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    How to Unban Someone from Facebook Fan Page?

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    Some time back I shared an article on How to ban someone on Facebook fan page and sometime by mistake you might have banned legit users. In this quick tutorial I’m showing how you can unban any banned member from Facebook fan page. Now, many of you must be wondering should we ban people who liked our page or just warn them?

    Ban users or warn them for spamming?

    First of all, keep in mind that you are responsible for anything happening on your Facebook page. As an admin, it’s your role to decide if you want to ban or just warn someone. Spamming have different form and one of the common one is self-promotion. I manage almost 8 Facebook page as if now, and some of them have fans over 55K and are very active.

    Initially I tried to warn users, but it never helped me to stop spamming and useless comments on any high engaging posts. From my experience, I strongly believe spam attracts spammers. If any page is not highly moderated, and spammers are finding it easy to spam it with useless comments, self-promotion, affiliate links, it will attract other spammers. The quickest way to deal with this is, delete the comments and block the spammers.

    How to Unban Users on a Facebook Fan Page?

    In order to unban someone, go to Facebook fan page, click on People like this (Below no. of fans who liked your page). With new Facebook design, this may be changed, so you need to figure out where to see all the likes of your page. Here is a screenshot from ShoutMeLoud Page:

    Check all Facebook Page likes How to Unban Someone from Facebook Fan Page?

    Now on the pop up window, click on banned from drop down on top left.

    banneduserfacebook thumb How to Unban Someone from Facebook Fan Page? Now you will see all the users who were banned earlier and you can quickly unban them from this page.

    UnbannedFacebookpage thumb How to Unban Someone from Facebook Fan Page?

    Click on unban from the banned user and that profile banned will be removed from your Facebook fan page. This is quick tip but I’m sure you might find it handy when you have to unban someone from a Facebook page.

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    I banned almost 45 users till now who have been caught spamming in the form of self promotion or link spam. Do let us know how many users you have banned till now? Also let me know if you face any problem while unblocking some one.

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    Abby Stone

    This post help me very much for Unban some people from my Facebook fan page. Thanks :-P

    Kavya Hari

    Yeah, it will be more useful to me. This is one of the correct directions to unbanned the Facebook users on the correct place. Thank you so much for sharing :)

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