about the site who generate low traffic!!

    • PAWAN KUMAR says


  7. Developerholic says

    This is the first time that i’ve heard about Infolinks. Hmm, how much do you earn?

    I’m seriously considering it :D

    • says

      Infolinks is good..Provided you have good traffic.. For blog with less traffic it’s useless…and if you have good traffic blog, you can get into their premium publisher list and that will boost your income from Infolinks bigtime..

    • shariq says

      According to Harsh Earning with Infolinks is directly proportional to traffic or Alexa Rank.My blog is not getting much traffic so I do not earn much with it.
      But I think in future it will be a good earning source for me.

  8. Reshab says

    Cool post, but I think it’s very hard to earn through infoloinks, but I really like their concept.. It’s really unique..

  9. says

    This is really good.I will try infolinks tags when I plan to earn with my blog

    Thanks For Sharing

  10. Nauman says

    Infolinks ads network is really good, but i have some doubts about using it on the same web page which have Google ads too. Because I have listen about the news that Google may penalize the ad- sense publisher who also use Infolinks adds on his web site.

  11. SEOBeginer says

    I’ve tried it for a few weeks, it really help increase Infolinks revenue. However it is really not significant.

  12. Joynal Abedin says

    I am using Infolink for 1 month. I have earner very low amount. I am not satisfied with infolink.

    One of my friend has got his first payment after 4 months of displaying infolinks ads in his blog.

    Anyway, AKS will there be any problem displaying infolink related tags besides Adsense link unit? Will it be violating Adsense TOS anyway?

    • aks says

      Your Question is very important and now a days it is a matter for Adsense users .Adsense users are hesitating in using Infolinks related tags because they are afraid of strict adsense behavior .
      Yet we can not say about it clearly .But Infolinks is trying to clarify that infolinks related tags have no confliction with adsense link units .
      You can check it on adsense support forum where Infolinks representative Sarah have clarified it .

  13. SathishKumar says

    Hi Thanks for providing this information. I am using in my blog for almost 3 months now and I hardly earn anything from them. Hope this related tags feature will help me earn money with my blog.

    • aks says

      welcome Sathish .I dont know why Your Earning with Infolinks is Low But I can say that this new feature will help surely in increasing your Infolinks Earning .
      Well I will review your blog .