How to Write Content That Google will Love [Panda World]

Last year, when Google panda striked the blog-sphere, it was a terrible moment for many Webmasters. Many content writer lost their job and with latest Penguin update, many SEO’s and link builders are about to lose their job. Now, with the way SEO is changing, for a newbie and young Blogger, Recession proof Profession might not be the same. I’m not going to scare you here, as Google is not really an evil and one who has followed all quality guidelines from Google and maintaining all white-hat SEO practices, will not only survive but in coming days, his website will be better in terms of traffic and search visibility.

Though, this article is targeted for people who is affected by Google Panda updates and still not recovered from Google panda penalty. One of the main aim of Panda was to kick out content farm and improve the visibility of quality blogs. If you are completely new to Panda, Panda is one of those Google algorithm changes which they launched in Feb 2011. This update, affected the search engine results by 12%. Google search engineering team performed each year more than 500-600 changes in algorithm, and panda is part of one of those updates.

What is Google Panda Content:

There is no technical term like Google panda content, but since Panda update quality content is most talked term. People often confuse Panda content as long content and think short content can’t rank. If that’s true: How do you think dictionary word meanings rank so well in Google search. The idea is your post should be meaningful and add value. More over, there are many other signals that is covered to rank an article.

One common mistake which people do with filler article is, they let the quality go and publish 3-4 article/day to update their blog. Believe it, 1 quality article a day is always better than 5 average articles. As one quality content will let you get more social media share and natural back links. Where as, few low quality content may lead to complete Google panda penalty of your site.

Now, Google penguin is out, but signals which Panda algo used to devalued or derank a site, it still exist and you have to make sure your blog is providing quality and adding value in every sense. Anyhow, I’m sure “How to recover from Google Panda” must be good enough for many to get out of Panda penalty world and give a new birth to your penalize domain. In this article I will be talking about some more points on writing Google panda content that Google loves

While it is true that Google is always custom-obvious-not to reveal secrets of their major updates or changes to the algorithm, it is possible that in certain cases, to guide us on what would be important for their robots from changes .

How to Write content that Google Panda Will not Hate

This guide is not for those who are directly looking to rank in Google first page without good content, but it’s for those legit Bloggers and webmasters who are working day and night to produce useful content but still not getting enough traffic from Google search. Well, these tips which I have mentioned will help you to optimize your content for future updates too.

Always write quality content , original and new :

Try to give something new to your readers and add your own voice. When you cover a topic, cover it in complete details and insight. Add videos, slideshow and what ever you can to make the content more meaningful. If you are hiring Freelance writers, make sure your writers doesn’t just rewrite existing content. Instead, hire people who are expert and keep an interest in your niche and outsource work from them.

Bold and Italics:

Highlights those elements most important text in bold and italics . It is worth highlight only keywords within the content. This not only help search engine bots but from reader perspective, they don’t miss out important points. Similarly, when ever you are using LSI Words, use bold and italics to highlight them.

Target Content for readers:

Write the contents of your readers in mind , offering quality articles, but without losing sight of optimization in each paragraph must do to obtain the best possible position in search engines.

Use Proper heading tags:

Highlight titles with the appropriate label for the main title of the article, for descriptive subtitle that serve more information to the user, and for titles of paragraphs that expand the information post. Of course, use them only when due. Include your Keywords in a meaningful way.

Also by adding heading, you will make your content readable and scannable. Now only write Killer post title, but also make your sub-heading catchy and meaningful.

Avoid Plagiarism: 

Please do not copy content from other sites . Either directly or through the capture of feeds. It costs you nothing to write an original and novel. And if you can not, hire someone to do or just being another thing: do not know how annoying that you copied, and Google hates duplicate content in their index. If you have copied article from other blog in past or in your starting days, get rid of them to avoid any penalty in future or to lower down the impact of current penalty.

Credit the source:

One of the mistake which newbie makes is not by giving credit to the source. For example, if you are giving any statictical data or something which needs prove in term of graph or case-study, people never credit the source or If you take the information from other sites, always quote the source including a link to the source Web page .

Read: How outbound link helps in SEO

Feel free to link out (Quality sites And pages only) and cite your information source when ever required.

Nofollow link Attribute:

Use the tag rel = “nofollow” for links that you think really needed: when you want to transfer PR, when it comes to buying / selling links, in the case of an exchange of links …

Post Images for SEO and traffic:

Images not only helps in adding more beauty and speaks thousands words, but it also helps in making your content more SEO. Keyword in Alt text of image, helps in better ranking and more over if you are doing Image SEO optimization properly, your chances of getting traffic from image searches will be higher.

Avoid post duplication:

Avoid posting several articles on the same theme : a lot more raw now write articles from more than 300 words that are complete and provide as much information as possible. Therefore, it prevents publishing many articles on issues identical to increase traffic, you can take a bad surprise.

Social media Buttons: Increase sharing

Believe it or not, Social media sharing have great impact on search engine ranking. Specially Google plus have great impact and in recent case study on Social sharing effect, it’s shown that Google plus votes helps in boosting your ranking to great extent. Not only sharing, but when your page gets more followers it improves your brand visibility. So, if you have not yet implemented sharing buttons, it’s high time that you should add it now. For WordPress, you can use Monarch plugin which makes it easier to add sharing buttons on your blog.

Many people, who doesn’t take traffic drop or page rank drop seriously, have you ever thought why your site is impacted where as other sites are gaining traffic? Are you missing some points or the way you have been blogging, is not right?  Think and find out the missing spots.

Well, these are just some of those post Panda good content writing tips I can think of. You should also read: Post panda SEO guide for Bloggers, to get more insight on the same.

I would love to know your opinion and tips on, how are you optimizing your content after SEO has changed completely ?

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COMMENTs ( 7 )

  1. Altair Goh says

    Writing quality contents with the readers in mind, is one of the surest way of getting a healthy stream of readers to your website / blog. Using targeted keywords to capture our readers’ area of interest would enable optimization with the best possible positions in search engines.

  2. Mohit says

    In my believe the content if written (May be Inherited from another Source) but if written keeping your view in mind. How you see things from your eye. Makes site not only pull lot of attention as well as writing quality comments is very important. I keep repeating it in my various comments across all blogs and even in my blog with reason that I see still people in blog-sphere are taking commenting as side job. But believe me if a comment for a post in mind is Awesome, fantastic, great job nothing else better don’t write.

    Consider commenting as your own post. You concentrate so hard in writing post but if you are commenting well. I am sure you are loosing (Page Rank, Traffic and Blog Reputation).

    In Short “Search engine will find you…But first let the readers find your blog interesting.”

  3. maahir says

    what is new in this ? earlier also all these were very significant aspects of search engine friendly content , are you trying to say that all these become must have attribute after panda ?

  4. rakesh kumar says

    Now one thing i have noticed in your articles – They contains descriptive and detailed information on any given topic and i think this is this is the best way to beat the panda or penguin. Am i right?

  5. Devesh says

    If you really want to write for Google Panda, better write for your readers / audience. The best way to get ranked in search engines is by writing high quality content for your readers and building quality links.

    Great stuff.

  6. Shekhar says

    Panda has definitely been the center stage past couple of months. This post will make things more clearer for many a people.

  7. Cyclotrone says

    really informative post!!
    i m working on a freebies India site and the content of each post is near to 50 words+images+link of the freebie.

    is dis have a bad effect in view of Panda?
    my site was really affected by page layout algorithm and the traffic went almost 0ne fourth