How to Use StumbleUpon for Driving Targeted Traffic to your Site

No Doubt that Stumbleupon is also one of the popular social bookmarking site that have become most popular among webmasters. Many people find that Stumble Upon brings lots of targeted traffic to their site. If you know how to use stumble upon in the right way, your articles or the posts will get much attention from the visitors. Stumbleupon has a bookmarking toolbar, you can install on your browser. If you want to bookmark a page, just click the thumbs up button. You can also bookmark a page by easily with use of submission form from StumbleUpon.

Adding targeted StumbleUpon users:

As like most of Social networking sites Stumbleupon also allows you to add friends to your network. The more friends you have, the more influences you will get on Stumble Upon. While adding the friends to your network you should add friends that are relevant to your niche or site which you are promoting. If friends you have added are not relevant to your niche then the site or the product which you promote through stumble upon will have a very low conversion rate.

If people who have joined your network on stumble upon have different interests and which are not related to your niche, they will not be interested in bookmarking your posts or buying your product which you are promoting through Stumble upon. Once you have created a vast network of friends, you find it easy to introduce your products or services available to the people. In addition, your posts tend to get a high vote counts when you have lots of friends on stumble upon. If your posts does not get votes from members, you can easily ask your friends to vote for you In return of you voting their posts. Stumbleupon offers increased in the conversion rate of traffic. If you are looking for the targeted traffic, you should social bookmark your informative posts or the product or the services on the top social networking sites.

Add Detailed information about page you submitting to Stumble Upon

When you are stumbling your post the title and description must be optimized with keywords. You must write the title and description in a manner that will attract people’s or the online members attention. If the title is not interesting, people will never try to read it and you don’t get targeted traffic to your site. Stumbleupon can easily run a lot of traffic to your website or the blog if you know that how attractively to write a good title and description for the posts you are stumbling.
Many SEO companies offer a service for submitting to social bookmarking sites like stumble upon. If you do not know how to write an effective and attractive title and description, you can always hire a SEO expert to help you in writing effective title and description. SEO company will usually submit your site for a list of social networking sites. You can ask SEO company to write the title and description for you. You will be charged an additional fee to hire them to write the better and the effective title and description for your posts. You should research and make price comparisons between different SEO companies to see who offers the cheapest price. So, you can make a wise buying decision.

I would also suggest to add StumbleUpon Share count button to increase number of stumbleupon submissions.

Do let us know your experience with stumble upon and what trick are you using to drive targeted traffic from Stumble Upon?

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COMMENTs ( 22 )

  1. Anurag Upadhaya says

    StumbleUpon used to drive huge traffic in around 2004-2007 but I don’t see that much now. Anyone has the latest numbers or experience with the service lately?

  2. sani says

    I tried many things to get traffic from stumble upon but I am only getting 15-20 traffic when i submit any post. Give me some suggestion Harhs

  3. crazygunz says

    I have a stumbleupon account but have hardly used it! Now I should really start using it to drive traffic to my site. Bharath find your post to be very interesting. double like!!

  4. seenu says

    1-2 years back many people were using digg a lot compared to SU.
    But now there are not many people who use digg. What could be the reason?

  5. techntuts says

    Getting traffic from stumbleupon is pretty difficuilt task. But once you get the traffic then i can be considered as a quality traffic..

  6. Michael Aulia says

    Used to get thousands of traffic from StumbleUpon a couple of years ago.. not so anymore now, almost none :(

    Guess I need to add more friends on the same niche and be more active somewhat

  7. Sagar Rai says

    Well I remember when I used to get 300+ instant traffic whenever I was submitting my blog content. Try increasing the subscribers and you can see yourself lots of improvement.

  8. Swamykant says

    Stumblelupon can drive good traffic but I believe it works well for Vlogs and Photoblogs.

    How I get small percentage of traffic from Stumbleupon. Good post. Thanks for sharing your knowledge.

  9. Rakesh @ Wizard Journal says

    Hmm… oh! so that is why very few of my content get’s
    traffic from SU thank you, i will post in right categories from now
    on.. Hey please tell me, can i select more categories or should i
    go with just one?

    • Manendra says

      i think u can select up to 75 categories while selecting categories make sure those are some what related to your niche :)

  10. Kartik@DailyTechPost says

    Thanks Bharat for sharing these tips…SU can drive huge
    traffic…and I am getting majority of the traffic from SU only..

  11. Vivek Parmar says

    thanks for sharing such a informative post. getting traffic
    from stumbleupon and is there any way to get traffic from reddit
    and digg (for digg i know you need mutual diggers) and for

  12. Manendra says

    Yes i do accept your words stumbleupon is one of the most popular book marking site to drive traffic and one more tip from mu side not only adding the frnds in SU will help in driving traffic but i recommend people to join in the various categories which are related to your niche and interest whn ever u bookmark ur link in SU then ur link will be available to all categories u are in and automatically u will get huge traffic. :)

  13. Nihar says

    I started using stumbleupon 2 years back. Now a days not using that much.

    Mainly due to no access at office and no time at home :)

  14. PR@ AlmostLikeEverything! says

    Thanks bharat, i knew about Stumble upon, have a account also,but I always use to wonder how will it help me!