Increase Adsense Earning By Understanding Adsense Custom Channel

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Google adsense interface is highly configurable and the beauty of adsense is its channel, which will help you to keep track of every single ad unit added using Google Adsense. Though most of people ignore this part of making their ad unit targeted and that’s why loose lots of adsense revenue.

Google adsense custom channel helps you to keep track of how your adsense ads are working and you can compare different ad placement. This will help you to understand which ad unit is performing better for you. Whether you should add ads above the fold or below the fold.

Coming to targeted advertisement, if you give adsense advertisers some specification about your ad placement and target audience this will ensure that, more people will bid for your ad placement. This will guarantee your ad revenue. This is coming from my personal experience and I’m sure you going to get benefited by this.

Here are 3 videos from Google adsense team, which will explain you working of Google adsense custom channel. If you are an adsense publisher, I’m sure you going to love this videos as after watching this adsense custom channel tutorials, you can make your bidders bidding for your adsense unit and hence more online money for you.

This videos are in three different part and I will suggest you to watch all 3 of them. In begining it may sound boring to you, but after making changes and seeing the difference, I’m sure you will say thanks for this useful videos.

Do let us know if this video helped you in any case and do you make your ad placement more competitive for adsense advertisers?

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    Hi, thanks for Article, This is good i am feeling better, i am still trying to earn good income but i hope in future i will earn good income thru internet.

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