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How to Unlink Google Adsense & Google analytic account

How to Unlink Google Adsense & Google analytic account

Long time back I informed you about the integration of Google adsense and Google analytic and from Google analytic dashboard you can see which page is performing the best. Though Google adsense allow you to interlink with only one analytic account and that should be the administrator of domain. When I was interlinking my adsense and analytic account, I accidently interlinked wrong account and there is no step mentioned in the Google help centre to unlinking them. After studying almost all the part of Google adsense help centre I realized there is nothing you can do to unlink your Adsense and analytic account apart from contacting adsense team.

Here is the link which you will be using to unlinking your Adsense and analytic account. I’m sure this will help those who are stuck into the same situation as me. Meanwhile do let us know if you are using analytic and adsense integration? If yes, how it is benefitting you?

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Article by Harsh Agrawal

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  • Frank

    I’ve tried using that form many times to unlink with no success. There has been no followup from Google, and I cannot find a direct way to contact them.

  • Koba

    I have been trying to unlink my deleted analytics account from adsense account using this form many times – no success. Looks like no one working on these requests on google’s side.

    Does anyone was successful in unlinking his account?

  • Joynal Abedin

    Thanks for the link. I do not need it right now. I should check back latter on.

  • DailyTechPost

    Thanks for sharing this..although I never had this kind of problem…but certainly be helpful if it happens by mistake.. :)

  • Sathish @ TechieMania

    I am not using Adsense till now. Hope this will post will be helpful once I start using them. Thanks for providing this useful information, Harsh.

  • shashank

    absoultely right ricky i would have opted for this way …:)
    thanks harsh for helping those who would never figure it out !

  • rahul

    Thanks for sharing. I didnt face this type of problem yet but will try to experiment it :P

  • Ricky

    I remember that I still could edit Adsense linking at this address:
    Is it right?


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