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How to use UltraSurf Proxy to UnBlock Websites

How to use UltraSurf Proxy to UnBlock Websites

Ultrasurf has been come out as one of the best proxy software solution to Unblock websites. Though, many newbies have problem configuring Ultrasurf and here in this guide I will explain how to use Ultrasurf Proxy software.

We have already covered lots of topic on how to unblock any blocked website. I will quickly summarize them for your reference :

Since January 2009 Freegate proxy software is no more free. One of the best alternative to Freegate is ultra surf.

Ultra surf is easy to use and configure.

Step by step guide to configure Ultrasurf proxy software

1> Download ultra surf from official website . If Zip file is blocked in your office or college use my previous post on How to download at work to download ultra surf.

2. Open Ultra surf , if you are connected directly then it will automatically configure your Internet explorer to use proxy. In case if you are connected via a proxy firewall follow this step

3. Ultrasurf > Settings> Proxy settings > manual proxy settings.

Enter your proxy settings. In this tutorial I’m considering proxy as

ultra surf 1 thumb

ultra surf proxy thumb

Click on ok.

Now configure your favorite browser setting to use proxy as

4. If you are using Mozilla Firefox , click on Tools > Options > Network > Settings and enter the above mentioned proxy.

If you have followed all the steps correctly, you will be able to unblock any website using ultra surf.

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