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  • Yeah quick support is key of successful business. Well written post Mahezabin Malida.
    Ravindra Paradhi

    • Yup! I agree to your point @Ravindra. Quick Support is key of successful business. It is beneficial to both the parties. Consumer and provider because if Company is providing good support then that will create positive impact on customer’s mind and as customer will get quick response it’s anyhow going to helpful to him/her.

  • I thought I knew it all but I learned a few new things today. This will help me out on support requests for sure.

    • Good Luck @Akshaykattam for next time implementing these tips. It will be great if these tips can help you in getting quick support.

  • Hi malida,
    It was a awesome post, many of us face this problem one day or the other and we get fed-up with the support team, it was happened with me too, thanks for sharing the post, i’ll definetley implement the above mentioned tips.

  • Awesome JOB, Mahezabin ^_^

    Thanks for the deep down details,
    You were right, sometimes they don’t reply and we started feeling lost.



    Really your words have power to convince every customer support service to solve your issue at the first. Really it can help us a lot when something went down 🙂

    Thanks a lot!

  • MAHEZABIN MALIDA really thanks for your awsome post. I never face this peoblem before but, I know what I have to do or not if I stuck into it because only of you.
    Really Thanks!
    Keep blogging… : )

    • Thank You @Akshay. I hope you never have to face this problem but don;t forget this tips if you have to write a support request e-mail,

  • Hey, This is the subject most of the bloggers don’t give priority to. Well, I want to ask one question here. Do you have any experience like you didn’t mention the exact problem and vendor have skipped your email? It didn’t happen with me. When we need urgent help, we can’t waste the time in writing a lengthy email mentioning all the possible solutions that I have tried and the comprehensive problem description. I would only go with the live support. If any service doesn’t offer live support, better to skip that


  • Thanks for writing about this topic which really uncommon and untouched. Hope this will help a lot of people. You need to be a good customer to get good service. Thanks.

  • This is really really cool and the best thing I read today. I liked especially the one that goes as Don’t forget to mention the efforts you already have put because normally we just type the mail and hit on send but then that is not the exact intention, we need the issue to be resolved so putting some time here really helps.. Thank you for creating an article here. Cheers!

  • Hi

    I’ve also done few of the don’t’s above. Yeah really the way you mentioned will work and it’s also right.

    Thank you for such a write up.


  • i liked the post really because i myself have this issues in real life and it sucks to be unheard or your problem not getting fixed on one call. Would really follow the strategic steps given to get any problem fixed asap. Good luck to the writer.

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