How to Use Gmail Backup to Take Back up of your Gmail Account Locally

Just now we posted about Gmail glitch deleted 150K account and this must have created a buzz among all Gmail users.  If you are a Gmail user, backup is the best solution for now  to make sure in future if your Gmail account is deleted or get hacked for any reason, you can always restore it back.

In this tutorial I’m showing you how you can use a handy tool call Gmail backup to take back up of all your Emails under your Gmail account.

To get start with Gmail backup process, download this software and install it. Open Gmail backup software and enter your Gmail login credentials, backup folder location (Where you want to take backup). Start and end date for backup.

gmail-backup-screenOnce you have entered all the details, click on backup and it will start the backup process.


You can see all the Emails in your backup folder which you have mentioned earlier. This way you will always have a backup of your Gmail account on your desktop. In case if you have a large inbox size, it may take a couple of hours to download complete backup of your Gmail account.

Do let us know if you are taking complete backup of your Gmail account or not?  Also check out Gmail security tips to keep your Gmail account safe and secure.

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COMMENTs ( 5 )

  1. Nihar says

    Great share dude.

    Thanks. I will start this back up now.

    I am sure that it will take few hours or may be run into 2 days.

  2. Anu @ New Trends says

    I had no idea about gmail backup but yes I have thought about it but never got any specific answer so I forget it. Finally I got the answer really nice post and now I like to create backup.

  3. Geet | HobbyIdeas says

    It’s indeed so scary to think of loosing mails due to an unwanted glitch! Hope Gmail backup software will help in restoring the confidence & in turn mitigating the risk as well.

  4. Michael Aulia says

    Yeah, it is quite concerning. Not to mention another blogger ( just said that Google blocked his account without warning.

    Looks like the software doesn’t backup automatically but it’s still better than nothing. Wondering whether the restore works too though.

    I’m moving my main email contact from Gmail to my domain’s (should have done this long ago) and used Gmail as a backup