How to Start Using Videos for Your Blog

Using videos in your blog posts can add a new and exciting element for just about any business out there. Videos can make things more interesting, and it can provide more personality, which is something that your customers might want. Seeing a picture and reading your words are one thing and every blog should have that type of content. However, having some videos can help your visitors have an even greater connection. They can listen you talk about your business, whatever it might be, and they can hear the passion in your voice. Seeing you in the video is more akin to meeting you, and that is often a connection online customers find they miss from the real world.

For the product based site, having a Video on landing page helps in enhancing the experience and make users understand why they need to use Videos. For example, you can check out a great example on MAXCDN landing page, which is a CDN network. The idea of using videos on a service page or on an E-commerce site is to educate users and make them want your product.

Here are some resources, which will give you in-depth information regarding using Videos on your site:

What Types of Video for the Blog?

What types of video should you have on your blog? Where should the videos go? Keep in mind that all businesses and blogs are going to be different, and you will want to make sure that you create your content around what your visitors want and need. However, you can use the following helpful tips when it comes to getting video on your blogging site.

Have a video version in the “About” section of the site. Knowing more about the business owner and any key employees is always nice. You can have a written “About” section as well, but the video can provide a personal touch.

You can also have video posts in your content section. You don’t have to have a video post each day, or even once a week though. Since the content is going to be different in the video and likely longer, you can do a video post once or twice a month. You will want to fill in the other time with your regular written posts. The content can be anything relevant to your site. Make sure it is something that excites your and that is important, as this will come through in the video.

Another benefit of adding videos in your content/blog post is search engine ranking. If you are using WordPress, you can easily create video sitemap using Video sitemap plugin and submit it to Google Webmaster tools, Bing Webmaster tools and other search engines which you target. You can always check in Google which videos are indexed in Google by typing and select the video section. Here is a screenshot of videos indexed from ShoutMeLoud:

Videos for Blog in Google Search

None the less, if you are creating your own videos, you can always earn via YouTube Adsense partnership and also gain SEO advantages and promotion via video Blogging. Here is earning screenshot of Harsh Youtube channel and if you are interested to know more, meet youtube stars making $2000/day:

money from Youtube videos

The Costs of Video Blogging

You will find that it doesn’t cost nearly as much as you might think to start video blogging. You can find some wonderful video blogging WordPress themes that will be able to accept video content easily, so you don’t have to worry about a large technological gap when it comes to your site. You could even upload your video to YouTube and then use the embedding URL to place on your site. This way, people could stumble across your content on YouTube and then visit your site. It’s an easy way to find some more visitors for your blog.

You should be able to find a high quality video camera at an electronics store for a couple hundred dollars. These digital video cameras can hook right up to your computer. You can upload the video directly to YouTube or your site, or you can bring it into a video-editing program. Most computers today come with a basic video editor, but you can buy an upgraded one with more options if you need them. You can use Camtasia to record your computer screen and make video tutorials, or you can use your Camcorder or DSLR camera to shoot videos and edit them using any free or paid video editor, based on your skills. None the less, if video editing sounds like a task to you, hire freelance video editors who will be happy to help you at a price tag.

The only other thing that it is going to cost is time. You need to spend time making sure that you know how your camera works, as well as the software that you will be using. In addition, you need to know your audience and prepare your material for the video in advance. You do not want to ad lib a video because you will stumble over your words, and it often leads nowhere. Once you get the hang of things and have a production schedule, it is going to be much easier to get your videos up on the web for your blog.

No matter what, atleast move ahead and start working on creating your first video and get yourself a Youtube channel to increase exposure.  How many of you are creating videos for their blog and how is it working out for you?

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