How to Submit Website to Alexa?

We have talked a lot about Alexa in the past and I realized I have missed out the most basic tutorial here and that is how you can submit website to Alexa. Usually, Alexa pick a new domain itself but it’s always a good idea to submit your site yourself and claim your ownership. This way, you can add more details to your Website alexa profile and make it look more professional.

There is always a controversy behind Alexa ranking, but I believe like many other website ranking tool, Alexa is one of the standard and we have to make sure that we get good listing and ranking on Alexa. So this, beginner guide will help you to get started with submission and claiming your site.

Step by step guide to Submit Website/Blog to Alexa:

Before we move ahead, for newbies: Alexa is one of the top website which rank Websites globally and shows various ranking factors like Global rank, country based rank, search term query and many more details which are quite informative and important to judge a website.

So, let’s get started with this tutorial and very step is to create an Alexa account by going to You can either create a custom login or simply login using your Facebook account. I prefer creating a new custom account, as I manage multiple website and it will be much easier to remember the login. So, once you are done creating account, go to Alexa siteinfo page and search for your domain name.

Alexa Submit the site

When you click on certify your site metrics, it will open a pop-up which says:

Certified Site Metrics are metrics that are directly-measured from the website instead of estimated. The website owner has installed an Alexa Certify Code on the pages of their site and chosen to show the metrics publicly.

For the website owner Certified Metrics provide:
  • A more accurate Alexa Rank
  • A private metrics Dashboard for On-Site Analytics
  • The ability to publish unique visitor and pageview counts if desired

Click on plans and pricing page and below plans and pricing you will see an option which says

“You can create basic site comparisons or claim a site with a free Alexa account.”

Click on create free Alexa account and repeat the above process and click on claim a site. You will see three option to verify your site ownership:

Verify Site ownership on Alexa

This step is to claim your domain in alexa and edit its listing. Alexa offers many plans and pricing offer, but for a normal Blog, a free plan is good to start with. For a serious business site, I won’t mind opting for their monthly subscription plan for more exposure. You can get a complete plans and pricing details here. Click on “Certify this site” and it will take you to Alexa pro plan page, click on Sign up under free plan.

Claiming site in Alexa:

Similarly we do Google domain verification, in Alexa we can upload a file or add meta tag to claim our domain. You can pick any of the method, (Upload a verification file to root of your domain or add meta tag in head section of your site. If you are using Thesis theme, simply go to Site options > Additional scripts and add the complete verification code with meta name there.

For example: <meta name=”alexaVerifyID” content=”xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx” />

Make sure to clear your cache if you are using any cache plugin, and click on verify the claim. BlogSpot Bloggers can add the code in their template and follow the same steps, if you have done everything right here, click on verify claim and a successfully claimed message will be shown.

Click on Continue and you can edit many important details regarding your site. You will notice many parts will be locked, as you need to get a premium Alexa account, for editing complete listing. Something, which I will ignore for now:

Submit Website to Alexa

Once done, click on save and continue and your site details on Alexa will be updated. Though, in free Alexa account, there are many limitations like you can’t add custom logo and get more details but for a simple site and Bloggers it’s good and I’m also uncertain if premium listing on Alexa, will help to get more traffic or any major SEO advantage.

Though, it’s always a good idea to submit blog and Website to Alexa or any other similar popular sites. Additionally you can use IMT Website submitter tool, which is a free tool to submit your site to major site ranking websites. An easy way to grab free link juice, which will be beneficial. Here are some articles, which will help you to submit your site to other places:

The only reason for claiming your site in Alexa is to add your site contact details, which at times is beneficial, when advertisers uses alexa to find relevant site to advertise. More over, your site profile on alexa look more professional and better from any other.

How many of you have submitted and claimed your Website on Alexa? Do you think Alexa matters or it’s just another Website?

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  1. says

    Thanks for sharing useful information. Could you please advice how to submit website in list of domain in Alexa. I have seen people submit their site in list of domain.

