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How to use UltraSurf Proxy to UnBlock Websites

How to use UltraSurf Proxy to UnBlock Websites

Ultrasurf has been come out as one of the best proxy software solution to Unblock websites. Though, many newbies have problem configuring Ultrasurf and here in this guide I will explain how to use Ultrasurf Proxy software.

We have already covered lots of topic on how to unblock any blocked website. I will quickly summarize them for your reference :

Since January 2009 Freegate proxy software is no more free. One of the best alternative to Freegate is ultra surf.

Ultra surf is easy to use and configure.

Step by step guide to configure Ultrasurf proxy software

1> Download ultra surf from official website . If Zip file is blocked in your office or college use my previous post on How to download at work to download ultra surf.

2. Open Ultra surf , if you are connected directly then it will automatically configure your Internet explorer to use proxy. In case if you are connected via a proxy firewall follow this step

3. Ultrasurf > Settings> Proxy settings > manual proxy settings.

Enter your proxy settings. In this tutorial I’m considering proxy as



Click on ok.

Now configure your favorite browser setting to use proxy as

4. If you are using Mozilla Firefox , click on Tools > Options > Network > Settings and enter the above mentioned proxy.

If you have followed all the steps correctly, you will be able to unblock any website using ultra surf.

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  • Jeanne

    Hi all,
    I am using Ultrasurf succesfully in my company for unblocking sites, but i tried to run Sharekhan’s trade tiger program with the option in it for the proxy settings,.. I have used and 9666, but it also asks for username and password, .. Can anyone help on thiss…

  • Balram

    I use latest version of ultrasurf i.e. 13.01 but it can’t able to connect server in my college which have sonicwall firewall.I want to tell you that 1year before ultrasurf worked but now its failed . i think they blocked it. Is there any way to unblock it

  • lincolnola

    Dear All,
    I use ultrsurf12.08 and whenever I launch it, error message pops up, “An error has occured, ultrasurf must exit, please restart.”
    Please all effort to get rid of this error proves abortive, kindly help me with any working solution.
    my platform is window 7 ultimate and I use avast AV.

  • ankit

    I am working in organisation where games sites are blocked by proxy. I used to play MMO games. I used Ultra Surf 13.10 to play MMO games and it worked nicely 2 months earlier. Now i face problem as ultra surf doesn’t provide continous connection as the game site is disconnect and reconnect automatically after 30 sec due to which i have to refresh it everytime.

    Ultrasurf uses 9666 as an IP and the port used my organisation is 3128.

    Can anyone help me in this matter or any other proxy server which i used in place of ultra surf without being known by anyone….

  • Creator

    I need help to bypass my organisation proxy server to play MMO game online from work place. I used Ultra Surf 13.01 to bypass the server. It bypass the server but the problem is that the continuation of the game is not stable. The game site is disconnect and reconnect automatically in 30 sec which leads me to refresh the window again and again.

    ultrasurf uses as an IP

    Earlier also i played the mmo game thorugh ultra surf and i faced no problem in that but now it create problem.

    My organisation using port 3128.

    Can anybody help me to pass the proxy server of my organisation and how i can play the MMO game.

  • fggh

    ultrasurf is really too slow.. download speeds are still worse than the normal rate.. can we able to increase the speed ?

  • mohit

    in our college, torrent is blocked by administrator by setting manual proxy in the main server. settings- port- 3128. how can i unblock torrent or website by using ultra-surf.. please help me !!

  • jovelle

    The ultrasurf can’t connect to the server. Im so pissed that all social networking sites arent available in the office :(

  • vivek

    yar m not able to get connected through ultra surf…. tell me some other proxy server or site or tell me whr to complaint regarding the problem to ultrasurf so that it could b resolved if any with that…….

  • Irfan

    I have a problem and will be very thankful if anyone solves it. I am manual proxy settings user.i am using a messenger called imvu.its does’nt work correctly under manual proxy settings. can i use ultrasurf something other like that to solve this problem.

  • ytuy

    when i use ultrasurf it says error please restart..i did restart and it says the same thing!! any solutions?

  • Lucifer

    “The URL aint supported”. its because of some contracts between UltraSurf and some countries like Iran. when the government gets afraid of cunts over the internet , this will happen. you cant do anything with ultrsrf or fg. i recommend you to buy a VPN (Virtual Private Network) and enjoy :)

  • Tech Maish

    In our University i am not able to open some website. Like, youtube, facebook and social media related website. They are using a type of software in there server.
    Harsh can i use this software to unblock the websites. Torrent is also not working there.

