How to Solve Facebook Login Problem?

Facebook is the most famous social networking sites. Like other social networking site it is a place where people from different countries interact with each other in a common environment. It also allows people with same choices and interest to discuss or interact on it. Here I’m explaining most common Facebook login problems.

Facebook Login Problem

Around 800 millions of the people worldwide are using this great social networking tool to communicate with their friends, to interact with various groups, to increase their business exposure etc.

facebook login problem

Various Facebook login problem

Like all other websites and social networking sites,there are many Facebook login problems. These problems may be incorrect password or email address etc.

I have mentioned two most common facebook problems:-

Incorrect Email address or Passwords

It occurs when then password or email address typed by you has some typo or spelling errors. Delete the email address and type it again because may be due to spelling error Facebook has failed to detect it. Before entering passwords always make sure that caps lock is always turned off. As it is case-sensitive on entering passwords with on caps will be rejected by the facebook and you will be redirected back to the incorrect email address or password page again. For any Facebook login username and password related issue check this official page.

Facebook Email address not valid:

Many times when you try signing up for Facebook using your Google apps account mainly using admin, info or service, you won’t be able to sign up. Facebook doesn’t allow sign up with such generic name. You can create a Google apps address under your name [email protected] and sign up for Facebook.

Facebook login Page is not loading

This is another one of the most common problem in which Facebook login page failed to load. In this case there should be a problem with your cookies. If you are facing this problem then do take reference of Facebook help section.

Facebook Phishing

Phising is growing as most terrible technique to grab passwords and emails. It deals with creating fake login pages and to steal email and passwords of the victim.

In order to secure yourself from phishing hacking method, you should take following measures..

  • Don’t click on other website’s facebook login pages. Always self entered the url in the browser and login safely.
  • If you are redirected from another page to the facebook login then don’t forget to check the url of the pages, sometime actual URL may be different from (This is not true everytime because a professional phisher also knows to change the URL as well).
  • Don’t trust anyone. Don’t pass your login details and other passwords to anyone else.
  • Keep your passwords as long as possible.Use a mixture of letters, numbers as well as symbols in your passwords.

These are some simple tips but will be very useful for all of us to keep our Facebook account safe and secure. Do share your facebook login problem?

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COMMENTs ( 39 )

  1. says

    I am not able to open my fb account it’s showing that my account is locked for some time..and while I have given my all info like address,my birth date nd my gov official ID profile pic also but still its not opening …plz plz help me

  2. Sourish says

    For a week I am trying to open my fb account but some other page is coming in front, so please help

  3. Khan says

    I can’t log in facebook and getting message that “account is temporary locked”. Recently, i was in KSA so from there I tried to open facebook, but after several attempts my account is locked. Now I am in my country, but still can not open account. The facebook asks my identity such as date of birth, but i don’t remember, as I just put random number at that time. Can somebody help me?

  4. lynn smith says

    Four days ago I tried to go into my facebook page n I couldnt. It goes into a page with my name a new oage with hardly anythi g on it n I didnt create it and I cannot get into my original facebook page or even find it. I dont want a new one. Please helpme fix tbis problem. Could someone have hacked my fb page? Wat can b done to fix this?

  5. leona broussard says

    i can’t login to my account i keep getting an error 80710a06 how do i fix it i am on a playstation 3 but i been using it i recently did a system restore and since i did i get that error message page cannot be displayed error 80710a06

  6. madal says

    hey i am having problem login my facebook from mobile phone. I can access my account from my laptop or any other device but its not working in my Iphone 4g. I already tried uninstalling the fb app and installing it back, but there is no sign of signing in. Please help

  7. Rin says

    I am unable to access to my FB acct now. Error message stated ” account is currently unavailable due to site issue”.
    Could it be hacked or FB site has problem?Any idea?

  8. zuberiya says

    I am unable to access my fb login page i.e after entering login-id and pwd it says a message ” your account is temporarily locked” this is because your system is infected with virus. To overcome this i have downloaded McAfee s/w n done with removal of infected files. But still i am unable to open my facebook account. kindly suggest me the solution.

