Huge List of 35 Free Online Tools to Create Favicon

Icons are the key to express the message to the visitors. Favicons are must for any website or blog, even if it is newly started one and it plays a major role in branding a website. How does it brand a website ? we should always maintain a separate brand for our website or blog. Suppose, If visitors come across any similar name or image, he/she should remember the brand of our website. On this way, it will create a high impact on the readers.

Websites to Create Favicon

Today, we have some awesome tools which will let you create Favicon and add another level of branding to your site. You can see the favicons displayed along with the site name in tabs. It is also used in bookmarks. So that, you can quickly grab the website from your bookmarks bar.

Create Favicon with these Useful Free Sites:

Dynamicdrive favicon




Degraeve favicon

Shaheeilyas Favicon

Shaheeilyas Favicon



Favicon Generator

Favicon Generator

Favicon Editor


After creating the favicons, it is very easy to add favicons to your websites. Just upload the .ico image to root directory (top directory of your website) via FTP. If you have any similar tools for creating favicon, do share it with us ! Meanwhile if you like the post, feel free to tweet and stumble this post.

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  1. Mayur Somani says

    You forgot to mention ifavicon. Its the best favicon related service in my opinion. You can create, grab and validate favicon there. Check it at

  2. Zaheer says

    Thanks for this excellent list. I’ve been using for a while but will give these other services a try for my upcoming projects.

  3. Gojeg says

    Useful list dude..
    Maybe I should try those services.. :D
    BTW, I still like Blogger favicon on my blog.. :P

  4. SmashinGeeks says

    Great List but i liked the favic, thanks for sharing on editor most, however nice sharing…

    • NpXp says has been my favorite since a very long time.

      Of course my blog’s favicon is done through that. It’s very easy and gives you a nice feeling when you have your own creation up on your blog.