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How to Style Single Post in Thesis WordPress Theme

How to Style Single Post in Thesis WordPress Theme

I’m using thesis on most of mywordpress-thesis-theme blogs and I recommend this to my readers. If you are still thinking to consider Thesis theme, I would suggest get it now, Since rumors are Thesis 2.0 is on the way and price is going to be high. You can buy Thesis theme from my aff. link

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Thesis WordPress theme is full of features and one of them is styling your single post. Thesis comes with inbuilt feature to style your blog post and by adding few line of codes you can style your single post or pages and you can make it look more appealing. If you have read my earlier post on 8 essential settings after installing WordPress, you will realize how I added yellow box for headlines and that  helps in making that post scan able. Scan-able content are very important for social media optimization of your blog.

How do I Style my Thesis theme single post?

Feature which I’m talking here is Notes and Alert feature of Thesis theme. All  we need to do is add below given code to show any text as note or alert.

Notes in Thesis Theme : In this example, I’m styling Testing for notes with Notes styling. Notice the code which I added in HTML format to  style it.

To show notes in thesis theme

Testing for Notes

<p class="note">Testing for Notes</p>

Alert for Thesis Theme

Testing for Notes

Testing for Alert

<p class="note">Testing for Notes</p>Testing for Alert</p>

You need to add above code in HTML mode for the text you want to highlight.

You can also enhance your notes and alert styling by playing with your custom code. If you need article for that, do let me know. Else this codes will help you to style  your single post and make them look more attractive.

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  • Umar Imtiaz

    Hye..Could you tell me how you have stylized(used css style) your ‘Tagged as’ that is at the end of your post and above previous and next post?as i am also using thesis theme…..If you dont understand then kindly email me i will tell you in detail…thanks

  • Rajinder Singh

    amazing plugin but i m using it in a theme which is not by thesis but still it works thanks aton harsh.

  • Anoop Sudhakaran

    I always use this in my posts! :)

  • ankit

    Hey thanks harsh.You have solved my problem .You are simply awesome dude.Keep working.

  • Shaiq Uddin

    Thanx for such a great tip Harsh! but I need to know that how you’ve put image in your notes and how you’ve tweaked css?

  • Jens P. Berget

    How do you get the yellow box, is that the alert box?

  • iYingHang

    Thesis is great but I wonder why I am still not using it? =S

  • Imran Yousaf

    Thanks Harsh for your generous. You have contributed a good post for which I was looking from a long time. Notes and Alert command is not available in Wordpress editor, so we have to hardcode it in our posts. Please correct me if I am wrong.

  • Asad @Technology Blog

    You can also use style box wordpress plugin if you don’t have thesis theme to stylize post in the same way as thesis do.


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