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How To Use 301 Redirect To Hide Affiliate Link in Thesis 1.7?

How To Use 301 Redirect To Hide Affiliate Link in Thesis 1.7?

Thesis theme 1.7 has just officially been released with a huge list of new features and ShoutMeLoud had a very detailed review on this version too. However, the review seemed miss a great feature that, I am pretty sure, many of you who are monetizing your blog with affiliate networks, must be interested in it. We have already written about make money online with Thesis Affiliate program. It is 301 redirect!

If you are using Thesis theme, you should upgrade to Thesis 1.7immediately as only version 1.7 has this feature. This function has several values that other link cloaking methods can not do. You can use your affiliate link as you navigation menu.

How to do this?

You should login your blog (only Thesis 1.7) and create a new page. You set your page title as whatever you like, for example, “HostGator“. Leave your body blank and scroll down to “301 Redirect for this Page’s URL as shown in the image below:

thesis 17 301 redirect 520x383

Look for this part in Thesis 1.7

Now, you paste your Hostgator affiliate link in the box in red circle and save your page.

What is next?

You can show your affiliate page next to other navigation menus in Site Options and your readers who click on your affiliate menu will redirect to targeted networks. That is all and you can make more money from that tip.

Good luck and I will share other tutorials that can boost your affiliate revenue in the upcoming posts. Meanwhile do read : Hide your affiliate link with Gocodes WordPress plugin. If you have not joined Thesis affiliate program. you can join it for free from here.

Meanwhile do let us know which trick do you use to hide your affiliate links?

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  • Bhaveek

    Tinh, its best to hide your affiliate links. I guess even the footer of this website is using same type of hidden affiliate link…

  • Chris

    Sadly I don’t have the funds for the thesis wordpress theme yet.

    But luckily I have found a plugin to hide affiliate links, its called Pretty Link and can be found here:

    • Tran Tinh

      GoCodes seems the best one if you are not using Thesis theme and it is free with nofollow feature too

  • Tinh

    Thanks for your appreciation man!

  • Techsexy

    Nice post. Welcome Tinh! I hope one day sometimes I can be able to apprear on SML!

    In my opinion, hiding link is not as important as your way in marketing and promoting the service you are intending to get some money from. Nevertheless, thanks to newest Thesis version and this tip, you can easily let your reader feel comfortable and “free” when thay click via your reff!

    • Tinh

      @Techsexy: I do not agree with you that hiding affiliate link is a bad thing :-) Frankly, hiding affiliate link is good as you can remember your affiliate links easily. If you join about 50 affiliate networks, using this method would save you a lot of time. Further, hiding affiliate link will help you easily update original link when they changed affiliate link structure.

      P/S: Registering through mine or SML affiliate link does not cause you pay more right? Sometimes, using friend’s affiliate link can save you a lot of money like DreamHost or HostGator :-)

      • Bryan

        I agree with Tinh on this one. Hiding links is very important.
        2 reasons.
        1. It is easier on when you manage your own web. In my case, when Thesis changed its affiliate program, it was very easy for me to update my links

        2. For some reason, people tend to shy away from affiliate links. There seems tobe this notion, that they don’t want you making money off a recommendation.
        Personally, I tend to avoid uncloaked links just because they look messy. To me it says, the web manager is lazy (and maybe doesnt’ really know anything about the product/service they are recommending)

        • Tinh

          Thanks @Bryan: You are right as cloaking affiliate link is not a bad thing but it show that the owner really care about what s/he is promoting. Other thing is that you can avoid broken links in case that affiliate links dead. Further, we can easily to make it deindexed by Google, Yahoo or Bing by adding a tag in robots.txt

  • Hutek

    It’s nice tip for Thesis fans, thank Tinh.

    • Tinh

      It is such a great feature but it is only available for Thesis 1.7

  • Rainbowsmile@Vút

    Nice tip :)


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