How to use Easy WP SEO WordPress Plugin

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How to use Easy WP SEO WordPress Plugin

It’s been a while that I have shared the EasyWPSEO plugin review and also shared how it become one of my favorite WordPress SEO plugin after Panda world. It’s true that Google added more metrics to site ranking but they never killed SEO. On page SEO is still one of the biggest factor in search engine ranking and some of the features like LSI and Readability, Interlinking are one of the most important factor for better optimization of your content. Now, in this guide I will be talking about How to setup EasyWPSEO plugin and Some of the EasyWPSEO settings that you should configure today.

Getting started with EasyWPSEO Settings:

If you have not purchased EasyWPSEO plugin, go ahead and spend $17 and buy this plugin right away from here. This guide will help you to understand how you can use this plugin.

Even if you are new to SEO, with below mentioned guide you will learn how to write content targeted to specific keyword. Once you have purchased the plugin, you will get license information and link to download EasyWpSEO plugin. Install the plugin and go to Easy WP SEO > Settings and enter your license information and activate the plugin. This plugin offer recommended settings, but I suggest you to rather use this guide and configure everything manually to have complete control.

One thing which is great about this plugin is; you can easily write SEO optimized content without much help of this plugin. There are few things this plugin will let you achieve is to get important information like Keyword density, LSI keywords, Readability check and a complete On page Keyword checklist.

EasyWPSEO miscellnous settings

Automatic decoration:

If you are a fan of automating stuff, you can use this tab to configure many settings like

  • Automatic bold your keyword (I prefer manual)
  • Automatic Italic your Keyword (I prefer manual )
  • Automatic underline your Keyword (Not recommended)
  • Automatic add Keyword to image alt (Useful if you not using SEO friendly image plugin)
  • Automatic add nofollow to all outbound links. (I prefer to keep all links as dofollow as I link to useful web pages, but if you are running a tech blog and link to many free file sharing links, this option is really useful). There is an option to whitelist domains, using it you can manually whitelist domain, where you wish to pass page rank.
  • Open external links in new window (Recommended to improve bounce rate of your site)

Miscellaneous settings: (Check above screeshots)

Here you can configure what all on page SEO factors you wish to use. All the factors listed in this page are tested and worked for getting high rank and I recommend to enable all of them. (Default). Though, I make few changes and here are SEO factors, that I disabled:

Content :

  • Content contains at least one underlined keyword.
  • Content contains keyword in anchor text of at least one external link.

My keyword density score is set to 1-2.5%. I usually keep it around 1.5-1.75% maximum along with other related Keywords.

EasyWPSEO Keyword formula:

EasyWPSEO offers three ways to calculate Keyword density. I prefer the second option:

(Total Keywords * Total Words In Keyword Phrase / Total Words) * 100

Post content minimum word:

My Minimum word count is set to 350, but for a high-quality content it’s better to have more content on a page. Avoid adding junk and keep your content meaninfgul.

Other Easy Wp SEO Settings doesn’t require any changes. And if you are using copyscape to check for duplicate content, you can add Copyscape license information at the last tab.

So that’s enough for Settings part and now lets see how to use EasyWPSEO WordPress plugin for maximum advantage.

How I use EasyWPSEO plugin?

As we say the best of the content comes when you are writing naturally and any On page SEO plugins are useful to help you enhance your content further for search engines. So, lets assume you are completely new to Keyword optimization and you don’t know anything about SEO. So, here is how you can start with it:

Learn Keyword research:

The first step is to get started with Keyword research. Here is my complete beginner guide to Keyword research using Adwords tool. This will help you to find the keyword for your content idea. Once you have your Keyword ready, think of a title (Though I decide about post title at the end). Make sure your post title is interesting and contains your Keyword.

Start Writing:

Now, start writing content naturally. Forget Keywords and other stuff, just write what you want to write. Keep in mind about the attributes of high-quality content. Take advantage of paragraph and use proper headings- H2, H3 and H4.  This will not only help in better optimization of your content but will also make your content more readable and scannable.

So, I assume you are done writing your content and it’s time to add your Keyword in EasyWPSEO tab in post editor (Right column) and click on save draft. This will show your current SEO score and Keyword density.

Easywpseo score

You will see a score like this, depending upon how you write an article. My target is to keep SEO score around 60-80% and Keyword density not more than 2.5%. That also depends upon length of the article and how competitive Keyword you are targeting.

