How To Use WordPress Forums For WordPress Troubleshooting

Wordpress forums

You have just made a blog in WordPress or already have a WordPress blog and have problems that are daunting to you as you are not a web designer.
Where do you go first-The answer is WordPress support forums.

After you are at the WordPress forum you may ask your questions,but to get your question answered you need to follow some really simply rules to make sure that you questions are answered.

  1. Search for you question and make sure that if the question that you have has already been answered or not.
  2. Try and make some effort from your side ,as the WordPress forums are really busy and after all no one is  getting paid.
  3. In case you are using the free service please do not ask your question in the WordPress forums as these forums basically meant for the self hosted blogs that use WordPress.
  4. Don’t ask the same question in different sections of the WordPress forums instead just post it one section that is fits best to your question.
  5. Try and be as Precise with your questions content and it heading.
  6. Leave a link to your blog  and the version of WordPress that a you are using if you are asked by some one or if you think that their is some thing wrong with coding of your blog.
  7. In case you are having some problem with a theme or a plugin,its best to ask the question in the theme or plugins author blog -This will increase the chances a lot of your query being answered.
  8. In your question make sure to include the methods you have tried to solve your problem.
  9. In the end if you happen to know of a bug in your WordPress installation ,do report here and of course to us as well ,as this will certainly make wordpress a better blogging platform.
  10. Last but not the least if you are using a self hosted WordPress blog at some point you will need to learn some coding(tits and bits).

In case you need a quick solution to your WordPress related issue, you can hire us for your issue and we will get back to you within no time.

What do you do when you face issue with your wordpress hosted blog?

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  1. Loudable says

    Nice post for people who run around for solutions to their problems related to WP. Forums are the best place to get your problems addressed.

  2. mpchekuri says

    Hi! Shaoib
    Forum support in wordpress is nice and i had posted a question in forum but did not get a right answer. What is the best way to post questions in wordpress forum to get right answers. I had asked in forum that how would i set my own theme for my wordpress blog hosted by Can you tell me?