  9. sruthi says

    hi gud morning i have facebook account but login and other s etting is ok but every time some errors shows me like age verification and more plz vertify and update it

  10. Rajesh says

    Dear Sir,

    I am an old user of Facebook, i was using regularly facebook but there was no problems at all but few days back i have set privacy setting, after that when ever i was opening my account at the same time i was getting sms on my mobile that you have login in so and so computer.

    And this service i used about 3 -4 days after that i just delete my cookies and after that whenever i am trying to open my account it is saying that “THE TELEPHONE NUMBER IS INVALID” and i am unable to open my account but i am able to change my password but i can not go further after that even though my mobile number is the same as earlier.

    And at the time of changing password everything showing correct my both E-mail ID and my Mobile Number but i am getting code in my email only not on my mobile. And after that i am trying to open my account then its again saying that your “THE TELEPHONE NUMBER IS INVALID’

    Please Please help me out in this regard because i wants to access my account anyhow.

  11. sp singh says

    Dear concern,

    I have received new password, but i am unable to change my password, therefor cant login to my page,
    Pls solve my problem

  12. shruti says

    I have face a problem with facebook Login.When I try to Login facebook then it show me errors like below..

    The requested URL could not be retrieved


    While trying to retrieve the URL:

    The following error was encountered:

    Access Denied.
    Access control configuration prevents your request from being allowed at this time. Please contact your service provider if you feel this is incorrect.

    Your cache administrator is root.


    Generated Tue, 15 Feb 2011 02:53:20 GMT by (squid/2.6.STABLE21)

  13. Sarm says

    i have a problem with facebook in opening.when i try to opening facebook then it show me some errors like below..
    HTP/1.1 200 OK
    Cache-Control: private, no-cache, no-store, must-revalidate
    Expires: Sat, 01 Jan 2000 00:00:00 GMT
    P3P: CP=”DSP LAW”
    Pragma: no-cache
    Set-Cookie: _e_60yM_0=deleted; expires=Sun, 27-Sep-2009 08:08:49 GMT; path=/;; httponly
    Set-Cookie: _e_60yM_1=deleted; expires=Sun, 27-Sep-2009 08:08:49 GMT; path=/;; httponly
    Set-Cookie: _e_60yM_10=deleted; expires=Sun, 27-Sep-2009 08:08:49 GMT; path=/;; httponly
    Set-Cookie: _e_60yM_11=deleted; expires=Sun, 27-Sep-2009 08:08:49 GMT; path=/;; httponly
    Set-Cookie: _e_60yM_12=deleted; expires=Sun, 27-Sep-2009 08:08:49 GMT; path=/;; httponly
    Set-Cookie: _e_60yM_2=deleted; expires=Sun, 27-Sep-2009 08:08:49 GMT; path=/;; httponly
    Set-Cookie: _e_60yM_3=deleted; expires=Sun, 27-Sep-2009 08:08:49 GMT; path=/;; httponly
    Set-Cookie: _e_60yM_4=deleted; expires=Sun, 27-Sep-2009 08:08:49 GMT; path=/;; httponly
    Set-Cookie: _e_60yM_5=deleted; expires=Sun, 27-Sep-2009 08:08:49 GMT; path=/;; httponly

  14. Emma~Jayne says

    can you help me i can and i cant get on to facebook i cn login in one time and then, when i which my laptop on again the same day i cant login in it say tht i have not got the internet connection, but my inernet connection is fine. I can sreach for other website quite easy it is just facebook i am having trouble getting on to but the only way tht i cn get on to facebook and check my emails and who has wrote on my wall is by phone and i dont want to do tht
    plz help me

  15. norain says

    hye there….
    i have problem with my facebook. i can’t login it via my laptop, but if i use other people laptop, i can login it as usual. the problem is my internet connection is fine. i can search google, youtube and others website as usual. the only website that i cant open are only yahoo and facebook. can you help me to solve this problem.

    this is my facebook email:[email protected]

    • Veronica says

      Account Temporarily Unavailable
      Your account is currently unavailable due to a site issue. We expect this to be resolved shortly. Please try again in a few minutes.

