How to Transfer 1and1 Domain after One Year

We told you about the 1&1 free .com domain loot a few days ago. The response from our readers was overwhelming, for obvious reasons. Who would miss this opportunity right? Not only did we verify the authenticity of the offer but this time we bring you some more in depth knowledge about the 1&1 service and some domain related answers.

A lot of you had concerns over whether or not you can transfer your domain after the free period of one year gets over. Personally, I don’t think $8.99 is a lot for renewal. However, if you find a cheaper option elsewhere or if you want to transfer your domain for any other reason this post should help you will tell you exactly how to go about it.

I also called up the 1&1 support this morning to verify everything with their team. I have included a transcript of the voice at the end of this post. So don’t worry we have your back for everything 1&1 for now.

Can I transfer my domain away from 1&1?

Yes, you can. It’s your domain and you have the ownership of it. The procedure is almost same as the one you follow for any other provider. We’ll discuss that in detail later.

Will I be charged anything and can I transfer whenever I want?

There is no charge to transfer a domain away from 1&1. In fact, usually you are never charged by your previous provider when you shift domains. Same goes for 1&1. You will just need to remove locks if any and provide the Authorization code for the domain you wish to transfer, when you register with your new provider.

However, you cannot transfer a domain within 60 days of the registration. This is again a rule not set by the provider. It is standard policy. So you might not be able to unlock your domain with 1&1 right away after registration. Don’t panic. You will be able to do so in the 11th month before your domain expires.

Alright, show me how to transfer

Follow these instructions to shift your domain.
1. Head over to

2. Authenticate yourself using your Customer ID and Password.
3. Click on the Cancel button on the left.

4. Select the package containing your domain.
5. Select Cancel domain and click on Continue.

6. Click on “change of provider” under Cancellation Option. Your domain will be unlocked now.

The domain is ready for transfer and all you need now is the Authorization code to give to your new provider.

How to get Domain’s Authorization Code from 1&1?

1. Head over to
2. Authenticate yourself.
3. Click on Domains under Basic Settings

4. Select the domain you wish to transfer and click on the Info button

5. Make a note of the authorization code listed on the Information page.

So that should answer all your question regarding domain transfer and renewal with 1&1. Here’s the transcript of the voice chat with the 1&1 support team.

Me: How much do I pay at the end of the year if I want to continue?
1&1: $8.99 for every year
Me: So that means no charges will be incurred for the next twelve months?
1&1: Absolutely none, sir.
Me: What about the transfer charges.
1&1: If you mean transfer out no charges.

I believe we have reason to believe that 1&1 is not scamming us with this offer, for now. If you find something fishy or would want to know something else leave us a comment. We’ll try to answer you to the best of our abilities.

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  1. Lho Whitfield says

    Many thanks for the info Rajat – it was very useful, I have been struggling to get my email domain out of 1&1 – it was such a difficult thing to do, not very straightforward and you have shown me how!



  2. Aman @ Technolism says

    Hi All,

    I have successfully purchased a domain and nothing has come off my Paypal account. Go for this offer.. Nothing can get better than free ;)

  3. Techno-Pulse says

    Rajat, thanks a lot for all your efforts & time. Indeed, this post clears the air of confusion around 1and1 offer.

    • Rajat says

      you welcome. you know you can count on our word here at ShoutMeLoud. you won’t go astray.

  4. Dev | Technshare says

    Great tutorial. Very helpful for those brought the domains from 1and1 :D.
    Thanks for sharing this great post buddy.

  5. Pradhyuman Singh says

    That would be better if you could provide a screenshot of the other site to which you transferred the domain to.

    • Rajat says

      i did not transfer. i mentioned you cannot do it before 60 days elapse since registration.

      • Nayan says

        I guess, 1&1 wont charge but other will charge. Like if i want to transfer domain from 1&1 to Godaddy, then Godaddy will charge $xx for the transfer if I am not wrong?