3 Easy Tweaks To Get More Clicks From Google Search


Ranking #1 in Google search is the best thing that can happen to your blog and it’s not impossible but it’s not so easy. Now, what to do when you are ranking on first page but not in top 3 search engine positions, how could you use that rank to get more click through rate than first few positions. There are few techniques and ways which you can implement on your blog post to get higher CTR from Google search. I have tried and tested few of these factors and it worked for me, and I’m sure it should work for you too.

Here I’m sharing few ways which I have implemented in past few months and it will help you to get more search engine click to your Blog. This is specifically for Google search, as it’s most popular search engine and probably most profitable.

Tips to increase Click through rate from Google Search Engine:

Star Rating in Google search:

Showing star rating in Google search is a powerful way to get more CTR. It not only makes your results stand out in search engine, it also helps in getting clicks. It offers more information in search engine and hence helps in driving more traffic to a webpage.

If you write review articles, which could be Webhosting or Web apps review, you can use Google Rich Snippet star rating to make your reviews stand out. These star rating works as ranking the product you are reviewing, and they easily stand out. With star rating, you can easily make your review article stand out even in competitive Keyword results. AuthorHReview is the best plugin for showing star rating in search and also add a review box in your blog post.

Google Search star rating

Along with star rating, you can also add a nice call to action button at the top or end of the article that will help you to get more CTR to product you are endorsing. If you are a tech blogger or Blogging on any niche, and you review services, product, apps, mobile phones use this plugin and you can notice a great increment in Google search CTR to your Blog.

Get AuthorhReview Plugin

Remove date from Google SERP’s:

Dates are very useful for readers to know when a Blog post is written and it helps them to determine the recency of an article. But when you have an old blog and despite writing evergreen content, you may notice poor CTR from Google search due to dates in Google Serp’s. I have mentioned about the same in my Google Panda recovery guide.

You can make tweaks show dates in posts but hide it from Google search. What I did on my blog is, I show last updated post time in search or even in the post. I have a habit of constantly updating my old posts to keep them uptodate, and this works great. If you have been noticing poor CTR for old blog posts, my recommendation would be remove the dates from Google SERP’s for your blog posts, and notice the difference.

Meta description and Meta title:

This should be first tip here but being one of the oldest, I put it in last here. Google and most of the other search engine uses your Meta title and Meta description to show information in Google search. Writing a call to action Meta title will not only help to get better CTR, but writing a detailed meta description along with Keyword will help you to get better ranking.

Meta title and description

You can use plugins like WordPress SEO by Yoast or if your theme offers post SEO options, you can use it to write Meta-post titles and description that will help you to increase Google search CTR.

There are other factors like Google plus likes, using video thumbnail, instant preview also helps in maximizing CTR from Google search. But for now, if you implement above latest SEO techniques on your blog, you will be making your blog post listing stand out in Google search.

Do let me know if you use any other technique that helps you to get better CTR from Organic search? If you find this article useful, don’t forget to share it on Facebook and Google Plus.

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Article by Harsh Agrawal

Harsh has written 1045 articles.

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  1. says

    Thank you Hars.. those five stars will attract anybody’s eyes and do click immideatly. Can blogspot platform do the same thing ?.

  2. says

    Hai Mr. Harsh. I am a blogger, recently i have watched your “WordPress SEO Basics for Beginners in Blogging Seminar” in Youtube. Now i have add some Plugins for my blog with the help of that video. Thank you. But i con’t add Google Authorship Image.

  3. androidbanget says

    always failed to implement authorship, doh!
    when i check in rich snippet tool, everything seems to be ok (authorship verified). but my profile picture never appears next to the search result T_T

  4. Ravi kumar says

    This article has said all basic techniques to increase your CTR. One point I liked too much, which is remove your post dates. Kindly share, how we can remove dates from Google SERP.

  5. FlaxG says

    do Breadcrumbs really help us in raking our page and making users to navigate our website ?
    and is there any other alternative for Breadcrumbs where user can get Best Navigation to our posts ?

  6. Hamza Sheikh says

    Yet another worth reading post.

    Harsh, I believe the correct usage of rich snippets in the search engine can also boost up the presence of links (ahead of Google Author Rank), and also improves the CTR.

  7. Sayeed Ahsan Khan says

    Really Cool!… I am totaly agree with the authorship verification because I faced the same problem too when I uploaded the logo of my site as the Google+ profile banner… One more thing I would like to add in this post is the “Social Media activity” actually I have tried that If a new blog post is getting more than 50 tweets then it comes in google search ranking easily I know it won’t help that much but we can assume that it’s something like a back support if a link which is on the page 2 of search engine I am sure it will bring that link on page 1 if the tweet is done more that 50 on that post…

  8. Pritam Nagrale says

    Thanks Harsh for this useful information. All the 4 tips were very useful. Your article motivated me to do the changes right now.

  9. Manish says

    This tips and techniques are seen useful. Specially date hiding technique from Google serp and going to implement on my own blog.

  10. says

    Awesome post! Well, implementing Google authorship is really a great strategy to increase credibility and using meta description/title is really useful for better search engine rankings. Thanks Harsh for sharing this excellent info :)

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