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    How to upgrade WordPress Plugin Correct Way

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    One of the useful feature of wordpress is we get notification inside wordpress dashboard when we see an update, and when it comes to wordpress, we should install the latest version of wordpress to endure the security and bug fix of current WordPress version.

    But when it comes to WordPress plugins, it has a complete different story, WordPress plugin gets an update for following reasons

    • For latest WordPress version compatibility
    • For Fixing any current bug
    • For Adding more feature

    Though some time updating wordpress plugin breaks our wordpress blog and my advice would be make sure you take the backup before updating or installing any new plugin.

    Another suggestion would be while updating any plugin to the latest version, check the change log in the latest version, and make sure if you really need that update.

    Check this simple screenshot which will guide you on how to check the change log and if required update the plugin and make sure you take the backup of wordpress database.

    In this screenshot I will be taking care of Wp-thumbie plugin, which shows related posts along with thumbnail.

    wordpresspluginupdatenotofication thumb How to upgrade Wordpress Plugin Correct Way Click on View-Version *.* details and click on change log to see the update in latest version.

    pluginchangelog thumb How to upgrade Wordpress Plugin Correct Way As you can see the latest update fixed a big which is specific for a particular hosting and I don’t need it. So instead of making update, I will keep it as it is, and in the next update or after wordpress update I might make an update.

    Do let me know your opinion on this part, do you update your wordpress blog plugin at the same time when you see a notification or you wait for some time? 

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    George Serradinho

    Yes, what you explained is very true and one should always make sure that you update only if required. I must admit that if you don’t update, then you will always see the warning about a plugin update. This sometimes irritates me and I just update to get rid of the warning.



    Of course it is very irritating.

    The best thing is to update the plugin and save yourself from unwanted irritation :p

    It is no harm when you do it as well. It wont take much time either, can be under 15 second ;)



    thanks for sharing this information with us, when i see the notification of plugin to upgrade without any consideration i will update it.



    while upgrading, first thing i check is the changelog….if i don’t need, then it is not necessary to upgrade


    Surender Sharma

    Hi Harsh,
    Thanks for sharing most important task.It is really more important to check the changelog before installing or upgrading any wordpress plugin.



    I prefer to first remove the plugin off and then upload the new version. Wassup is one example – it fails to work when upgraded using the automated upgrade link (a link that could be found in WP 2.7+)



    Once I was having trouble upgrading my Wordpress. And I’m afraid to do it manually. Whenever I try to upgrade automatically it does not work. Then I discovered that you have to disable all the plugin in order for the upgrade to work. :-)


    Online Movies Temple

    Hi Harsh,

    Can you please let me know that what plugin are you using to display the author info below the post which says: Article by Harsh Agrawal
    Harsh has written 1039 articles .
    If you like This post, you can follow Shoutmeloud on Twitter. Please let me know as I want to use it on my Movies blog. Thanks in advance. :)


    Harsh Agrawal

    Hi I’m not using any plugin for Author Bio. This is done by custom code.


    Online Movies Temple


    Can you share the code please :).


    Harsh Agrawal

    OMT That is for Thesis Wordpress Theme , wont work in your case.. there are plugin for the same .. Search for author bio wordpress plugin


    Online Movies Temple

    Thanks a lot harsh :) Can you recommend any plugin?


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