How to Signup for Godaddy Affiliate Program

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How to Signup for Godaddy Affiliate Program

Godaddy is one of the popular brand name in the market of domain and web-hosting. They are popular for various reason and they have all the reason for an affiliate marketer to join their big fat paying affiliate program. In this guide I will be sharing details about their wen upgraded affiliate program, and how you can join and earn money.

Godaddy Affiliate program

Earlier Godaddy used to have their own managed affiliate program. Later on they shut down their managed program and now hooked up with CJ and tradedoubler marketplace to manage their affiliate program.

You can join any of the mentioned marketplace to signup for Godaddy affiliate program. In this guide, I will share which marketplace I use and my experience with it. Since Godaddy offers are appealing, you can easily make some good money.

Getting Started with Godaddy Affiliate Program

If you are on CJ, you can directly search for Godaddy inside your search partner tab. They shut down their affiliate program via ShareAsale on March 7th 2015. For now, you can join via CJ or TradeDoubler marketplace.

Note: I have written this article for ShareASale which is no longer associated with Godaddy. I have applied for an affiliate account with TradeDoubler and will update the article when my account will be activated.

To start with you need an account with ShareASale. It’s free to crete an account and you can sign up here. If you already have an account, login to your ShareASale dashboard and click on Merchants > Search for Merchants to search Godaddy inside ShareASale.

Godaddy at ShareASale

In my case It’s written “Enrolled in program” and in your case you would see “Join program”. Click on it to join the Godaddy affiliate program. Make sure you have  updated your ShareASale profile, as your application will be manually approved. Once you are approved you will get an Email notification and then you can login to your ShareASale dashboard and get affiliate links for Godaddy products.

Inside your ShareASale dashboard, click on Links > Get a links banner and select Godaddy from the list:

Godaddy Affiliate links

You can click on get HTML code to get your unique Affiliate link for your selected product. Don’t forget to check out “Deals and coupons” tab to find exclusive Godaddy deals which you can promote and increase your sales by a great number. ShareASale pay you by Check or you can directly deposit money into your bank account using ACH.

The best thing about Godaddy is; they come up with exclusive deals now and then and you can use it to increase your affiliate sales. I have already shared a guide on how to promote affiliate products on your blog, which will help you to promote Godaddy affiliate program on your blog.  If you are using WordPress, do use Gocodes WordPress plugin to make your affiliate link reader friendly and check this guide to learn how Google treats affiliate links for SEO.

Do let me know your success story with Godaddy affiliate program, and how likely you are going to recommend it to others.

Godaddy Aff program

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Harsh has written 1047 articles.

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    • says

      I know about the change, and I have already added 2-3 line above in the article.
      Update:If you are on CJ, you can directly search for Godaddy inside your search partner tab. They shut down their affiliate program via ShareAsale on March 7th 2015. For now, you can join via CJ or TradeDoubler marketplace.

      I need to remove the complete ShareAsale part, and update with Tradedoubler process once my application is approved on their. it’s been 3 days and they haven’t accepted the application.

  1. rajan says

    Hi Harsh,Earlier I was on godaddy direct affiliate program,but after shutdown,I moved on shareasale.As I am new for this, Can you please tell me what is the commission rate of godaddy on shareasale for promoting the Hosting(Economy,Deluxe, Business ) programme to new user.

  2. Gagan says

    Hi harsh,
    as Yesu Raj mention about tax forms, CJ also has two forms for non-us person
    1 is Certification of No United States Activities
    2nd is W-8BEN Certificate
    please tell me which form to fill.

    and can you tell me how much commission can i make by selling 1 hosting plan.


  3. Abu Zafor says

    Is it any topic to write about? I think everyone who has a facebook or Google account, He know how to signup to any website including Godaddy and so on. We hope to get useful and interesting articles from SML, not like this one. Hope you Guys understand and If I hart you by writing these line, Please forgive me. I wrote this because, I am a regular reader of SML and like other days, Today, I have come to check out new and interesting articles


    • says

      Thanks for your honest feedback and I understand your sentiment. When I write these kind of basic articles, I had to think twice before publishing. I know regular reader of ShoutMeLoud expect an article with more insight and not such basic How-to, but let me tell you something. Most of the eMails which I get from existing or new readers, they need such basic step by step How-to, and that’s why I integrate such article once in a while. I will lee your feedback in mind, and will surely ensure that you also get what you expect to read at ShoutMeLoud. Thanks for being around!

  4. Yesu Raj says

    Hi Harsh,

    There are forms W-8BEN and W-8ECI . Which needs to be completed for getting payed by godaddy Direct Affiliate. Which form do Indian residents should use.

    Please advise. Its very urgent.

    Thank you

    • says

      Whatever you do, first consult with a person who knows about foreign and Indian taxation etc.
      The procedures adopted by Google and Paypal are rather simple.

      Anyways, thank you Harsh for this great article. It is very informative.

      My advice to everybody here is to try different affiliate programs (the branded one) and find out more about their services and procedures.

      Money flows in when we (bloggers) give good service to our viewers. We cannot treat them like customers. I am managing a technical blog and whoever visits my site expect some help in terms of code or a solution. I cannot lure them to buy a product.

      Initially I had too many ads on my blog, after reading few articles here and other blogs, I have changed settings and instead of reducing the number of ads, I have placed them in a systematic way.

      Finally its up to the user to choose what they want to do.

      Another point I would like to add. If you have Google ad’s on your web pages, then make the ad’s are relevant or it matches with the contents you website is providing. Else, it is meaningless and occupies space, for no good reason.

  5. sid5491 says

    hey please tell me that ow to withdraw the commission i have earned.
    i made $50 of commission in it one month back.slected payee method as paypal.
    but no customer care in india can give me a satisfactory answer.
    please help me. i want to withdraw my commission

  6. says

    I joined GoDaddy affiliate this month and here is my earning fiquers:

    March 9 – 1 Order – $1.78
    March 16 – 10 Orders – $23.87
    March 17 – 13 Orders – $37.88
    March 19 – 18 Orders – $89.07

  7. girish anand says

    how much you earn if some one buy a domain from your affiliate link?
    and some time they provide coupons and they seem to be less then any affiliate link..then how to survive with this?
    and can we create are own coupon code to sell domains with their affiliate program

  8. khalid says

    Hi Harsh
    My blog is share market related blog and I have around 440 readers and PR4 rank. What do you thin, should I join this Godaddy Affiliate Program ?
    Please answer.

    • says

      Khalid you should always select affiliate program based on your audience and niche. According to me If I would be at your place, Godaddy should not be my destination. Instead you could have gone for something like Some Ebook which talks more about Share market or may be some software which helps share market users.

  9. Arijit Das says

    Wow!! Thanks for the instruction to “Sign Up” over Godaddy Affiliate Program.. I was actually think of joining the affiliate program of Godday. Do they give Handsome commission…

    People will surely buy the products of the Godaddy because it is the most trusted brand…

    • says

      Thanks Arijit for your comment. Godaddy affiliate program is nice as it’s a reputed brand and you can quickly make some good money via selling domain name or hosting. Though I would hardly recommend, promote domain name and don’t promote hosting via Godaddy as many of my WordPress client had some bad experience with them.
      Do remember its my personal opinion based on experience….. :)

      • Arijit Das says

        Ya!! I too faced the same problem with the Godaddy Hosting Service…

        I feel it’s very slow but they have huge varieties of domain names available at very effective price..

        Thanks for your personal opinion.. And i too agree with it!! :D

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