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    How To Get Started with Internet Marketing

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    Internet Marketing How To Get Started with Internet Marketing

    Nowadays, Most of you may be facing economical problems and the cause of this problem is unemployment . Nowadays , getting a job is not an easy task and even after getting higher studies , some people fails to get even a part-time job . So , if you are facing such a problem & not getting job ( or under-employed ) , then you may use the internet as a source of income . Although , there are thousands of ways through which you can make money on the internet , but in order to make huge income , you should get into internet marketing. It is quite like marketing an offline business , but in case of internet marketing , the promotion of your business is done online on internet.

    What is Internet Marketing ? 

    Internet Marketing literally means marketing your products or services on the internet in order to get more customers . If you have a product but not getting customers for it , then you may get into internet marketing to promote it which will reward you with the flow of customers for your product . And , if you don’t have any initial product , then you can also provide services of the tasks in which you are specialized . Ultimately , you can call it as a strategy of promoting certain products or services on the internet . Read:

    How To start Internet marketing business?

    Now , I think that a question is revolving around your mind – How to get started ? Well , it is not very hard to get started in the field of internet marketing but in order to be a successful internet marketer , you should work hard along with stable concentration . I have made a list of strategies which will teach you through all the steps which should be taken in order to build up a successful business to market up your products or services on the internet :-


    First of all , think about the product or service that you will be providing and how will you provide them to your customers ( whether offline or online ) . Make the complete model of your business , starting from the name of the business to the transferring of services or products . Read:

    Landing page:

    Now , you are ready to go ! In order to stand out among your competitors , you should first make your business visible . So , in order to do so , you should build up your official website . On the website , provide all the info about your products & services , and how to buy them ! Make your website look like branded along with your business and keep a professional design , so that you can attract more customers. Create Squeeze page or landing page which you can use to target visitors coming from different channel. For example, separate landing page for people coming from Facebook and you can give them some coupons as incentive in return of joining your Facebook fan page and so on for other source of traffic. Read:

    Visibility and SEO:

    Just creating a website will not view up your online presence since some people visits it . So , you should take proper Search Engine Optimization ( SEO ) strategies so that you can get more visitors from popular search engines . Though if you are new to Search engine optimization, you should hire any good SEO firm in your area. Discus with them about your product and for Keyword which you need traffic. Any reputable SEO company, will guide you with the best suggestion and help you getting better ranking in search engine. After optimizing your website for search engines , take proper strategies to convert the visitors of your official website into customers . Read:


    As soon as you are done in creating a website and optimizing it for search engines , the next step is to get more & more visitors from various sources . You may create PPC campaign , promote your business through Social Media or take many other promotional strategies , so that you can get more niche-based visitors which can easily be turned into customers .

    Customer Support and Engagement:

    Now , as soon as you have started getting customers for your products or services , try to provide best support ( 244×7 )  to your customers so that they come to buy your products or services again , or to recommend them to others . Apart from that , provide the services or products right after getting payment from them . You should read annoying customer care practices to avoid annoying your customers. Take all the necessary steps to make your customers happy and comfortable , and this will certainly help your online business to grow up to an extent . Read:

    I think now you have understood what internet marketing really is and how you can generate income from it  . Now you are ready to be an internet marketer , just follow the guideline I have provided and build up a successful online business . Best of luck

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    Though I’ve been into IM and especially blogging since 2009, I must say your post was quite informative for newbies :)

    There was a minor typo – (244×7) in the last paragraph.



    Very clear and useful for new online marketers! In my opinion installing a self-hosted business Wordpress blog is the best solution for the beginners. Good content and quality back links are the key for a successful IM.


    Ravi kumar

    Hi, Priyangshu

    Great Tips for Internet Marketing, I have been in this field for more than 3 years. I am looking for some part time opportunities in Internet Marketing. Let me know if someone want to hire me.



    Naveen Mayura

    I appreciate your work! very good and very important post for internet mareket starters! Thanks a lot form my heart


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