How To Take Screenshot of A Complete WebPage

Images helps bloggers to convey the message in more visual way, and at the same time it adds more beautification in your blog post. I use Snag it software to capture all screenshot and later use Imageoptim on my Mac, to optimize the image for lower size. This is what I usually use on my local machine to take screenshots at any time. This is great for taking screenshot of selected region, but how about taking screenshot of complete webpage. Snagit offers features like scrolling to capture that, but certainly it’s not the most comfortable way of taking screenshot of entire webpage. Today, I will be talking about one free service which will let you capture screenshot of an Entire Webpage and you can pin it to your Pinterest account from there.

Snapito: Take Full-length WebSite Screenshot and Pin it:

I will come down to some of the creative use of this useful website later, but for now lets look at how you can quickly take full page screenshot using Snapito. Head over to Snapito website over here. A the top, enter the URL of webpage for which you want to take screenshot and click on Snap.

Screenshot of Entire Webpage

It will take few seconds to create a screenshot of your input URL, and on the next page you can see the complete Web-page screenshot. Here is an example of screenshot of one of the webpage from my own blog using Snapito:

Full Page Screenshot

You can use any desktop based image editing tools to crop or resize the image, before you upload it on your server. You should also consider using plugin on your WordPress blog, as full-page screenshots are usually of high size, and it will slow down loading time of your page. Also it’s a good idea to link to image itself, when you attaching image to a blog post, this way Image will be clickable and your readers can see full resolution image or even download it.

As I mentioned above, Snapito also let you pin the full page screenshot on your Pinterest profile, and here are some creative uses of it:

  • Use it to take screenshot of websites developed by you. This will work as a portfolio board for your Pinterest profile.
  • You can use it create a board with list of all websites do you own.
  • Similarly you can use to create a board related to some collections. (Ex: Collection of your Fav Mac tools, SEO tools, and so on)

Desktop solution to take Full page Screenshot:

Now if you are one of those who are fond of desktop based solutions, I would recommend Snagit, which is one of the favorite image taking tool for bloggers, or you can consider using Paparazzi (Interesting name) on your Mac desktop to take full-page screenshot directly from desktop. PapaRazzi offers features like Image resize, image cropping, and once you get use to this tool, your work will become easier.

PapaRazzi Screenshot

Another great option is by using Getfireshot, which is a paid solution, and comes with 30 days free-trial. Though, before you look out for any of the paid solution, I would recommend you to try above mentioned free solutions to take full page screenshot.

Do let me know which option do you use for capturing entire Web-page screenshot? If you find this article useful, do give us a Facebook like and Google plus.

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  1. Rahul says

    I have been using ‘Awesome Screenshot Capture & Annotate’ google chrome extension. It lets you capture visible portion, complete web page & your selected frame. It has been by far the best solution I have experienced.

  2. says

    That’s ok Agree with a good post of harsh. You can also use Webpage Screenshot in Firefox . This is mojiila adones. I like this adone because it helps to capture whole webpage, Croping area or Visible Area.

  3. Gaurav Heera says

    it’s really hard to take screenshot of a complete webpage. thanks for sharing such a great way to to take full screenshot. it’ll definitely help us.

    Gaurav Heera

  4. Debarpan says

    This is a truely helpful post.Previously I use snipping tool to take the screenshot and use photoshop to optimize it,which was not a smart way and took pretty long time as well.Thanks for the share.

  5. Bala GP Samy says

    Hai Harsh,
    Its really interesting. All are known about some free desktop screenshot extentions and software but you mention in this page is really useful to take full page screenshot without any problem. Really very useful.

  6. Naveen says

    Nice description about desktop Screen shots regarding web pages. For mobiles screen shots ‘Screenshot ultimate’ is the best app. The article would have been perfect if you had focussed on Mobile screen shots which is essential for tech bloggers to take app screen shots.

  7. Ankur Upadhyay says

    I only use Snipping tool till now but this tool has many limitations like its difficult to take the screenshot of whole page. I will definitely take a look at Snapito.

    Thanks Harsh for sharing these tools.