How to Tweet Effectively to Drive Traffic?

Most people think driving traffic from Twitter will be as easy as posting their latest blog posts, and that all you need to do is get a few hundred (even thousand) followers and that they’ll click on anything you post, and that’s just not the case. Unless you have a very community based Twitter account then you have a chance of getting around 10-20 clicks, but this quick ‘How to tweet effectively‘ tutorial will teach you how I get 50-200 clicks per tweet with these simple tips…

Twitter to Drive Traffic

Getting the Basics of Tweeting Effectively…

First off we need to look at it from a marketer’s perspective, a good marketer would see 140 characters as a challenge, and that’s how you’ll have to view it.

  • How to Write it
  • So how would a marketer write about his latest post entitled: Making Money Online
  • Well he’d look at…
  • How many steps there are in the tutorial: Let’s say there’s 5. we’ll use this is the tweet.
  • What’s the end result/objective: let’s say $600 in 1 week, we’ll use this in the future tense (you’ll see what I mean later on.)

Now you’ve got the details, we need to find out how to set out your tweet.

Now let’s turn that into the perfect tweet title…

Follow These Simple 5 Steps to Make $600 Online Just 1 Week

As you can see, I’ve:

  • I told my followers to do something. This is very, very effective, it makes them feel more secure about clicking on the link.
  • I told them it was simple enough for them to achieve.
  • I told them there was 5 steps. People like to plan things out in their heads so reading 5 steps… they are again more obliged to click on the link.
  • I told them how long it would take, this is again in relation to the fact people like to plan things out and follow instructions.
  • I told them they would make money. that’s telling them the end result before it happens making them feel secure about click the link.

Setting Out your Tweet…

This may not seem like much of a big deal but it is, there are a few methods of writing out your tweets, I’ll show you the most effective:


So let’s add our title and link into the template.

Follow These Simple 5 Steps to Make $600 Online Just 1 Week…

Now we need to get rid of all the capital letters other than the first.

Follow these simple 5 steps to make $600 online just 1 week…

Simple right?

I hope these tips will help you to tweet effectively and to drive more traffic to your business. If you have more input and suggestions, shoot it via comments.

Now you’ve got the hang of tweeting , now all your  need targeted followers. You should read:

If you have to give one twitter tip to others, what would be that? Do let us know via comment.

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Adam Smith is a teenage blogger who specialises in social networking and social media, founder of Social Puma which helps people drive traffic from social networks.


COMMENTs ( 11 )

  1. Adil says

    Nice post Adam. You meant to say that we should be very specific in our 140 words and hit stone right at the top by communicating benefit that people can get from our post.

  2. Avinash says

    Adam, Timely is a another webapp which one could try to schedule and post tweets at the peak hours which could give more reach to our tweets.

  3. Nihar says

    Thanks for the great post.

    I have to admit that i have never got even 20 visitors from twitter after tweeting about the latest post (even having 200+ followers)

    Why? and how to get them to land on my page?

  4. Geet | HobbyPainting says

    Adam…Effective tips…had never given so much thoughts before tweeting. Learned a lot. Thanks.

  5. Vivek Parmar says

    Nice tip already using them and having followers thrice as i’m following (thanks a lot). one question you’ve said about how to tweet and i use hashtags in tweets does it make any difference??

    • SocialPuma says

      I don’t really use hashtags so I wouldn’t know. I immagine it wouldn’t make much of a difference if you add it/them at the end of the tweet.

  6. Phil says

    Nice helpful tips Adam.

    I usually set my tweets out how you have recommended in this article, but sometimes I don’t remove the capitals, maybe I should.

    Thanks again! :)

  7. Ileane says

    Hi Adam,

    Thanks for these tips. One thing I’m concerned about is this – normally the tweet reflects the title of your post, so should you use lower case on your actual blog posts. Because when other’s retweet you, this will make a difference right?

    I think this will also be a problem if you are automating your tweets with SocialOmph or Twitterfeed (I don’t use these but many people do).

    Let me know what you think.

    • SocialPuma says


      Your twitter profile is meant to be a personal non formal method of communicating with people, but your blog is more formal so we use uppercase.

      People will retweet whatever you post so it doesn’t matter.

      PS. hope that didn’t sound too patronizing :)