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Increase Adwords CTRIn one of earlier post at ShoutMeLoud, we have talked about disadvantages of Paid traffic , where we mentioned about Google AdWords and Stumble upon. AdWords is by far one of the best paid tool to drive targeted traffic, when SEO fails, adwords is the way to go. Though, one of the most common mistake which people do while using adwords is by not optimizing their campaign and later they complain about bad Adwords CTR. There are many steps/tips which one can follow to make their adword campaign more effective and increase adwords CTR.

If you are running an AdWords campaign and receiving no clicks, nothing is worse than this. You might be considering it wastage of time and money but before throwing your campaign away, just implement the following tips to improve your click-through rate (CTR). You can learn more about Adwords pricing model here.

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Simple & handy tips to Increase AdWords CTR :

There is no exact figure for Good adwords CTR, as it all depends upon many factors like Niche, competition, Keywords & industry. Though, for beginners 2% is considered as good CTR and for PPC marketer it’s around 2-5% for competitive niche. Anything above 5% is always considered as good CTR for adwords.

Official page on adwords tips, recommend some easily follow tips to increase CTR of adwords campaign, which I recommend you to check out too.

Include Concessions

Make use of phrases like “sale” or “30% off” in your ads. Who will not want discounts? This feature will surely made consumers hungry buyers that are more willing to go to where the food is and will be directed to your website.

Maintain good Ad Quality:

Quality of your ad is very important as it is directly linked to CTR. So, use only relevant keywords.

Add Sitelinks in Ads:

Sitelinks are the kind of extensions and permits ads that appear in the top places to have as many as five links in their ad. Sitelinks will appear only as soon as your ads qualify for the top positions but still you can enable this feature. You can learn more about adding sitelinks to your adwords ad here. You can show maximum of 6 sitelinks for desktop users and for mobile users, maximum allowed sitelink is 2. So, use it wisely and make sure your sitelinks in the ads are well optimized pages.

Target your Headline

A successful campaign can’t be success without a headline which actually sales. Headline is what the user will see first so this is most important for your ad. Use only relevant and meaningful title. You can also test with numerous variations to find out the one that actually works. Having emotions, Call to action, and similar headlines perform really well. For example:

  • Make money online blog
  • Learn how I earned $989 working 2 hour online
Notice the difference between both the two. You can learn more about writing killer headlines from here.

Use meaningful descriptions

After choosing the headline the next step is towards description. Work over the things that differentiate you from your competitors. This may include price, free shipping or highlight certain product features.

Pyramid theory

You will find that whenever you search for some keyword if it is in your ad, Google will highlight that specific keyword. To take advantage of this highlighting feature, you must place the keywords accurately in your Headline, Description and Display URL.

Use Brands in Ads

In today’s world where everybody is so conscious of the product’s brand, placing brand name in an ad will make a big difference into your own CTR’s.

Call to Action

Using call to action messages like “Buy Now! Try us today! Or “call now” will encourage consumers to take action. Here are some best practice and examples for Call to action buttons and text. Make sure, your landing page is also well optimized for CTR and Call to action.

Bid for Relevant Keywords

Most of the times we may forget to bid for the relevant keywords, suppose your website is selling new BMW cars then you must bid on new BMW ,BMW cars and new BMW cars. This will display your ad on relevant websites, & do remember that relevancy always helps CTR.

Clear Text, No Abbreviations

Always avoid using abbreviations that are not popularly known like using ETF for exchange-trade funds which may also be interpreted as Electronic Transfer of Funds. Such kind of things should not be done. Follow the K.I.S.S. pattern. Keep is simple silly.

Organize your campaigns by topic

Create distinct campaigns for each of your product lines or brands. This will enable you to monitor your advertising more easily & make the essential adjustments to increase your campaign performance. Just question yourself what you want to achieve and then structure your campaign based on this objective.

Target the right languages & locations

For each ad campaign, make sure to target only the languages & locations that are appropriate for your business.

Check out this video, to learn more about how to increase Adwords CTR :

Well, by the end what really matter is conversion. Getting click and getting traffic with low conversion is waste of time and money. Make sure your landing page is well optimized and you have utilized call to action buttons to convert one time traffic into sales or subscriber, depending upon your goals.


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    Very useful tips, pyramid theory is one of the best way to increase the CTR.. Thanks for sharing..