How to Write Blog Posts That Will Make You Stand Out

A nice blog post is considered to be one which satisfies three conditions highly informative, well optimized for search engines and you should be content with what you have produced.


stand out from the crowd

Stand out from the crowd

With a million articles being published every day and hence it gets very difficult to get your content stand out from the crowd. So here are 3 ways which you can utilize to make your content worth the exposure you expect.

Optimize it for your readers

You may get tons of traffic to your content but if it is not designed to look appealing to the real readers then all you did to gain that traffic was nothing. Therefore, you need to first optimize your content for your readers before you optimize it for search engines.

Readers are pretty busy people

Readers are pretty busy people

Here are some ways by which you can optimize your blogpost for your readers:

Create unique and catchy headlines

Title is the first impression of your content that your reader gets. Therefore it is immensely important to make it as catchy and attention drawing as you can.
Write titles that either ask a question like :

“How to write compelling content ?”

or which creates some curiosity among your readers like :

“The Un-Sexy Truth About Making Money Blogging”.

Create content which is easy to understand and comprehensible.

  • Format your posts : This can be done by using different formatting options like subheadings, lists and text styles like bold & italics .
  • Divide your article into modules : Divide your article into short paragraphs, each para containing information about a specific subtopic. This makes it easier for readers to read and understand.

Just don’t stick to text

Everybody hates reading huge chunks of text without any amusing elements like images. Integrate related images and videos to support your text and help your readers understand and relate what you want to convey in a better way.

This helps your reader get a better reading experience and can make them subscribe to your blog.

Optimize it for search engines

Well good content and search engine optimization go hand in hand. Search engine optimization is a process and the more you optimize your content the higher will it rank in search engines.



The places which you can use to optimize your content for search engines and get the expected exposure and traffic are :

  • Title : Title is the first thing that search engines look for while indexing your web pages. Try to integrate keywords at the initials of your title.
  • Link : If your title doesn’t has a keyword in it then the search engines go for the URL of the post. You can integrate keywords as per your choice here as it is generally hidden from your readers.
  • Content : Keep your keyword density in your content at about 1-2% along with relevant keywords. This is a recommended percentage of keyword density and to make sure you do not exceed this limit.

Moreover, you can make use of other things like tags, categories to make it more clear what your article is about and how should the search engine index it.

Make your content social

Let your readers engage into discussions, ask for their feedback and write something to which your readers can respond and there can be a series of discussions. Your every reader has the ability to teach you something new, reply to their comments, help them by solving their queries, appreciate their feedback.

Promote reader interaction in every way you can, just make sure your readers are enjoying their stay at your blog and you’ll see your content getting spread like forest fire.

Well give it a try, I can assure you that you’ll find yourself producing content which you might not have experienced till now. And if you already practice these tips do tell us how are they working out for you.

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  1. Rafaqat says

    thanks for the guide to become a successful blogger. I think there is one thing and that is seo optimized post title,because we should have the post both for the readers and the spiders or bots in order to get organic traffic.

  2. Rahul @ MazaKaro says

    First of all , i liked the pictures and you remind me…., actually i have been reading something about the image and how it makes readers carry on with communicating with you by reading of course :), i would say your strategy is very interesting and i share it with you still experience is on the top so you will be very successful , but that will take some time !!

  3. mra says

    Good suggestion to optimize for SE. Liked the tips to embed keywords in Article and Link. Thanks for sharing info.

  4. Kimi says

    Hey Karan,

    Great share, at first i started blogging, i had terrible post formats.

    Once i commented in a website, and the author visited my site, she said, i should gave some pharagraphs to my posts.

    I have tried it, and indeed it looked much better, some small stuff like this is often forgotten.

    Thanks for your awesome advices.

    • Techfudge says

      Thank you for commenting Kimi and thanks for appreciation.
      It is this appreciation that keeps me going and inspires me.

  5. Roy Scribner says

    Good points, Karan. I think it is easy to lose site of why we write articles – we do it to help someone solve a problem. Even humor solves a problem, when you think about it :)

    It is useful to have a friend read your article, before you post it. This is not always doable, but even if you can only do it once-in-awhile, it gives you good feedback from an independent source and will hopefully help with the rest of your content.

    • Techfudge says

      Well having it read by others before actually hitting the publish button is always a great option. It just helps you to overcome errors, if any.

  6. aks says

    I have a question in my mind.
    I have seen many blogs writing full post title in Capital and by doing this they are successful in attracting google users in search results.
    Is there any fault in seo by doing so?
    I am asking Harsh too.

  7. hubpk says

    karan Nice post sharing.Firstly try to write a good/nice article then SEO of this are absolutely right.

  8. Amit Sharma says

    I’m gonna try this keyword density checker wordpress plugin. Does it help? Did you feel significant improvement in search engine traffic on your blog?

  9. Thiru says

    Happy to see your guest post here karan. Nice suggestion and blogger never lose their identity to get unique position among all blogger crowd.