How to Submit Blog to Technorati?

Update July 2014: Technorati have revamped and now it’s no more a directory of blogs. Technorati is not accepting any new blog submission.

Technorati is one of the biggest blog directory and has a great index of Blogs from around the globe. Technorati not only is an index of Blogs but also rank them. And if your site is ranked at top 10 under any category, you can expect some nice traffic. Today, we will see how we can submit blog to Technorati as it helps in ranking and also helps in faster indexing of new site.

submit blog to Technorati

Starter guide to Submit Blog to Technorati :

The whole process is divided into 3 simple steps. Register > Submit site > Claim token. In this tutorial, I will explain all the steps one by one. Do remember, try to put all related category and add a complete description to let people know you are running a professional blog. After all, your site in Technorati is like a portfolio of your blog.

Claim your Blog:

To get started with this, register for a free account at Technorati. Once you are registered, go to your account page and add your blog under my claimed blog list.



Click on claim and on the next page add details about your blog. Most important part is selecting the category. So use it wisely, else your blog may be listed in wrong category and you might miss a good chunk of quality traffic.

blog-details-technorati Once you are done adding categories and tags, click on proceed to next step. You will be receiving an Email from Technorati along with claim token which you need to add into your blog to move ahead with the blog claim. This check claim process is done to verify that you own that blog.

How to Claim blog in Technorati?

By now you have added your blog in technorati and the only process which is left is claiming your blog. Go to your account page and click on check claim below the blog you have just added.

All you need to do is create a new blog post along with the Technorati token you have received in the Email or you can find it again in check claim page. Make sure your claim token also appears in feed. One major mistake users make here is, they add the token in existing published post and it doesn’t work The token should appear in new blog post. You can eiher create a post saying test post and add your token as body in the text or simply when you are publishing a new post, you can add token. Technorati uses feeds to verify the presence of claim token. Once claim is done, you can edit the post and remove the technorati token text from it.

Claim blog technorati

Once done, click on verify claim token. It usually take 2-3 days to see your blog in Technorati directory.  This whole process usually take 5-10 minute and it’s worth your time.

Here are few more resources which you should do for your blog:

Do let us know if you have submitted your blog to technorati or are you going to do it now? Also do you know other blog directories which is worth submitting your blog. Suggest only those blog directories which actually drive traffic for your blog.

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COMMENTs ( 25 )

  1. says

    Hello sir, I am trying to sign up for Technorati, but it is nor showing Sign up button and it is only showing log in page. Please tell me how to sign up for Technorati.

  2. Sachin says

    Hey, became nervous after reading the comments (odd ones), but registered in (fingers crossed). Tried for the first time in any of the directories. But slightly confused with the feeds issues. Searching for the solution.
    BTW thanks for the help.

    • says

      If you have claimed your blog successfully by putting up the token… All you need is to wait for a while.. Sometime it takes little than longer… And it’s worth waiting.. Hope you get your blog approved on Technorati soon..

  3. Sahil Jain says

    hey harsh
    i have got problem with my blog.i have submitted my blog to technorati already and followed all the steps properly but this message always flashes on my screen “your blog has not approved due to inadequate or inaccurate description”.however i have written a 80-90 words description of my blog in best possible way.i am seeing no way further.please look into this problem.

  4. Navin Kumar says

    I have submitted my blog to technorati today. How long are they taking to review submitted claims these days ?

  5. raman bathina says

    I have submitted my blog on technorati before 3 months and got authority 98,but recently i have edit my blog details in technorati after that my authority down to 1 and in the recent posts it shows untitled post.what is the wrong with that?

  6. says

    This is not only help the novice blogger but also its a way to learn more about blog promotion. Let me know more about Technorati, please provide some guidelines about website promotion with Technorati.

  7. Eishita Koley says

    Hey Harsh!
    Can u pls help me in filling rss feeds box in form.
    I am unable to submit my blog in technorati.

  8. ricrat says

    i get an issue
    Your blog was declined for the following reason:

    * We could not verify ownership of your blog.
    A link back, widget or meta-tag is required to verify site ownership.

    Please help me…thanks…

  9. Elizabeth says

    Currently Technorati is only useful as a link building tool…Look at the top authority sites, visit these sites, comment and make a link. Or do a link exchange with these sites.

    In all other sense, Technorati is useless. Technorati team doesn’t do anything to improve the situation. I cannot even change the Blog name for last one year. Update site information hasn’t been working for over an year..

  10. rahul solanki says

    Dear harsh i too submitted my blog on 30 december 2010 but till not is the message i get in my technorati account.Dec 30, 2010. We have successfully crawled your blog and found the claim token, and your claim is now awaiting review.

    please tell me what to do

  11. Vivek Parmar says

    initially, newbie find problem while submitting their blog to techorati, one disadvanatage is that when you have lots of post and a quite good amount of visitors, then publishing a test post is not a nice idea. but for verification process you have to publish a test post

  12. Isha Singh says

    i submitted in technorati before but got some issue with feeds. so, has submitted again and waiting for their approval.

  13. Ileane says

    Hey Harsh, It seems like it’s taking forever for Technorati to approve my daughter’s blog submission. It was much faster when I submitted mine. I wonder if that’s because she has a fashion blog.

    I made one mistake when I submitted my blog though. I created a new post with the claim code. It was a little embarrassing to see all of the auto-tweets go out called Technorati Claim. :(

    • says

      Heane you could have added that claim token in any of the new post… Though I agree this days, Technorati is taking ages to approve any blog.. Hope they will speed up the process in future..

    • Elizabeth says

      The truth is that it could even take months for the claim to be approved considering the current state of Technorati.Submitting a new post is ok. or editing your last post and adding the code is also fine.