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    Adsense Competitive Ad Filter: Block Ads from Low Paying sites

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    Adsense is no doubt the best contextual advertisement program for bloggers, and there are many Adsense optimization tips we know, which will help us to increase our Adsense earning. Starting from Adsense placement, using bigger size Adsense ads and targeting long tail keywords with high CPC. There are many less talked tips are there, for example: Blocking low paying ads on your blog.

    Have you heard of Made for Adsense Websites? Basically these websites are created to earn money from Adsense only. They use Google Adwords to show cheap ads lets say 0.01$/click ads to drive traffic to the blogs / sales page or landing pages. One of the big drawback of such ads are even though you have very good content but some keyword triggers them and even with high volume website you will never make good money from Adsense.

    How to use Adsense competitive ad filter?

    Along with MFA websites, if you are running a business blog, it’s a good idea to block ads from your competitor. For example, if you are running a Webhosting business, you might not like to run ads from your competitor hosting business. This is one reason, I recommend say no to Adsense for your business site.

    Competitive ad filter is a setting of adsense, which can be use to block such made for adsense for low cost per click websites. Or you can also block competitive blog ads to display on your blog. In Simple words

    Google AdSense provides the functionality to block specific ads from appearing on your pages. Although Google ads are highly targeted to the content of your page, there may be situations in which you don’t want to display particular advertisements – for example, you may wish to block ads leading to competitors’ sites

    There are many ways to block ads from your competitor Website or from MFA sites, from your Adsense account. All you need to do is, login to your Adsense account, and block the ads based on:

    • Advertiser URL
    • Category
    • Ad network
    • Block ads via Ads review centre

    Earlier there used to be a site call “Adblacklist”, which used to let you generate a list of MFA sites, and you can block them directly. But, that service doesn’t work and for now, you have to create a list of your own. I will try to find a way to create such a list of MFA sites, but for now you can use other methods (Specially category based filtering), to make most out of Adsense competitive ad filter settings.

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    Wonder if someone will tell what ads my blog is displaying at other part of world. Its a nice tip harsh, to restrict useless ads that dosnt match with your niche but only if I can get a full report of listed ads. As a matter of fact, I have blocked ads from banks and housing websites that pay very less in terms of revenue.


    Harsh Agrawal

    Aery the list of such website is endless.. In every category you will have atleast 100+ websites which are either MFA or LCPC.. So selecting the right keyword while configuring the adblacklist website is a very crucial thing. In my blog I have not seen banking or housing ads..Day i will see them.. I will make sure that will be the last day for them on my blog .. :)


    Tycoon Blogger

    great tip. My adsense has been slipping lately and I will try this out and hopefully boost my earnings a little bit. BTW, I will be featuring this post in my “Sunday’s Best” series today as I think all bloggers could benefit from this advice.


    Harsh Agrawal

    Thanks a lot for the link back and I appreciate that. Though keep watching the upcoming posts, one of them is going to be on the same series and will be useful for you to understand adblacklist.



    please tell what is minimum requirment for google adsense ?


    Amrish Singh

    Hi Harsh ,Till now i am unable to download competative ad filter to my computer. Please replay me that from where I can Download the program


    Delbert Ednave

    Yes, you are right. Unless you made your site also for adsense even you are selling products.
    For example, your site is a buy&sell and the advertisers there is not you. The advantage of that is you are in a double business on that time.


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