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    Increase Adsense revenue by Adjusting Ad Font Size

    By in Google adsense

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    Google adsense blog announced the launch of new feature in Google adsense and that is adjust your font size.

    The default adsense font is set to small and you can change it to medium or large.

    adsense font 300x165 Increase Adsense revenue by Adjusting Ad Font Size

    Keeping it medium or large will make your adsense advertisement more prominent.

    Though Adsense blog also mentioned that they feel that the default adsense font is too small and soon they will be chnaging into medium by default.

    we’ll also be changing the default font size across AdSense in ad units from ‘small’ to ‘medium’. We’ve heard from some of you that the current font size can be too small, and our testing also showed that slightly larger font sizes improved performance

    Seems like Adsense is giving all possible chances to adsense pulisher for increasing their adsense revenue.

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    Dr. Deepak jain

    Great idea, thanks for sharing early, i will try it on my blog.



    Wow.. Thats really a great news

    thanks for the post dude :)


    Tech-Freak Stuff

    Checked out his feature in the morning. I liked it a lot. Harsh, I have one suggestion for you:
    Just remove the 336*300 Ad block from the end of every post and keep the 468*70 short banner with large fonts there[maximum size]. You will surely have a fair amount of rise in your earnings.

    You are far more experienced than me. I am just giving you a suggestion. No offenses!


    George Serradinho

    Wow, I will have to see this for myself. I added adsense just under my post title and I have made some cash already. Lets put it this way, I made more this week than I have made in the last 3 months.



    Brilliant, This will help. My earnings have been super low thus far. Lets see what wonders this does to my blog.. :D


    Harsh Agrawal

    Zubin do update us, if changes helps you in any ways..



    It’s a nice feature. I am sure it will help us to increase revenue.

    [Offtopic] Your theme design looking very neat and unique. Just work on sidebar ads. Btw, Did you hire any theme designer? ;) [/Offtopic]


    Harsh Agrawal

    I’m sure this will be helpful. I just made the changes and will see how much difference it will make.

    Glad that you like the change. Yup Theme Customization is done by a professional. :)


    Eric Murphy

    Harsh I became a great fan of your site. because i can see here lots of posts about adsense which i really want. thanks for the post.


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