  16. Red says

    I cannot login because Facebook keeps saying that my email address is not associated with any account. For sure it is the email I used to open the facebook acount yesterday and it works very well. I also keep receiving notifications from facebook friends at this email (so it must be in the facebook system). Friends can see my profile but I cannot login to it :(
    Please help! Thanks

  17. guylednum says

    its been so long and i forgot everything—my id,and password.. can’t remember what they were..need help to retrieve them

    • tommy l.bowers says

      Somehow my email address has been changed to Yahoo something or another.I only have this listed above address.Iknow the pass word that should be the actual one,as well as the securty code no.Id like some imediate action on the problem please.

  18. trhodgins says

    For the past few days, I’ve noticed when I log out of Facebook, that I’m not really logged out. Instead of logging out and FB taking me to the logout screen, I remain on my homepage. When I click anywhere on my homepage, then the logout screen finally comes up.

    Now tonight, I have tried to login to FB several times without success. Then was able to login briefly to make an addition to my profile photos, but then FB threw me out again.

    Also, I have changed security options so that I stop getting notifications to my BB but still continue to get the notifications which is bothersome.

    I expect you are having issues with the FB servers. Please notify me with FB is up and running properly and advise if my FB account has been compromised.

  19. mehraj khan says

    i cannot open my own profile, because there is some problem in password and email address. can you pls solve this problem

  20. asmma says

    i deactivated my facebook account and when i went back to it says this email is invalid..and when i try to create new account with the same email it tells me this email already exist im confused i want my facebook back..what to do..will facebook ever solv any problems or have i lost my account….

  21. D says

    I am having the same problem mentioned here three times but no postings in reply on how to help solve it. It say ” You cant access your account because you not confirmed that you are human”. I dont know how it occured but I would be really grateful if someone can tell me how to help solve this problem. Thank you

  22. Chad A. Stanley says

    Hello Sorry to complain but after changing my password I logged out to check and see if it was a go from there. Once tried to log in and from then on it tells me my password is incorect and I am sure that it was correct.

    Now being that my email address is not active or available from that account anymore I have no idea as to how to reset it now. Please if someone can assist me.

  23. Geoffrey Byrd says

    It says my account was accessed elsewhere from another computer. and ask me to identify some of my friends and i dont even know them. i have a bunch of friends listed that i dont know. how do i login now?

    • Dr Vipin says

      I am also facing the problem, as I cant identify the photos of many of my friends as well as funny objects , which they have put to identify !! I wonder that I will be able to open my FB or not ????

      • Facebook Hassle says

        Ditto. I logged in while on vacation and it said I was logging in from somewhere new so I had to identify friends from the photos. I have over 1600 people as friends and many of their photos are of random things, not even them. Stupid system. Now I can’t login at home either. Why is Facebook tracking IPs as their security system? What about students that travel home over breaks? Grrrrr.

      • Dayaji says

        vipin ji have patient try to remember few of your friends 5-7 and click on those real FB friends. It seem you have forgotten your password. dont worry strange objects have logics, like tiger, water fall, monkeys so grop them and click only the group type objects with patient.

    • Dayaji says

      have patient try to remember few of your friends 5-7 and click on those real FB friends. It seem you have forgotten your password.

  24. yulinda says

    when i try 2 log in,y can’t??
    It show ” You don not have access to your account because you not confirmed that you are human. Please come back later and tray again.”
    Y can like tat?tis is my 1st time gt tis problem.

    • Annisa D says

      I have the same problem, it keeps saying “You don not have access to your account because you not confirmed that you are human. Please come back later and tray again.” Obviously its a virus, but I have no idea how to get rid of it!! >.<

      • MargeJ says

        did anyone figure out how to fix this problem?
        It’s happening to me now and I cant figure out how to get rid of it. Please let me know asap!

  25. anne holden says

    the new security system set up is good but its to good if thats possible
    i had some one trying to get on to my account and the system stopped them and for that the powers that be habe my thanks but the same system is stopping me from getting on to my account
    its asking me security questions that theres no way i would have knowledge off ut also states if my computer is recognissed i could skip this stage
    that is not the case

  26. Digital Imagination says

    Thanks buddy….

    I used facebook in many frequent times and we all almost use it everytime and this articles on some safety while logging will help all of us lot…..