5 Things That Made Me Hate This So Called Good Blog

I hate your BlogThere is a very little gap between love and hate. If someone loves you than he/she is also liable to hate you too. Some silly and stupid mistakes can take you from heights to deep. Till date, blogs have taken off approximately 60% of web. Almost all bloggers claims thousands of unique readers for their blogs but in the population of 60% of blogs still there are many bloggers who are waiting for their unique daily visitors.

Some blogs are getting 100 or few visitors daily. Some have special condition, suppose there is a trend of a keyword as the trend continues they are getting good traffic from Google as the trend ends their visitors down rapidly. This is because their blogs not completing the needs of people in general. Our mistakes always remain hidden and we can’t find our mistakes even if they are in front of our eyes.

Today I’ve got a golden chance to share my views on Shout Me Loud on “Why your blog readers hate your blog.” Readers who are reading your blog daily may kick your blog out for some common reasons . Forget about people, lets talk about you and me. Let’s talk about what we love and why we love reading any blog. Is it because of Blog design? Is it just the content or is it more than that?

Why I will end up hating your blog & you should too:

Yes, content is king and it will be, but when we talk about Blogging, it’s all about adding a personal touch.  I love to be part of anything, where I feel like I’m actually a part of it. May be, I’,m not giving anything but the feeling of being a part of something is great. Lets take an example, Many people who are on Facebook are not using it daily, many of them don’t even open their Facebook for long but the feeling of being a part of Facebook (connected with 900+ Million users) itself is good. Now, lets connect it to our blogs and readers, they like to be a part of community. There are unlimited choice of blogs to read in any niche, we can find thousands of blogs and Websites, but very few of them can make a difference. Very few of them gives us a feeling of community and that’s where they make a huge difference. Something, you can learn from A-List Bloggers.

Hate is a big word and in blogging, hating a blog means losing your loyal readers. People will come to your blog but they will never subscribe to you. They will not be a part of your fan pages and you might not see them commenting.  And if you have faced this kind of issues, there is no need to panic. You can always fix and make changes and make your blog a lovable blog. Apart from avoiding common blogging mistakes, here are some suggestions which will make your reader love your blog:

1. Producing content Irregularly –

It’s a major cause of losing your daily readers. Producing content irregularly means, you are publishing two – three posts on one day and creating a gap of many days for new posts. This shows that you are not a passionate blogger. This act breaks the bond between you and your readers.

It’s always a good idea to maintain a decent post frequency. You may not be able to write daily, in that case use Post scheduling feature. Schedule your post for next few days and this will  not only give you peace of mind but your daily readers can expect a new piece of article every day.

2. Producing large content and deflecting from point –

Sometimes to have a good keyword density, bloggers try to create post with as many words as possible. Although sometimes this act results well but sometimes this may result worst. As you may lose your point in gathering more and more keywords. Now a days, not all have much time to read the full content. Instead of full and lengthy content readers wants “to the point” content. That’s why you may lose your readers. Try to create to the point post. If you are covering a long post, make sure you add enough values with links, videos, slides or with data details.

Don’t waste my time or your reader time with useless points which doesn’t make sense. I’m not interested in knowing, if your dog went for walk today or not, I’m reading your blog because I like your content and I can connect with it. It could  be technical writing, personal blog post or anything, but it should give value in a way.

3. Having  Irregular blog layout –

There are millions of combination are available. Whether it is colour combination or it is image combination. You have to decide smartly what’s going to be good for your readers. Having improper blog layout generally doesn’t affect the visitors but sometimes improper blog layout shows that blogger is not so creative. Creativity attracts the readers. Be creative ! Use good color combinations. Make your blog easy to navigate.

4. Doing Too much advertising –

Well we all know that placing ads on website is one of the ways to make money online but you should use them in limit because it may irritate your readers. Sometimes what happened that a reader is reading your blog and suddenly an advertising window opened, it may deflect your reader in reading the post because he have to come back to read the post. Also I would recommend you not to use pop-ups and text link ads.

5. Your Attitude towards common people –

So you are rude with your blog readers, ok get ready to lose your readers. If you are a popular blogger and doing great with your blog than it’s a human nature that an Ego problem will develop in you. Showing it to others may create problem. Because now a day’s no one likes to tolerate the attitude of people even you are so great. Thank god ! Harsh is too good with his readers and with his fellow bloggers too and it is one of the reason for his success.

Doing mistakes is human nature and its true that we can’t learn anything without doing mistakes. But doing mistakes mainly in professional field may create problems. So keep watch on your mistakes and try to reduce them as much as possible. By the end, to make your readers hate or not to hate your blog is in your hand.

Do let us know what factors makes a blog annoying and irritating? What elements a blog should have to make it reader friendly?

This is a guest post by Rudraskh from TekDig. If you would like to write for ShoutMeLoud, check our guest posting guidelines.

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COMMENTs ( 10 )

  1. says

    Readers hate when a blog has bad posting frequency, blog owners should concentrate on that. Also they should concentrate on their niche and write articles accordingly. :)

  2. ProTechGeek says

    As Manish Said Sponsored post should not be present. I support him.

    And Main thing: Content must be clear and to the point.

  3. Vishal Srivastava says

    Nice article But the most big point for hate game is just talking about irrelevent thing than What the visitor is expectinh. What ever it may be a sponserd post or a poorly crafted post having a lot of errors. For example i blog about biology research and higher education and laboratory skills But visitor will show His frown if i will start posting about technology and mobile.
    But to show hate at Least a person is required What will be about an abandoned blog have no visitors. First thing is to improve your blog is to write quality post and generate traffic.

  4. Manish says

    Thanks Rudraksh, for telling us to avoid these mistakes. I think Ram is right, sponsored post are really hated.

  5. Rudraksh Pathak says

    You are right Ram, sponsored posts acts like a bug, until they are integrated in a post body.

  6. Ram Kumar says

    Nice points Rudraksh. There are few more things that can affect the readers, you have pointed out about deviating from the topic in the post, with irrelevant points, but to the surprise many blog posts itself are out of topic. One more thing is sponsored post – these are really hated by readers, unless you could blend them in with regular posts.

  7. Ehsan says

    Hey Rudraksh,

    Thanks for sharing your insights on this topic. Producing content irregularly is something new for me.

  8. Sandip Bhagat says

    The points mentioned here are right. We should have always clear concept and so explain the readers a very simple concept…
    I think producing large content is not good as the readers don’t want to read those lengthy posts instead video blogging will give it a high value. It will be an interactive and entertaining way to see the video posts instead of traditional textual posts..

  9. Gautham Nekkanti says

    Great article, you pointed the facts very clear. Developing a reader base and decrease bounce rate is the primary objective of budding bloggers