What is the Importance of an “About Page” for your Website

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What is the Importance of an “About Page” for your Website

On any Website/Blog, we need to have multiple pages which are quintessential. There are many pages which should be a part of any website. For example, About Me, Contact, Privacy, TOS and many other such pages. Have you ever thought of the importance of “About Page” for your Website? You might find, people who loves to have a fancy homepage, a service page and contact me page, but they completely forgot about one such page call about me.

What is an About Page of a blog?

An “About Page” of a website contains some important information about your Website/Service or organization. This single page speaks about Who you are, what you do and why this website. This is a place where you talk about your company and shows your achievement and strong points. Of all the elements of a website, “About Page” is one of the most important element.

If you will check your stats program like Google analytic, you will realize your “About Me” page might be one of the most viewed page of your site. This shows, how important your “About Me” page is and people are trying to know more about you from “About Me” page. Most of the bloggers and webmaster writes “About me” page in their initial days and with time they never update it. This is one big mistake which you are doing in order to win the trust of your readers or potential customers.

For an example, a company “About Us” page can have:

When was the company founded, where is the company located, company vision, company headcount, and more information about the company in brief. Always, remember your “About Me” page should be short, precise and up to the mark. Since, it’s one of the most viewed page of any website, you might like to redirect your readers/customers to the other strong pages of your Website. For example, resource page and so on.

Here is an example of about page from ShoutMeLoud:

About me page example

What is an ideal “About Me” page?

We have already talked a lot about Importance of “About Page” above and now lets discuss something about what all  your “About Me” page should have. We have already taken an example of a company “About Page” above and now let’s talk about a Website or blog.

Before you start writing anything on your “About Me” page, always remember it’s a point of connection between your readers and you. So, you might like to maintain the human touch, add some funny comments and also maintain the professionalism at the same time. You can start with your blog foundation, vision, what do you do, and what action they can take next.

Next you can add some information about the founder of the website and if you work in a group, you can link to Staff/members page of your Website. This way, readers can know more about your team. Make sure to add links to your professional social networking profile where ever possible. This way, your reader can connect you personally.

An ideal “About Me” page should have something about you, not your personal stuff that you like these movies and listen to a particular rock band. Leave all these for your social networking website profile. Write something related to your education, why you started this blog, add a picture of yours. You should write about your passion, your goals and some thing about you, that adds personal touch. The whole idea is to, give a clear picture about your blog and about the blog admin to the reader.

While writing an “About Me” page, think from a readers perspective and think, what he will be expecting out of an ideal “About Me” page. He might be interested to connect with you via various social networking website. If not all , add two -three way of communication or link to your contact page.

How you can get more personal with your reader?

You can add a snippet of your “About Me” page in your sidebar or footer. Chances are some reader might be too lazy to click on your “About Me” page, but if they read something about you, you might get an extra click on your “About Me” page.

Do let us know if you ever thought about the importance of “About Page” for any Website? Have you optimized your “About Us” page on your site? What do you think an ideal About Page” should have?

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Article by Harsh Agrawal

Harsh has written 1038 articles.

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  1. sudha says

    Its always Good To give Some Basic Details Which Could Be interesting In some way,
    To Be professional In blogging i think Its best To start From Your About Me Page So that You can Even present Is any Firm Ask about Your Site

  2. Nikhil Varma says

    I was not having an About Page when I started my blog because I did not want to show off my name and photo. But later as part of the customary practice I added an about page and it showed the result. The reason (as I had mentioned in a Problogger article) why it turned out better for me could be because I had written a story which my dad had told as well. It conveyed the theme of the Blog well. Readers love stories rite..

  3. crazy blogger says

    Good post,every blogger should link about me page to his blog as other bloggers tries to knew about you

  4. Himanshu says

    I am doing job in a telecom company and i never mind writing about me page on my blog. If anyone blog without any intention of making money then it doesn’t matter at all. I don’t think any company mind its employ for being a blogger until blogging doesn’t ruin their business. Its immense pressure on Bloggers to find a time for blogging apart from day time job. So it is good that anyone can have both; blog and a job. It define the credibility and ability to deal in immense work pressure.

  5. Jacob Yap says

    About Me is very important eespecially for 1st time visitors. I do have a little about me page, but not really in details. Maybe I’ll need to update it again.

  6. Rahul says

    I love to read about me page. Most of the time i read if, i find any page like this.

    About me page is inspirational to other peoples. Once i read blogger who bought a domain name and hosting by working online. And then how he grows from smaller to bigger. This is thing motivates others. And give sharp look on persons personality.

    Also, agree with atul too. because the company i got placed has mentioned..in agreement that you should not do side business. If they consider blogging as business. You will loose your job. if you are blogging once in a week then ok. Company want employees full dedication.

  7. Harshad says

    I’ve been blogging since past two years and never wrote a single about page on any of my blogs. :D

  8. Stefan says

    This is something I need to do for my blog. Earlier today I decided to drive over to my grandmothers house and eat dinner there and we ended up discussing old memories. She reminded me of several of my first attempt to make money as a child. Thinking back on it, I’ve always tried to make money through different methods and I think this is the thing that still drives me today.

    To summarize on the about page. Try to write your personal story, how you ended up doing what you do and why.
    .-= Stefan ´s last blog ..How to Backup and Restore Your WordPress Blog =-.

  9. Atul says

    aboutMe page is very essential.. when I started mine blog there was no aboutMe Page.then I created one after one of mine readers suggestion.

  10. house roofs says

    Its always Good To give Some Basic Details Which Could Be interesting In some way,
    To Be professional In blogging i think Its best To start From Your About Me Page So that You can Even present Is any Firm Ask about Your Site

  11. Ruchi says

    Nice post. Less blogger write about this topic, which is most important for all the blogs. Many people say me to add more in my About page, but yet not sure….May be I can add my Education and interests. Anyways thanks for sharing. :)

  12. Surender Sharma says

    Harsh your article is really admirable.I have visited many blogs but lot of bloggers hide their identity.I don’t why they hesitate to show their personality.I think blog is the duplicate copy of the person who is behind the blog.
    What do you think?

    • Atul says

      Hi Surender
      I dont agree to u ..sometimes it becomes mandatory for u to hide ur identity..suppose u are wrking in a gud cmpny and if ur cmpny knows that u have been in a side-business apart from ur daily job..so what they will do??
      To avoid these, U have to hide urself till u are with them.
      I have seen many bloggers blogging with the same hidden appearance

      • Stefan says

        I have to disagree with you here Atul. Personally I think trust is the single most important thing when it comes to making money with our climate. If you don’t tell them about you, why should anyone trust you and what you are telling them?

        • Atul says

          I do agree to you Stefan.. I do agree trust is primary key to success.. But pls do consider the scenario which I have pointed out.. In this case, I think you can’t fully disclose urself..

          • Stefan says

            Sure Atul, but are there truly companies who care about what you do on your spare time? I am sure they do not want you to get drunk and upload the photos but a side job? Should they not encourage your to learn while working?

  13. mostlyBlog says

    i didn’t know about this thing i think now i have to update about me page, let me add some more to about me page

  14. Gaetano Caruana says

    An about page is essential. It make networking possible!

    Contacting the owner about a possible deal, tip or suggestion is impossible without a decent about page.

    Excellent post Harsh!

  15. George Serradinho says

    I updated my about page recently and added a bit of extra information about myself and my family. I think it’s a lot better now.

    The about pages I sometimes check out don’t have much info on and makes it sound as if they have not spent enough time on this matter.

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