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We all know how hard china can go with their Internet censorship.  Couple of days back China blocked BlogSpot in china. People from China were not able to open BlogSpot blogs in China. Thanks to internet community, proxy for blogspot will help us to unblock all such blocked blogspot sites in China.Proxy for BlogSpot

Here I’m going to share some china proxy and some proxy software which will help you to access BlogSpot blogs in china and you can try other blocked sites using these proxy tools.

China Proxy Software for BlogSpot:

The best way to unblock sites is by using Proxy software’s. Usually, proxy sites are easily detected by Proxy firewall and they block proxy sites within minutes. Where as, proxy software works on I.P level (Proxy connection) and they keep switching I.P’s and in many cases, software firewall can’t detect such proxy tools.


One of the best software to unblock websites in China is freegate, Freegate is a proxy software which is   especially made for china users.

Though freegate is not free anymore and you have to pay a small fees to use it. If you now willing to pay and still wants to do it for free, you can use a proxy software name ultra surf.


Ultrasurf is one of my favorite free proxy software. It’s one of the simplest piece of proxy tool I have came across. Though I have personally never used Ultrasurf to unblock BlogSpot in China, but my friends over Twitter confirmed that it worked great. If Freegate doesn’t work for you, try Ultra surf, else look for the third option below.

  • How to use ultrasurf proxy software to unblock any blocked websites


In some cases if ultra surf software doesn’t work for you, the best work around will be Your-freedom proxy software.  This software is managed by a professional company and this is more than just a proxy software. This comes in two variation, free and paid but free version is good enough to use it as a proxy for Blogspot blogs in China.

  • How to configure your-freedom to unblock any website

Though in case if you still don’t want to use any proxy software’s, you can refer to my previous posts on :

List of popular and working proxy websites

China Proxy Sites to Unblock BlogSpot:

Above, we have seen a list of proxy software’s and now it’s time for some proxy sites. As I mentioned above, obviously this is not the best way but if you need quick access to blogspot site, there are many working chinese proxy sites which can help you.

Though, I have to update this list later as many proxy sites died. Though here is a site call public proxy servers which will give you list of current working international and Chinese proxy sites.

Suggestion for Chinese BlogSpot bloggers:

If  you are a Blogger from China and who happens to be blogging on BlogSpot platform, my suggestion would be move to self hosted platform. WordPress is one of the best and easiest choice for you. My BlogSpot to WordPress 301 permaredirection post will help you. You can also refer to WordPress guide which will help you to get started with Wp.

If you are wondering how Self hosted blog will help Blocked blogspot in china issue, here is a tip: In self hosted blog you will have your own custom domain like ( and you will be hosting site on your server. This way, you will have all the freedom and you will not miss out any traffic or wait for people to search for proxy for BlogSpot.

Do let us know which of the above proxy tip worked for you and if you are using any alternate way to access BlogSpot in china, do let us know via comment.

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  1. charlie murphy says

    when you have cable you pay more than you should, when you pay more than you should you cant afford to send your kids to college, when you cant afford to send your kids to college they get low paying jobs, when your kids get low paying jobs they live off the government, when your kids live off the government they destroy the economy, when they destroy the economy the Chinese take over, when the Chinese take over you eat cats for dinner, don’t eat cats for dinner, switch to DIRECT TV

  2. itar says

    Blogspot is not blocked at india , china. But facebook is blocked at china.
    Facebook user at China need proxy or vpn to open facebook

  3. Bill says

    As of late September 2009 all the proxy software like Ultrasurf, Puff and Freegate have ceased to work in China, as well as Gladder and PH-Proxy Mozilla add-ons. Most free proxies where you simply type in the URL either are blocked or cannot re-route you the site.China sucks!

  4. Rahul says

    i dont think blogspot will be banned in india. their are plenty of other crap sites available.

  5. chethan says

    Hey Imagine If Blogspot is blocked in India!
    All Of Our Blogspot Bloggers Suffer From This..
    I guess Most Of The Bloggers Depend on Their Advertisement Revenue..
    It WIll be a huge loss..
    Are china bloggers ubhappy with this?

  6. Rahul says

    Hi, Harsh
    In Our College we have very strong proxy…bloking software..
    We used ultra surf but now it is not working. no your freedom and anything else…
    so, Great wall also, block all these in few days if they are still working.

    i use one great site . it gives latest updated proxy daily.
    and sure solution for old proxy.

  7. himanshu says

    Thats a useful information, i don’t know why china bans inportant website in their country. Youtube is the best example, i am worried if my website could be down in china, for this i use a tool for checking it out. this will tell you that your website is accessible in China or not.
    If chinese readers want to access youtube in china then they can watch it by a small trick. If the URL of the YouTube video is – just replace the /watch?v= part with /v so your new URL becomes