ICICI Bank Social Banking App on Facebook: How to Use?

I’m an ICICI bank customer for last 3-4 years and despite of their not so sexy Web portal, I love their services and features they offer. Here is something, which might interest Web savvy people like you and me and the big news for ICICI bank account holder is, now you can enjoy accessing your ICICI bank account details on Facebook. Yah, sounds interesting and scary at times, as Facebook is hub for spammers and hackers, but anyhow lets dive into the world of ICICI bank social banking app on Facebook, and lets see what they have to offer.

ICICI bank account app

How to use ICICI Facebook App Social banking feature?

Here is a quick walk through guide, which will help you to get started. Go to App page by clicking here and for the security reasons, I have blurred few parts in below images. But, for any user, it’s easy to figure it out.

ICICI bank app

Click on Go to app and on the next page you will be seeing an image like this, where click on register now for using ICICI account on Facebook.

Social Banking

 On the next page, you need to enter your ICICI bank debit card detail and Pin no. Sound scary, but don’t worry as they offer Virtual Keyboard to enter Pin number and all information will be encrypted as it’s done over Https. On the next page, you need to set a password, which you will require every time to use this social banking app, to check your account details.

If you have done, everything as mentioned above, you will be seeing a page like this and don’t forget to notice the theme column at the footer. After all, who would mine personalizing the page they are viewing.

Welcome to ICICI bank Page

Now, simply click on Login button at the bottom and login using Personalized password you created in step 2 above.

Features of ICICI bank app:

  • Check Account Summary
  • Check Account details
  • Check Mini Statement
  • Apple for Email statements
  • Cheque book request
  • Stop Cheque request
  • Cheque status enquiry
  • Upgrade debit card

Most of the services which ICICI bank app is offering are view details and that’s one of the reason, I opted for using their Facebook app. More over, since I don’t have to use my ICICI login all the time and just use password I created specifically for this app, to login and check my account, I find it more convenient.

More over, it’s good to see Indian banking sector are not only using the power of social media to get more customers but also using the platform to offer more services and better features.You can learn more about ICICI bank social banking feature here.

Though, when I used this app, under Account summary app I got error saying “Unable to process your request” but all other featured worked seamlessly for me. How about you?

Does you bank offers social banking feature? Have you tried ICICI bank app on Facebook? How was your overall experience?

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COMMENTs ( 6 )

  1. Rahul says

    Recently I have seen that banks are taking their Technology to the next level. I just saw that SBI released their App for Android. This is great. Finally India is progressing :)

    • says

      I understand it’s like putting sensitive information on Social networking site and I would not try to convince you to give it a shot. But, as you see in post detail, they have taken care of security here ….

  2. Shiva Chettri says

    I too have an ICICI bank account and got this email from them yesterday. Although I just went 2 steps deep, but did not proceed more into the other steps thinking it may be a phishing email and did not do any research so as to know if it was legit or not but after reading this article I am going to start using it. I think it is really a good step forward by ICICI bank.

    • says

      @Shiva That was my first thought when I received Email from ICICI bank. I confirmed this by going to their site and Fan page and then tried and tested this app. Do let me know how was your experience after using it.