How to Use Google Search Effectively?

We all know how to use Google search, simply go to Google Homepage, enter your search terms and Google advanced search engine algorithm will give you the best of the results. Now, this is for layman and for curious people like you and me, there are many advance Google search terms and tips are available which will help you to find better result and search deeper.

use Google Search Effectively

On Internet, you will find many advanced tips for using Google search, and now Google have launched an official free online academy to educate Google search users about advance search tips. Specially, for a Bloggers and Internet marketer, I highly recommend to watch this video and learn some new search commands. You will find it very handy in longer run.

Learn How to use Google Search : Beginner to Pro

This is an extensive free online video course offered by Google. There are total 6 classes in it and ever class have different lesson. All lesson are accompanied by an activity test, which will help you to evaluate yourself. Along with it, after lesson 3 and final lesson there are two exams, which will help you to do the final evaluation of using Google search like a pro.

Well, being a Blogger or even an Internet user, we use Google search most of the time. Specially with the launch of Google chrome, my searching habit has changed a lot. Instead of opening I quickly add search term in URL field and get my results. With these video classes, you will be learning all basic search parameters and advanced Google search tips, which will help you to become a better Googler.

All these 6 video classes are consists of:

  • Class 1: Introduction
  • Class 2 : Interpreting results
  • Class 3: Advanced Techniques
  • Class 4: Find Facts faster
  • Class 5: Checking your facts
  • Class 6: Putting it all together

Here is an introductory video by Daniel M. Russel:

Even for a normal searcher, these classes will help you to many things. For example, you can learn How Google Search works, how to search for specific file types in Google Search.

Takeaway for Bloggers from these classes:

I highly recommend all Bloggers and SEO people to check out these videos, as it will not only help you to understand how search engine works and how Google uses queries to show results. This will help you to focus more on writing content based on most common search queries and rank better. For example, in this video lesson you will understand why Word orders matter and importance of related words in your post and permalinks.

If you don’t wish to watch all the videos, I recommend you to watch class 3, which will let you learn advanced Google search queries. Here is quick index of stuff you will learn in Class 3:

  • Describe how operators filter results.
  • Use the site: operator at the top-level domain and website levels.
  • Use a word you expect to appear on the target page to refine results.
  • Use the site: operator within images and news results.
  • Use the minus sign to eliminate irrelevant results.
  • Use quotes to search for a phrase.
  • Use OR to include more than one way of expressing an idea
  •  Use the intext: operator to ensure the word you want is actually on the page you find.
  • Use the Advanced Search user interface when appropriate.

Here is the link to access Google free search engine education course.

Go ahead and bookmark the page for future reference and watch it in your leisure time. If you are a regular Google search user, you will find all these tips very useful and beneficial in long run.

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  1. Kowshik Chanda says

    I have attended these classes. I have learned couple of good and very important search formulas here.

    All these classes were ran by Google Senior Research Scientist Dan Russell.