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    Google Talk Invisible trick using Gtalk lab edition

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    Despite of being one of the popular IM service, Google talk client lacks many feature. One of them is Google talk invisible feature. I prefer to stay all the time online on Gtalk but then I miss the power of staying invisible on Google talk. Google already added invisible feature in web Gtalk client but desktop Google talk client still needs lots of improvement to match current level of Yahoo messenger and MSN messenger.googletalklogo thumb Google Talk Invisible trick using Gtalk lab edition

    With the gaining popularity of Google products Google talk is one messenger which every one is using now-a-days because it is integrated with various services all together like Gmail, Orkut, Google translation and various bots are there which help you to get more out of your Google talk.

    Though we miss one feature in Google talk when we compare it to Yahoo messenger is being invisible and work.

    We can stay invisible on Gtalk by using Web mail of Google (i.e Gmail) but this is some feature I will love to have on my desktop client. Luckily we can avail this feature ( Invisibility + Online ) using the Gtalk lab version.

    Gtalk Lab to use Google talk invisible feature on Desktop

    I know many of you have heard about it and many of you might have not, like Gmail lab, Google have Gtalk lab version which gives you independence of tab chatting like in Digsby and then it has feature where you can go invisible.

    google talk lab edition invisible Google Talk Invisible trick using Gtalk lab edition

    Google lab is in experimental phase but if you like tabbed chatting and GTalk invisible feature on your desktop, Google talk labs edition is the best option for you. GTalk lab also support emoticons, Email notification, orkut notifications. Though, compare to default Gtalk chat client, it’s not as light weight and chatting experience is not the same, but still there is nothing to complain as you will get much needed feature of being invisible on gTalk from desktop.

    Download: Google talk lab edition

    Do share if you know any other Gtalk desktop client which allows to stay invisible?

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    This is really good. I was looking for it sometime back.
    Will grab it now :D

    Harsh Agrawal

    I like this application but still it need lots of enhancement.


    how can I invisible for one user help me pls



    how can I invisible for one user help me pls

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