  • javad

    The requested URL is not supported

    what is this??
    please help me

  • arrizz

    Wow I already used it and I found it really helpful. Thanks for the sharing. By the way, is there any side effects using this ultrasurf software?

  • Shardpiece

    sadly, i can’t access youtube’s inbox through this. Facebook works fine but i wanted to have free acess to youtube as i have an account there. :/.
    It freezes and refuses to download further when i click on my inbox. :/.

  • Vkoe

    i have the setps still no acess toblocked site from my office.

    I even download ultrasurf from home, change the proxy to 170.0.01 9666, still no result.

    I using IE. Any advise.Thks

  • neer

    is hotspot shield also a proxy software???? help me out.. i am afraid if i use any proxy software and admin catches me then will my ip address be prohibited from using wifi?? Nebero system is installed as firewall

  • josh

    im in high school and it worked for around 2 weeks bu tthe school blocked it :/

  • Mokube justin

    Thank for the information i read on the site i am impressed, i have a problem troubling me with ultra surf.
    > How can i use another IP when working with Mozilla Firefox to unblock websites when working with ultra surf, this because ultra surf has an IP which when working with Mozilla i really do know where add another IP.
    > How can i increased my speed.
    > I need to know about the latest free software’s that i can use instead of ultra surf

  • Rahul

    Hi, thanks for this post.
    we used this proxy a lot. but now this software is not working. our college blocking system is hightech. now a daya i am using tech-faq for latest proxy.

  • Tech @ InkAPoint

    You can also use and services. But this one is pretty good for home systems.


    • Harsh Agrawal

      This is good for any place because the size of the software is in KB’s.

  • ksbnok

    Java Anonymous Proxy – JAP is another cool proxy software which is considered faster than other proxy softwares I have used it so I know it works better than any other software and also because JAP is a research project, it is continuously being further developed.

    • Harsh Agrawal

      You are right Shahsank,
      Jap is also a cool software but the downside is their free servers are very slow. Infact Your-freedom is much better then JAP. Atleast your-Freedom give 8KBPS of constant speed. Though I miss freegate the most. It has blazing speed, but it’s no more free :(

  • Rohit

    What abt if Ultrasurf has been blocked by college? When opening US, it shows Couldn’t connect to server

    • Harsh Agrawal

      If it is, you can always go for other alternative like

      • VCAM

        hey please tell how to use your freedom….
        I do have a full version of same and wana try same.
        I tried but I couldn’t get how to use it.
        My college uses a proxy so tried to enter same in it but all in vain.
        Though ultra surf is working but wana try your freedom…………

  • Simran

    I used to surf internet in my college using Ultrasurf. Its best way to surf internet where internet access is blocked.

    • Blondie Net

      I used to use ultrasurf too but now our IT has changed by setting the network IP address on the manual setting, that will not allow any other change of setting on Mozilla.
      Please help

  • Honey Singh

    This post reminds me of “squid proxy server” and the “dansgaurdian” network monitor.
    Reminds me of old story when i used to watch the every network of my college(remotely via putty) and most of the porn and wares sites were banned in the college but ultrasuft was the only way to bypass the proxyserver.
    Later we find that ultrasurf uses “” as an IP thats why it creates problem in blocking it in the network though from the logs files of the dansgaurdian MIME types like “*.rar,*.mp3,*.zip ” and many others were banned.
    Some time when i was in the mood to fun and have free time then i use to watch the live network of students via putty terminal.Sometimes ban the student who is using so bandwidth in downloading movies,sometimes watching what girls are visiting most and sometime masquerade my IP and stop the squid server (by cmd in linux “sytem service squid stop” ) for other,this gives me the downloading speed of more than 800Kbps.

    • Harsh Agrawal

      Guess what honey if you notice the proxy IP and port which I have taken as an example is the same which I used to set up Linux proxy server in my college.
      Later on my Network admin took over the control after completing his RHCA course and then I used to play with him a lot using Cain and Abel software and taking the server on remote using Putty.

      Your last point reminded me of my gala time in college when I used to do the same thing. I used to create a ACL for the 4 hours in night so that I can use all 4 MBPS Internet speed for my IP. Sounds very unethical now those days I enjoyed it a lot . :)

      • Honey Singh

        Gone are the days.
        Anyways college life is still memorable.

    • bhaa

      dear Honey Singh,
      can u plz tell me hw to use putty to check out wat my frnds are doing?
      i hv dwnloded putty from

      i appreciate ur reply in advance!


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