How to use Facebook Group Chat Feature

2 days back Facebook announced Video chat and group chat and video chat was rolled out instantly for everyone but group chat was rolled out in break. Anyways, today Facebook group chat is active on my Facebook account and here is quick tutorial on how to get started with Facebook group chat.

Facebook group chat is easy to use and all you need to click on your friend name from the chat box and click on settings and click on “Add friends to chat”

In the window, you can type your friend name and a new group chat window will pop up.

That’s it and now enjoy the group chat on Facebook. Personally I found this very useful, earlier the only way to have a group chat is by creating a group and add selected people and have group chat. This feature will save time and especially if you are deciding upon something with group of friends, this feature is going to be very useful.

For now, we don’t have group video calling but we can expect the same in future. For now, do let us know if you enjoyed the Facebook group chat feature or not?

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COMMENTs ( 3 )

  1. Tushar Agarwal says

    well, FB group chat is a very awesome feature. I like it because it helps me easily get connected with many friends at a time. Its like call conferencing, only it is much cheaper

  2. cool Boy says

    This is a nice feature addition by Facebook. Earlier people would have to create private facebook group for group chat. This feature is nice.

  3. Michael Chibuzor says

    Fine explanation Agrawal. It’s fun chatting on facebook and utilizing all the great features.