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How to Use Team Viewer Remote Sharing Software

How to Use Team Viewer Remote Sharing Software

Remote assistance and remote screen sharing are very important at many time. My sister is new to internet and computer and I often have to teach them many thing over the internet. I have searched for some of the best screen sharing solutions and I came across Team viewer.

Team viewer is a free to use remote screen sharing software for non commercial and personal use. The software is very easy to use and you can easily take control of your friend PC using team viewer. This software is available on all the major OS, that includes Windows, Linux, Mac OS. Team viewer iPhone and Android app are also available, which made connecting to your PC from smart phone easy.

How to use Team viewer?

This guide will help you to set up Teamviewer and if you have not yet downloaded Teamviewer, here is the download link. Download and install Team-viewer set up:

The normal installation process is simple and once you will run the setup file it will give you two options :

  • Install
  • Run

If you going to use The team viewer frequently, install it else run the software. In my case I click on Run. Now on the next screen you will see ID and password on the left hand side and create session ID on the right side.

The id and password given on the left hand side, you need to give it to your partner. In case if you want him to take control of your PC.

You can use Team viewer for :

  • Remote Support
  • Presentation
  • File transfer
  • VPN connection

How to Connect to other Teamviewer user?

Create Session, right hand side is use to connect to your partner computer. You need to ask him for the partner ID and password given under the Wait for Session (left screen). Once you have his ID and password. Enter his ID into Create session box and on the next pop up enter his password.

By Entering his password , you will be able to see his computer screen. and you can do everything on his computer. The best thing is your partner can also see what you are doing on his screen and both of you can work together. This is good for some college presentation, mind mapping or such stuff which need group work.

Make sure you use its free version for non commercial use, for paid version, you need to buy this software. Though for smooth working of team viewer , you need a broadband connection. Why don’t you check your internet speed, and in case if your speed is slow, Increase your Internet speed by 20%.

I hope this newbie guide to use Teamviewer will help you to get started with this useful software?

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  • MCcoy

    I use teamviewer at work and can surely say that it’s a good product. Free version is very popular but too limited for professional work. Pro version is very high priced. Their ” lifetime licenses” seem to be false because they take money for each upgrade and that’s an additional annual fee.
    I would recommend a couple of cost-effective alternatives. The first one would be Logmein which is highly recommended by IT specialists. Logmein has great reputation but loses in “price option”. It’s price corresponds to all of numerous functions of this software.
    Techinline is reliable and cost-effective alternative which I’m using at home. The main features are simplicity and price. It has all necessary functions and works stable.
    hope, this could be helpful.

  • Milan Žák

    Hello, I want to ask, how can I cancel poping up window with “email submit” after I close program. Using non-comercial, free version.

  • Stefan

    Great tool when you should help a friend with a problem or remote control your server. Just a question though. I’ve used RealVNC a long time now but for some reason it have always been kind of slow when moving your mouse, etc. How do your feel the speed are on this software?


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