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I receive almost 100’s of comments every day and needless to say many of them are spam which is catched by Akismet but many times, few people uses the fake Email address or use those Email address which doesn’t exist to comment. I don’t see any point in accepting comments from Emails which doesn’t even exist and in most of the cases such comments are bogus or added just to add negative impression. For example, you added a nice review of a software and you see a comment saying “This software is bogus and blah blah.” most of the time it’s done by a rival company user or by another spam user. Now, in most of the time you stay in dilemma of accepting or rejecting such comment. One quick solution is to verify Email address existence and if it does you can accept such comment, as in most of the cases it will be legit and authentic.

How to verify Email address Existence:

There are three ways by which you can verify the existence of an Email address and I will list down all three. My favorite method is point 1 and 2 and if you don’t mind using Telnet command, you can try third method too.

Use :

This is a Website which will let you check many free Email services like Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail Email for their existence. In most of the cases, this website gives genuine result but in case of certain Email services which doesn’t allow free reverse Email lookup, you will not be able to check if Email address exists or not. Simply go to this page and enter the Email address you wish to verify, click on Go and you can see if that email address exists or doesn;t exists. Here is a screenshot of a successful free reverse Email look up of a Gmail Email address:

Email address exists

In this case I used a Google apps Email address and I also verified the same with Yahoo and Gmail Email addresses, and it worked fine. I also entered with one non-existence Email address and it gave me “unknown – Some service can not allow to check Email” prompt. Do remember, accuracy of this service can’t be determined 100% as few services doesn’t allow you to check Email address lookup.


This is for WordPress Blogs only and if you have gravatar enabled from Settings > Discussion and if user is using to add image to his Email, you will be most likely to get an image. Again, this is not perfect way to check Email address, as many users still don’t use to add images to their Email address. But in the context of Blog commenting, if you see an image associated with an Email address, you can be sure of that Email address is legit.

Check Email address without sending an Email:

This is a geeky way and it works with command prompt and telnet. You can read the complete procedure here.

Of all the point, first point I mentioned above is the best and easy to check an Email address and for Bloggers, you can keep point 2 in your mind. Point 3 is for programmer and you can easily code it to create your own Email checker script. If not now, you will be finding very useful in coming days. Do remember, even some of the Temporary Email addresses and disposable Email addresses also give positive results for reverse Email lookup.

If you wish to learn something more and new, I recommend you to learn about reverse image lookup, which will let you see if an image is original or copied.

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  1. Nizam Khan says

    Awesome post! Well, from all the 3 methods listed above, the first method is quick and easy. Thanks Harsh for this excellent info :)

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