How to Stay Productive as a Web Designer when your not hired?

Stay Productive

Being a freelance web designer and hired does not mean that, your always equipped with work. At some point of time, I’m sure you’ll be out of work. May be you just completed a project and you have some spare time before you start with the next one. At worst cases, you don’t have another one. What do you do, during this period? Well, in this article, I’ll discuss few ways in which you can stay Productive and pro active during this quiet period. So, let’s get started…

6 Easy tips to stay Productive for designers:

Well, this tips are definitely targeted for freelance designers but every freelancer can use these simple staying productive tips and improve their career.


People just can’t find you with your business cards sent through emails. They need to see you what you are actually capable of. To show people who you are and what you are capable of, it becomes essential that you start a website or blog. It is not necessary you blog about your occupation again and again, instead you can share tips about web design or anything for that matter, but ensure that your site is unique. When people see unique blogs on their niche, they often tend to see who the designer is. By this way, you’ll be able to attract clients. A blog offers a lot more advantages than just showing off your skills. I’ll be discussing about the same in the following points.

You can easily create a website using WordPress and get your online presence more prominent. If you are new to WordPress, you can refer to our complete WordPress guide or check our How to install WordPress manually.


As I mentioned earlier, with a blog or website,  you can sell your design products. These may range from simple icons to complex posters or WP themes. The marketplaces play a vital role in situations where you don’t possess a website/blog of your own.  They’ll promote and sell the products for you. Of course, they’ll take 1/4th of your price as their commission. As far as I know, this is the best method that one can opt for, when he/she is not hired to stay pro active as well as productive.


It is not necessary that you should always blog about tutorials and tips related to web design on your very own blog. Rather, you can provide the same to other blogs, as well.  Why should I do so? Well, pretty simple. You’ll get better exposure to show your skills/blog. You can make money out the same too. For example, Vector Diary will pay you $150.00 for posting an article. Well, there are sites that shall pay you lot more than that provided your skills are sharp. I recommend you to read the following article to pull a better web designer out of you -. Above all, what more can be satisfying than helping out the upcoming designers around the web design community.


As I mentioned in my previous article about web design, it’s just not sufficient to be a good web designer in your area of expertise alone. With the fast growing web design industry, it is essential that you learn and master the other fields in web designing as well. These include familiarizing yourself with new tools or learning new stuffs like HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, etc… The period when you are out of work is the best time to do this. So, better start equipping yourself with new techniques!


Ah! I guess this should be interest  you! Writing an e-book is something that you would’ve never tried. As far as I know, the web design gurus say that writing an e-book is something that they enjoy. So, why not you try the same? If you intend to sell e-books related to web design, there are lot of websites out there to sell your stuff. For example, Amazon book store, Apple ibook store, ejunkie, etc… Well, the failure or success of an e-book depends on the way you expressed your design and the skill you possess. However, there is nothing is to lose when they don’t sell! So, give it a shot :)


It becomes very necessary that you update your portfolio during your period of absence. I would prefer a portfolio of designs with better quality than quantity (few may not agree with this but I’m always open to critiques & suggestions) . I’m sure when you look at your own portfolio, you’ll notice that your initial works are not that satisfactory as the current ones are. So, I suggest you to recycle your database and display only those hand picked quality web designs as your portfolio.

Well, I just shared my knowledge about staying how to stay productive during the off times. I’m sure there are lot more strategies that a freelancer can adopt when he/she is not hired. So, share them via comments! We would love to hear from you!

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  1. Mukund says

    @Riten Jain: Exactly! Even I do the same! I tweak some stuff on my blog and try to post tutorials on other blogs or spread my article via various design sites like design news…:)

    @Amit: Themes consumes a lot more time and it’s quite difficult to complete the same within your quiet period. So, designing icons is a better option!! Well, if your theme is excellent, I guess you shouldn’t be facing any problems with marketing them!

    @Kavya Hari: Thanks for the comment buddy! I hope you enjoy the other articles as well!

  2. Kavya Hari says

    Actually, this is one of the worthy article without any doubt because this is one of the great directions to stay productive as a designers too. So, i would like to say thanks for Mukund for given informative post on here :)

  3. Amit says

    I think creating and New Themes and selling them is the best option that works great ..I did in the past and have great success with it and starting a website .it takes time to make it and more time to market it ..

  4. Riten Jain says

    Nice one bro !! i been into web designing, if i don’t get any freelancing job i get busy in improving my blog theme :) :) good way to be productive with your work.

  5. Mukund says

    @Bhaveek: The post is actually aimed at freelance web designers rather than webmasters!

    @Dheeraj: Thanks for the comment! I hope you enjoy the other articles as well!

  6. Dheeraj@techreuters says

    Very nice presentation of article. All the guidelines are very useful and clear.

  7. Bhaveek says

    Mukund, I think is better to hire a professional to do web designing so that we can have time to post some good quality articles. :)