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How to Import All In One SEO Values Into Thesis WordPress Theme?

How to Import All In One SEO Values Into Thesis WordPress Theme?

Few days back while discussing with friends, many of my blogger friends told me that they are not migrating to Thesis Theme because they are scared of losing all the all in one SEO values or duplicating the same values. Moreover using All in one SEO plugin along with Thesis Theme doesn’t make any sense to me too.


I was doing a blog redesign for Ruchi’s (@whiztechy) Personal relationship blog and she was using All in one SEO plugin. The task was to import all values from All in one SEO plugin to equivalent Thesis values for every individual posts.

If you are one of those, who are not using Thesis theme for the above reason, here is a useful plugin call MetaThesis which helps you to import all your SEO values from Thesis to All in one SEO meat values and vice versa.

I have found Metathesis WordPress plugin to be perfect while importing values from all in one SEO plugin to Thesis.

How to use MetaThesis WordPress plugin?

All you need to do is, install Meta thesis plugin and activate it. Go to Tools, Meta thesis settings and select the 4th option to transfer all values from All in one SEO to Thesis SEO values.


Once you are done, do verify the SEO values are imported and after that disable All in one SEO and metathesis WordPress plugin.

This is a quick work, which hardly takes 5 minutes to finish and you will be left with all your earlier post SEO values into Thesis Theme without using All in ONE SEO plugin.

Download Thesis Theme

Do let us know if you have imported All in one SEO value into Thesis theme or still don’t want to mess with this. If you think, you need some technical assistance, you can use my Thesiscustomizationservice to do this job for you.

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  • Dolly

    Thanks for the easy guide. I am starter as far as Thesis Theme is concerned and faced a crash early this morning in which I had to install new thesis theme and here this guide jumped in for my rescue.

  • Satish

    Dude seriously i was searching for your post man. first i have installed thesis and found that its not that important to use all in one seo plugin since its thesis and removed it. suddenly all the bounce rate and traffic had changes. so i realized something i wrong . so one guy told me install metathesis and it will be fine. As soon i have installed i remove all in one seo plugin. so when i have installed metathesis i cant found any options which is shown in above pic. so seeing this post i realized that first we should have a all in one seo plugin and then install metathesis and then import option. Thanks a lot u have done my job easy. in other sites i found we have to inject some commands in sql and etc. it scared me. now i am happy its done awesome., Thanks a lot dude :)

  • Harshit Singhal

    Hi Harsh, is there a need to import all in one seo pack values when thesis theme itself provides such awesome SEO.

  • Josh

    Hey Harsh

    I have been trying to figure out the answer to a very simple question of mine: “What makes Thesis such a good option as a Wordpress theme when compared with another similar theme like Canvas from Woothemes”

    You may wish to answer without drawing comparisons. Oh and I promise to use your affiliate link to purchase the theme in the future :)


  • Mani Viswanathan

    Ah..thanks for posting this at the right time. I ll require it for transferring my old AIO data to the Thesis theme. But I have a question. While we use Thesis, is it mandatory to disable AIO SEO Plugin ?

    • Harsh Agrawal

      @Mani it’s not but then you won’t be using In built SEO option of Thesis and you will be using ALL in One SEO plugin which is also resource hungry plugin. If you are using Thesis, I would strongly recommend to use Thesis inbuilt SEO capabilities instead of using all in one SEO plugin…

  • Michael Aulia

    Was searching for such a thing last time when I moved to Thesis but now not too sure anymore. I’m just worried if there’s going to be a better theme one day and I have to extract the info out..

    Safer to use a third party plug-in that will work on any theme :)

    • Harsh Agrawal

      Michael I believe this is the same Dilemma everyone has..Though such 3rd party plugins will make your and others life easier..Who are in similar dilemma!!

  • Dinesh

    I think SEO Data Transporter plugin also helpful for this purpose. Recently I have moved my two of my blogs from All in one SEO plugin to Genesis framework with this plugin.

    Worth to check and Thanks for sharing this new plugin.

    • Harsh Agrawal

      Thanks for update Dinesh..Yes even that plugin is quite useful..I worked in it long time back..but recently I got my hands on this one and find it really simple to use.!!
      Thanks for another useful input..!!


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