  2. says

    Hi Harsh,
    It was really an simpler way to submit site to Alexa. It surely helps to look professional. Moreover, When the advertisers look for a relevant blog, this details helps them to get more information about our site or blog.

    Thanks for sharing bro


  3. says

    @Monu Kumar
    You upload the file in twenty twelve theme in header.php under the .
    Firstly click on Editor, After that click on Editor, Then click on header.php, then see where is and paste the file there.

    I want to appreciate you for the above comment, it helped me to upload the alexa file on my theme header. Thanks for your time and concerned!

  4. says

    I have deleted my site once after claimed in a free account. I can’t add that site in same account again with basic pricing. What should I do? and Can I add deleted site in same free account?

  5. says

    Thanks you so much fro this information. Since reading this I have found out how to create an Alexa account and how to add my website and get some valuable info on it.

    I did search many sites looking for relevant information but they left out key pieces of information, which you had here.

    I also found out how to add an Alexa widget for my website thanks to you.

    Keep up the great work and the way you provide your information.

  6. Jason says

    I’ve looked and looked but I don’t not see a basic/free service for Alexa. Have things changed since you posted this article? If not, is it possible to give me a link? The only thing I see that is “free” are the 7 day free trials.

    Thank you for any help….

      • Jason says

        @ Harsh
        Okay thank you for checking. That’s what I figured. It looks like took them over and wants to make $$. I’ll do without and work on building my ranking other ways.

    • says

      Hi Jason! You have to scroll all the way down after the details of each plan to see the mentioned links. Thanks for your help Harsh

  7. Monu Kumar says

    Harsh Agrawal Sir,
    Frankly speaking this guide is very important for those bloggers who don’t knows that how they can claim their websites/blogs to alexa. All tricks are unique and very knowledgeable for all bloggers. In last thanks for providing us this important article.

  8. roland says

    Thank for your tips. I wonder how long for website to be recognized by alexa?. I just made my site for about 1 week. and still not record until now. Please reply, tq.

  9. ABHISHEK says

    hi, i am using twenty twelve theme. i am trying to verify my website with alexa. but am am unable to verify it. where to upload the file in twenty twelve theme.
    plz help me.

  10. Abdullah Khan says

    I don’t know even a single renowned website that is using Alexa Pro Services. Why is it so ? Are people fearing that original stats may lower their rankings ???

  11. Rahul says

    its useful to know about claiming..newbies cannot do this without knowing about it ,..thanks for sharing !!!

  12. Franco says

    In my opinion, I think alexa is just another website.
    I submitted, and claimed my website on Alexa.
    What matters most are websites to be seen on the Internet.
    Frankly I don’t care if alexa ranks my website as 0.
    Because I know everyone can see my website on the Internet, and this is what matters most.
    I think alexa only shows how popular websites are on the Internet.
    Alexa might be useful, for search engine optimization, but I would not only rely on alexa.

  13. shihab says

    Thank you Harsh for your for the useful tutorial. Can you give more tips about submitting a website to Alexa matter .I mark your website & suggest my friend to visit your website.

  14. Imran says

    If you are Blog or website is and your sub domain is then they wont consider.It will consider only primary domain.
    If your blog is on or then it will consider as a new domain.
    So finally what I mean to say is that they wont consider sub domains :)

  15. says

    Getting verification from alexa would be useful for website site audit report, which is not possible any free tools, also useful for frequent crawling for the website.

  16. Ehsan says

    Thanks for the useful tutorial Harsh, but can you tell me that is submitting a website to alexa matter? I mean will it help us to get better alexa rank?

  17. Raheel Mushtaq says

    I’ve heard that you can get better Alexa rank if you certify and claim the website but there is some error or maybe cache problem whenever i sign in and click on dashboard. it gives me this error.

    raheelmushtaq, you are logged in via Alexa, would you like to logout?


  18. warren says

    Harsh, may i know if buying the premium version from Alexa “unlock this feature” will boost our Alexa ranking even better?