Why Your Digital Product Fails to Sell? Is Your Refund Rate High?

Increase Digital Product saleIn many affiliate forums I find people complaining that they aren’t able to sell digital products such as E-books, training courses, internet marketing software’s etc. If you want to earn more in affiliate or sell your own digital products, then this is for you. If you create your own digital product or selling it as an affiliate, you want it to make a high virtual profit. Sometimes you get unhappy customers too, who don’t think the digital product is worth the buy and normally expects refunds. In some cases, refund rates can get as high.

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I found that there are few reasons why people refund the products. Why do product creators fail to sell their products? Why the refund rates are high for a digital product? Let us discuss the reasons…

What Is a Digital Product?

First, what are digital products? They’re not physical products. It exists only on computer. You need to buy it with real money and in turn the product can be downloaded. The examples of digital products are internet related software’s, training courses, eBooks and much more. The advantage for a seller is that, you don’t need to be the creator of the product to sell it. You can sell it as an affiliate too (learn what is affiliate marketing), by which you earn certain commission by selling a product. You don’t have to pay any manufacturing or distribution costs. Once you’ve made the product, everything you sell is virtually a profit.

Creating and selling digital products is one of the best ways to create an income from your blog. One of the main reasons why your digital product doesn’t sell is the pricing factor. So, what’s the correct price for a digital product? It depends upon the quality of the product, potential market, competition, etc. Based on these three things, one should decide on pricing. Apart from this, there are few tricks to be played while pricing the digital product.

How to Increase Digital Product Sales?

Pricing Point:

You can create a multiple price points. You can make three versions for a product (low/medium/high). Usually when you keep these three things in pricing, normally people will go with the middle pricing. Give initial offers for the products. Experiment with the prices, bundle extra products with the original product. These are few ideas that you can use to implement the pricing factor on your digital product.

As a creator of the product, you don’t want to see it flop miserably when you had put all your time and hard work to create it. It’s really pain to see something that you’ve poured yourself into for months do a cyber-flop. The mindset of the people is to pay less for the digital products and expect more out of them. It again depends on how much do people think your product is worth?

One thing that I learned about being a successful digital product seller is that, you have to make people get excited and inspire them to make them buy the product. Once they get excited, they love what they buy and tell others about it, a free form of advertising.

I would like to discuss some reasons why people don’t buy your digital product. This discusses about the high refund rates for certain digital products which you believed it would do so great on sales.

Make the Downloads Easy:

The Number One is once people pay for the product, they’re unable to download the product. The process of sending out the download links should be made fool proof. Not all the buyers are tech savvy’s. So make your downloads easy and bold, so even non-IT people can easily purchase/download. If they get annoyed because they cannot download the product for what they paid, the refund rate get as high.

The Content is Old:

There are some really smart people who just want refund because they want the digital product for free. Yes, many times people refund after using it for 2 hours. Again one of the major reasons you get request for refund is because, people did not get what they actually wanted. Based on the sales page, they might buy the product. But, after reading it fully when they come to know that the information is already known in the first place, they ask for a refund. Silly right?

Under Promise & Over Deliver:

As said above, quality decides the success of the product. If product is not of good quality people will not be happy about it and will request for refund. What you need to do is, under promise and over deliver with tons of bonuses and content for people. Learn 5 simple ways to supercharge your Affiliate marketing conversions.

The next series of post, I will talk about finding the best-selling niche to create eBooks and other digital products. We will discuss about the niche which helps you to easily sell your digital products. If you like this post, do share it on social sites and subscribe to the blog.


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