Now, you can click on indvidual tabs and see the recommendation. A “X” mark denotes, you have not done following task and you need to make changes to make it right.

Here are few places where I try to keep Keywords and have seen good results:

  • Permalink
  • Post meta title
  • Post meta description
  • Starting of Para
  • End of Para
  • Add Keyword in between Articles
  • Keyword as Alt tag in Image
  • Also keep Image name close to your Target Keyword
  • Keyword in H1 tag
  • Keyword in h2 or H3 tag: If using Keyword in h2 tag, use H3 for other variation of Keyword.
  • Bold your Keyword (Not only main Keyword, but other useful Keyword in article. Avoid excessive bold)
  • Italics your Keyword

This would be enough to boost your score. Never be scared to add dofollow link to relevant domain as it will make your article more meaningful and helpful for your readers.

LSI Keywords:

Click on LSI tab and click on display LSI keywords. It will show some of the suggested LSI words which you should use and I highly recommend to use this feature. This will help you to make your content more search engine friendly and one feature that we usually don’t find in other On page SEO plugins. You don’t have to use all the words, but use only which make sense to you and adding value.  Many time, LSI words also helped me to increase the length of article, as I have to explain more.


readability score

Make sure most of readability score are green and not red. Though, depending upon what type of article you are writing and how technical it is, but try to keep it green for making your content readable by most of age group. Also, it helps me in guest post moderation, as It helps in determining the level of writing. Another feature of EasyWPSEO plugin which is highly recommended.

Bonus tips:

  • Target Long-tail Keywords
  • You can use EasyWPSEO to optimize more than 1 Keywords.

Again, as I said never write for Search engines only. Keep a perfect combo of both Search engine + Readers friendly content. You can read my guide on How to optimize post title for search and readers for more info.

Download EasyWPSEO Plugin

Such plugins are life saver for many Bloggers and with time, your SEO writing skills will improve. If you are a Blogger or also a Freelance writer, using plugins like Easy WP SEO will help you a lot in writing more search engine friendly content and will help in boosting your site ranking.

Do let me know which On page SEO plugin are you using? If you find this tutorial useful, don’t forget to share it on Facebook and Google plus. Also subscribe to my Email newsletter for more such updates.

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    • says

      You can use EasyWPSEO with Yoast SEO, but before buying do confirm if LSI feature is working in the latest version or not. I feel few users are facing issues while using LSI feature of EasyWPSEO. If that’s the case, this plugin is of not so much use.

    • says

      You need to get free bing API Key. Here is a pdf file which explain how to get free API key from bing. Once you have created API key, simply got o Go to EasyWPSEO > Settings > Keyword settings and enter the API key, and LSI feature will start working.

      You can refer to this image if you have any confusion.

      • says

        Hi Harsh,
        Recently EasyWPSEO slowed down my website. It’s basically impossible to use the admin pages.

        I didn’t change anything in particular but it looks like it’s hanging for several seconds (probably 20).
        Does it happen to you too?
        I have sent a ticket to the support but it looks dead.
        I start thinking that the developer dropped the support.

  1. Dk Patel says

    In one post You have told that you are using SEO pressor. Now I am confusing between SEO pressor or WP easy SEo, While you are using WP easy SEO. Which one is the best. Please reply…

  2. Umpreet says

    I use All in ONe Seo Pack, I mean should start using this PLugin , will it help. I know some of the tps for placing keyword , but does it performs better than All in one.?

    • says

      All in one SEO and EasyWPSEO works different. All in one SEO plugin helps in adding SEO details like Meta title, Meta description and so on, where as this plugin helps you to optimise SEO on content level by improving the Keyword targeting.
      more over, I would recommend you to switch from All in one SEO to WordPress SEO by yoast, as it’s much better.

  3. Kunal says

    Hi Harsh,
    Thanks for the tutorial. I really needed it to learn about this plugin more.
    You did not list the features of Secondary keyword and how to target and use it as I am confused about it. Will it help to make article more optimized and increase the score?

  4. Yuva Foundation says

    before reading this post I was using all in seo pack plugin for wordpress sites. I just watched video included in this post and got some small but big hints regarding on page seo.
    I like this post and mainly video this post just confirm that a video can increase credibility of blog posts..

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