Facebook Status Length : 63,206 Characters

There was a time when Facebook status Length was limited to less than 420 characters but in recent change, Facebook has increased the chracter limit for Status updates.

Updated: This article has been updated after Fb removed the 420 chracter limit and increased it to 63,206 Chracter. You can still check out old trick for the information sake after the latest news.

In a blog post few days ago, Facebook’s Journalist Program Manager Vadim Lavrusik posted a picture stating that the social networking giant has decided to increase the Facebook status update limit. They have increased the previous 5000 character limit to 63,206.

People like to share more than just words on Facebook, they share their lives and words can be very useful when describing an act, opinion or a story. Everybody loves to update their status on the social networking website, many do it very often and many do it rarely. Facebook has grown into a website that one visits everyday to read about new things, see new pictures, find out what’s going on in his/her friends life and more. We share stories as Wall posts, we comment on various things and we do a lot of things. With the increased Facebook status update limit, people can even share a short book on a friends wall.

Facebook Status Length

Looks like Twitter is the only one who wants to stick to the same old 140 character updates. Even Google + has a maximum character limit of 100,000, which could be why Facebook decided to increase theirs too. But, why did they make it 63,206? Well, Facebook engineer Bob Baldwin explained: “I set the exact limit to something nerdy. Facebook … Face Boo K … hex(FACE) – K … 64206 – 1000 = 63206. However, speaking in terms of usage, why would anyone need such a huge FB status character length. We don’t think anyone would actually post a story on someones wall or as a status update. What do you think? Are you going to post a 63, 206 word status update?

Old Facebook Status Length limit:

Today I was trying to share something with My facebook friends ( My facebook profile is like a mini blog for me). Once I finished writing my status update and hit the post button, Facebook gave my expected error:

Your status update is too long. The maximum Status length is 420 character, but it’s 1303 character long. Thanks to Kim that I remembered her post about this little hack which will let me update my Facebook status in more than 420 character.

This hack is pretty easy, all you need to do is: Upload an image with your status message and you can publish very long status message.


Facebook Limit on Status Updates

This is simple and straight forward to trick long status message on Facebook. Meanwhile if you are wondering what my status message was, you can check it on my Facebook profile or for your reference here it is:

If you one of those who like to write long status update on Facebook, you will find this useful. Don’t forget to hit the fb like button at the top or share it with your Facebook friends.

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COMMENTs ( 11 )

  1. Yolanda Brittany says

    This is AWESOME! it’s my sons’ birthday today & I wrote a simple poem of 594 characters& of course I got the error message. So i decided to do some goggling, after a long search I came across this, try it& IT WORKED! Thanx Harsh!!

  2. David says

    Sorry, misunderstood the tip (thought it had to do with making a picture of your text). Just re-read it.

    Yes, cool hack!

  3. James Cerveny says

    Could you please help me? I tried to do what you said to get around the 420 character limit. I clicked on photo and upload image. The poem I wanted to put in my newsfeed was a document (Word) file so I saved it as a PDF. When I hit upload I got an error message, “There was a problem loading…” What kind of file should I save my document as so I can upload it?

    • Kimberly Castleberry says

      James you need to find a photo or image to upload. Then once its uploaded, edit its description and copy-paste the text fo your document into it’s description. You can not directly upload the document.

  4. Karan batra says

    Nice Post Harsh…

    I’m not sure but i think this wld be counted as an image and not as a status update… And facebook is now going the twitter way as in the Status Mssgs have a higher frequency of getting published as compared to Photos…

  5. SathishKumar says

    Whenever i tried to enter a poem as a status message, Facebook gives me an error message since it will cross the allowed number of characters. Thanks for this Harsh. U solved my problem now.

  6. Kimberly Castleberry says

    Ooh I like the status update on what you’ve been up to and what you’re plans are! Sounds like you’re getting ready to rocka nd roll! Shoutmeloud has good strength in personal branding etc. Its an effect people want when blogging and SEO. I have to give you some real caution about including WordPress in your name. WordPress will not be king forever. Everything in tech changes. Remember when GeoCities ruled the day? Something new will come in time and you do not want to have to reNAME your company. You’re company tag line and purpose is easy to change but your primary name isn’t because you lose the work you have done in name-recognition. Just something to give some thoughts. Wish I could afford to pay you to help ME get that kinda traffic boost your client got! LOL Hang in there and I know you’re gonna do great!

  7. jaganmangat says

    its nice Mr-Harsh,u want to take blogging to that much high level, and shoutmeloud is a nice name u can make it ur company name too……..!!! Good job……!!!

    • Kamal Hasa says

      Shoutmeloud is not a very good name for a company. I guess he can come up with a better one ;)